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[Beta Test] PVP Card Battle!

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  • [Beta Test] PVP Card Battle!

    Hello Growtopians!

    The Beta Servers will be open for 4 days from the 2nd of September to the 5th of September to test the PVP Card Battle Feature.

    What is the Beta Server and how to report bugs? Read more about it in our Beta Server Guide.

    How to participate in the PVP Card Battle Feature Test?

    The Beta Server will be available for Windows PC, Android and iOS.

    Remember that, you can't use your account from the live servers on the Beta servers. You can either proceed with a guest account or create a new one, but in any way you will have to go through the tutorial again.

    To access the Beta Server, players can type /beta into the chat to enter/exit the beta server, but only when it is available. However, there will be a "level" and "hours played" requirement to enter the beta server, which you can find below.

    Requirements for PVP Card Battle Feature Update Beta Access:
    • At least Level 20 on the Live Server
    • At least 100 hours of game time on the Live Server
    For this Beta Test, we made some changes so it is easier to test this feature:
    • Every Beta Account will start with 5000 Gems
    • Only Crime Wave (5 Gems) and Backpack Upgrade are available on the shop
    • Battle License renewal costs 5 Gems every level up

    How to report a bug or issue for this Beta Test?

    In this test, we would like you to check the PVP Card Battle Feature, if it’s working as intended or if it has any issues remaining. Some issues that you can keep an eye on are:
    • Crashes caused by the PVP feature
    • Bugs/glitches that you encounter while card battling
    • Other issues caused by the PVP Card Battle Feature
    To report bugs and issues, check out the instructions provided in Beta Server Guide > Bug Reporting. Make sure to provide all these details so the team can easily check them!

    For this test we ask you to report all the issues only in the sub-forum Growtopia Beta Server.

    For this Beta Test, we decided to reward players, who help us identify any bugs and glitches regarding the PVP Card Battle Feature. The reward will be 100,000 gems per bug reported.

    However, in order to be eligible for the reward, the bug reported must affect the gameplay quality and not just the visual fidelity. The report must include the full steps to reproduce the issue and you also need to provide us with both your Live Server GrowID (not permanently suspended) and your Beta Server GrowID on the bug report itself.

    So, let’s get ready for BATTLE!

    ~ Pharaohboi
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    PVP Card Battle Bug Status Update

    Hello Growtopians,

    Please find an overview of the issues we’ve been working on below:
    • [Unchanged]
      • Players are unable to start a card battle when they are standing vertically in the minimum battle distance and minimum punching distance
        • This is as per design and works exactly same as in Pet battles.
    • [Resolved]
      • The player is unable to move or perform any actions when the other player disconnects from the game during a match.
      • Both players freeze in the world when one of the players taps on the "Accept" button in the final trade UI while in the fighting phase of a PVP card battle and then abandons the battle.
      • The player freezes after selecting "Let's Fight" and selects another button during the fighting phase of the PVP Battle.
      • The ability to drop cards while in the middle of a Card PvP battle can be used to duplicate cards
      • Players can interact with storage devices while in battle
        • Cannot interact with them anymore.
      • “Something went wrong” issues
        • In case of any issues please don’t hesitate to share more info if you still encounter one
    • [In Development]
      • Players are unable to send Card Battle requests if one of the players disconnect from the game at any time during the Card Battle and reconnects back to the same position.
      • Leaving a Card battle via the "Esc" key causes the other player to still be registered in a battle until they also leave it (or you leave the world)
        • Can only be fixed with the next client update
      • Players can access any interaction menu by starting a fight or while waiting for the other player to join you wrench someone else and you will be greeted with multiple menus
        • Can only be fixed with the next client update
      • The Card Battle particles are visible to other players while the players battling get disconnected during the battle.
        • Can only be fixed with the next client update
    • [Unresolved]
      • Server crash due to PVP Card Battles
        • We would need more players to help to test, so we can reproduce this issue.
    As mentioned, we still need to resolve the server crash as right now we don't have enough players playing Card Battles at the same time. The Moderators and Guardians will join the Beta Server as well, so take it as a chance to meet them - watch out for Super Broadcasts!

    ~ Baskerville


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      Hello Growtopians,

      After going through all your reported bugs regarding the PVP Card Battle Beta Test, we have chosen the following winners for the 100,000 gems reward we promised:
      • Sckaeth
      • wamadcjr
      • Marcinas
      • Taxman
      • Hink
      • HaMds
      • GELLED

      These players were chosen for reporting a verified bug/issue in the right format.

      Congratulations to the winners! We would like to also thank you all for participating in testing and reporting bugs regarding this Beta Test as your feedback was greatly beneficial for us. Thank you again for your continuous support and see you in the next Beta Test!

      ~ Pangloss