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Why is there a Growtopia Korea but none other language

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  • Why is there a Growtopia Korea but none other language

    I mean seriously, Koreans make up like 20% of players, make a Growtopia for the indos or smth
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    Originally posted by Misthios View Post
    However, I can say that we won't be adding an Indonesian sub-forum any time soon, and we're unlikely to in the future, either. The Korea sub-forum is going to be removed someone in the near-future, and after that it's likely that the Growtopia forums will remain English only.

    This is so that all players can understand the threads that are created and reply to them, and so that us Forum Guardians & our moderators can effectively moderate the forums and keep all inappropriate content from slipping through the cracks.
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      Quoting Player3D3 here, the only reason there is a korean subforum is because at the time, koreans had an active korean advocate.

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        This was discussed like a million times, no explanation.
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