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  • Beta Server Guide

    Hey Growtopians!

    Beta is a server used to test new items and features that will be added to Growtopia, everyone is free to do anything as any progress made on beta will not be saved and cannot be transferred on live servers.

    Beta Server Access

    How to Access Beta Server from the Live Server

    Players can type /beta into the chat to enter/exit the beta server, but only when it is available. However, there will be a "level" and "hours played" requirement to enter the beta server. We will always tell you in advance when and for how long the Beta Server is available, as well as which requirements you will need to fulfill.

    Please note that;
    • if the player meets the requirements, they will enter the beta server immediately
    • if the player doesn't, it will display a message that they do not meet the requirements, and they cannot enter the beta server.
    • if the player uses /beta when it is not available, it will tell them: "Beta is not available to anyone right now."
    How to Access Beta Server from a Separate Client

    We may also release a separate Version of the Growtopia Client for testing, if the changes require a separate installation altogether. If this is the case, we will also tell you in advance when and for how long the Beta Server is available, which requirements you will need to fulfill and how to download the new Client!

    Please note that these are two separate ways to access the Beta Servers, sometimes only one method can be used. In either way you will have to create a new account for the Beta Servers and go through the tutorial again.


    You can do everything on Beta as everything will be deleted right after the testing period. However, there are few exceptions to this that when violated, they could risk you getting booted out from the Beta servers, and potentially the live servers too.

    Offenses will be punished on the Beta Servers, including but not limited to:
    • Repetitive profanities and vulgar languages in broadcasts
    • Faking Growtopia system messages or impersonating Moderators
    • Abusive messages to the moderators and co-testers
    • Any form of hacking, phishing attempts and/or advertising malicious websites
    • Spamming broadcasts
    • etc. …

    You can read the rules you have to abide by on the Growtopian Code. Remember, Beta is all about testing new stuff and having fun! Don't ruin that fun for everyone!

    Bug Reporting

    Reporting Bugs

    To report bugs while testing on the Beta Server, please make sure that you create a new thread for every single issue on the sub-forum Forum in Growtopia Beta Server. Do not report bugs and issues on the Beta Servers in the sub-forum Bugs & Glitches!

    In reporting, make sure that you provide the following information for faster checking and reproduction:

    What to Report?
    • Your details
      • Device model and OS
      • GrowID
      • World Name where the issue is happening
    • Issue
      • Clear description of the issue and the feature
      • If possible, provide the normal behavior of the feature/item before and after the issue
      • Reproduction step
      • The step-by-step process on how the issue is happening.
      • Screenshot or video of the issue (if possible)
    These reports will help us in fixing issues before the update goes to the live version, therefore we're asking everyone who will participate to make sure that the reports you will be sending are complete and will solely focus on the topic as requested.

    See you there!

    ~ Kairos
    "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the possibilities." - King Bumi.