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[Feedback+Issues] PVP Card Battle Feature Beta Test

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    i was afk eating on both of my accounts in gt beta

    Beta growids : Boteto and Jenulot
    Live growid is : boteto
    and was going back to crime battling and found out i cant and keep getting the Something went wrong error everytime we both accept the fight

    Heres a video
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      IDK what to call it but i'll just call it "battle queue" (y'know when waiting for someone to accept the pvp).

      So...When I try to battle it's not 100% going to initiate, it takes 2-4 tries before the window appears (the one where you select cards).
      And sometimes when you finish that part, it resets and you can re-pick your cards when it's supposed to make you wait for your opponent.

      I THINK what you should do for the first queue is that you should make a pop-up window that says ["player" wants to battle with you!]
      and when doing that maybe the system won't need to do request a lot of times when a player doesn't accept immediately and when the challenger knows that the player they challenged declined they won't need to flood up the system with requests.

      My main point is that the queue fills up the system that when theres a lot of request going on the system can't handle it and will bug out.

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        It's very annoying when you try to battle and get the "something went wrong".
        I think that happens when you wrench someone to battle, he don't accept yet, and you wrench another person to battle and he accepts it. So you send a request to 2 persons. You should fix that by doing that when you send an invite to battle to another player it cancels the previous one.

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          i made a thread about this, my simple solution is make a queue window for both players.
          Challenger will get the "waiting for battle..." window and the challenged player will get the "waiting for response, Y/N..." window (anything within that idea).

          With that, the system won't get overloaded with tons of unaccepted request
          Anyways, check out my Youtube Channel . I make beats


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            When you break dirt under a PvP player that is battling they don't fall they just fly until the match is over and then they fall.
            ​​​​This happened in world arena,
            Device Mate 20 pro- Android 10.
            Id - jud_435


            IGN - Jud
            Main world - HELLO
            Instagram - JuD.Growtopia

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            Title - 100%/100%
            New goals.
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              Not a bug, happens with pet battles too


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                Device : WINDOWS 8.1 PC
                GrowID: JOTARO_931/SellGoM9GU_931
                World: START
                this bug happen when you and your opponent press "fight" button way too fast/at the same time
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_123.png
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                Oh? Are you approaching me?


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                  Just found out this is normal 🤣
                  IGN - Jud
                  Main world - HELLO
                  Instagram - JuD.Growtopia

                  Goal -
                  Title - 100%/100%
                  New goals.
                  1) complete all classics.
                  2) complete all epics.


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                    I've played Beta for a mere 20 minutes, passing the tutorial and buying some crime waves for cards.
                    I try to find players to PvP with, most of them are just in carnival roaming around with either spam related names or inappropriate names (please disallow growid's and non-growid name changing.)

                    If not most are just messing around as usual, they don't even know how crime works let alone PvP due to the absurd low requirements (level 20 and 100 hours).
                    I just don't understand how you expect anything serious to come out of this when the players we have to deal with are absolutely clueless at this.
                    Maybe you're testing the stability of it from the so few battles that happens, but anything else no one is taking it seriously.

                    The only few players are in the world PVP which i just name guessed. This is about 1/30 of all online players and most of them are just asking for how to play..

                    Edit: thank you for merging threads in an already underused sub-forum, adding confusion to our posts
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                      Bug: unable to punch or move or wrench after cancelling battle.

                      How to reproduce: Request a battle, then proceed to the page that displays all chosen cards from both sides, then click "Esc" or escape.

                      More on the bug: You can't punch or wrench anything or anyone. As I said you can't move too, but I mean it. You can't fall, so if the block below you is broken, you're basically flying and nothing can move you except a pull from someone (owner, admin, moderator, etc.). The bug will stay even after you're pulled. Also, you can still chat and click icons and you can't respawn.

                      How to solve manually: Leave and re-enter the world.

                      We definitely don't want flying Growtopians, so I hope this gets fixed!

                      GrowID: Bi3hEr


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                        Heey, My GrowID is : yhoal
                        My device : Xiaomi & PC

                        Well, When i was trying to complete de tutorial the Game crash alot of times. But Finally after a few tries I managed to enter.

                        The carnival issue : Well, I was with a guy testing fights in Games of CARNIVAL.
                        And when we finish the fight i was automatic Appearing in the White door. Multiples times

                        IGN : yhoal
                        Instagram : YhoGt


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                          I found a little bug with my brother.

                          We tried to re-do it and succeeded, first you need to invite your foe and when the foe opens the request menu, you invite again and get the "Something went wrong" message.

                          IGN : CaribbeanJr


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                            So theres this visual bug (i guess it can be seen by anyone) that if you pulled a player who is battling someone, the cards popup position is still the same while the pulled player position is changed, let the screenshots talk themselves since my grammer is bad

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                              I found a glitch, if you send a request to someone to card battle, and then if you move further or jump and you try to send a request to the person it just says ‘Something went wrong’ and you can’t card battle the person, ign is aba if that helps.


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                                IGN : aba

                                When I jumped before starting a game, the dude accepted and it kept saying ‘something went wrong’ even if we kept trying. I tried this when moving as well and the same thing occurred.