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  • How to join?

    Can I try the beta?

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    Wait till they Open beta server again
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    Try out mynvm

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      Anyone can join, right? And if there's beta how long does it open? Or it's just for one day or a week?


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        So, beta servers only open when the devs want to test an update. They want to make sure the update is safe and not harm the servers. Last beta servers was opened when the devs wants to release again the PvP card battle after they released the first time on June 2020, but at the first release, PvP card battle made a chaos with other update that makes the servers to Rollback VI.
        Back to the beta server, they opened beta servers at August/September 2020 (if im not wrong, cuz the pvpcard re-released at september). The requirement to join beta servers are minimum levels and minimum hours played. But its not just a day. Its takes a week for beta servers to opened then closed again.
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          Thank you so much


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            1. Where do I find the Beta Server???


            • Gideonpogi23
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              By doing /beta