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    Originally posted by JeremyJack View Post
    He said "Never single out players that have scammed you" then later in the thread he says "Warn your friends and tell them about the scammer and you'll be safe" Wait what the ****?? Wow. Please explain this.
    First of all, please keep your language clean. You should never call anyone out in a public fashion. However, by "share it with your friends," we mean privately, preferably in game, among-st a group of your close friends. Do not single people out/gossip about them on the forums.

    Good question,
    Originally posted by Hamumu
    It's not hard to follow the rules.
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      Originally posted by Conan View Post
      Your posts are really easy to predict eh

      Every post you made that I saw emphasize that you just want to be a mod.
      Which he became. But got hacked. Feel bad
      ... No idea what to put here ...


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        Wow This Thread Is Got 3 Stars


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          You can say that

          Originally posted by Conan View Post
          Your posts are really easy to predict eh

          Every post you made that I saw emphasize that you just want to be a mod.
          He might want to be a mod, of course, everyone does but some people have bad intentions. But you don't know if he just wants to help or not


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            Help!!! Growtopia scam?

            Hi everyone,
            i hope some one can help. apparently,i bouhgt 200k gems in store for 25 dollars + but i did not get supper supporter. what happen? bug or growtopia scam or what?


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              Originally posted by Joelle Koh View Post
              Hi everyone,
              i hope some one can help. apparently,i bouhgt 200k gems in store for 25 dollars + but i did not get supper supporter. what happen? bug or growtopia scam or what?
              Call your local police


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                Scammers grrrrrrrrrr

                Last Time Wednesday in the evening 9:00pm, I try to sell my world. World Name: E3GF
                bayutrih and d4angergt entered in my world, then they offered 110wls. Yes i try to sell my world with 3k ftanks seed for 110wls.
                Then after that, we will talking about to how to trade and to be sure if they are deal in their offered,
                so after sec I got disconnected. I try to open my account in 3x but still can't connect. My connection diesn't have problem.
                So lastly i tried to open my account again, then after that i already connected. Then I saw my world that they are the owners
                I'll never remove my WORLD LOCK before i got disconnect. So I saw that bayutrih and d4angergt are the owners.

                Then I'll try to troll them because I want them to give back my world. And they willing me to drop my StarBoard to give back my world
                I have proof that i'll try to troll them. Then you will see here that I'm telling the truth that they used CheatEngine.

                I hope you can help me back my world and 3k seed ftanks. I hope that the scammers got banned permanently. Thanks Admin & Moderator !

                My IGN: putging

                Scammers IGN's: bayutrih , d4angergt

                Click image for larger version

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                IGN: putging

                I'm a simple player, but I have more experience about forumers.

                ====EViL SCORPION====

                All right reserved 2017



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                  Originally posted by Sam Richardson View Post
                  Ok, this is something I've been debating on making for awhile, because after seeing so many posts in here that we can't help with, and having to turn people away I figured we should make a thread to highlight what to post and not post in this sub forum.

                  ISSUES & COMMON RESPONSES
                  IF YOU WERE BANNED/TAPED/CURSED/ - YOU CANNOT BE HELPED ON THE FORUMS! Sorry to be blunt but that's the way it is. For information regarding your punishment, contact the support desk! Threads asking why you were being punished will be deleted.
                  Help! I've been hacked! Okay, no you probably haven't been hacked. It's up to you to keep your account secure. Please see this response from the support desk regarding being 'hacked'.

                  Also, contrary to popular belief, hacking does not just happen. Here are some of the most common reasons that an account could end up compromised.

                  * You got tricked into giving out your password to a player or website that promised free stuff if you did (these are ALWAYS scams, they just log on as you and steal your stuff)

                  * You share a device with someone and forgot to erase your password when you logged off (they can simply click "enter" and log in as you!) (Beware of little brothers/sisters who just randomly play and use your items!)

                  * You had an easy password that somebody guessed (Growtopia does lock out people who guess wrong a few times, so it's very rare this happens unless your password is VERY bad)

                  * You trusted a friend or another player with your password

                  * Someone watched you type in your password and remembered it
                  This user scammed me! Ban him!/ This user is hosting a DROP GAME or illegal casino Alright. Honestly this is the most common thread we get around here. If you were involved in a scam, check out these steps on reporting it. Also, please NEVER create threads to target specific users.

                  UPDATE: With the 'Systems Update', it's now possible to report worlds! Type /report and carefully read the disclaimer. If you feel a world is truly a scam, go ahead and report it!

                  - Threads that are crated to bully / single out a player for being a scammer will be deleted, as it just leads to drama, which isn't permitted.

                  The ONLY way to make sure you don't get scammed is to STAY FAR AWAY from scammers. If you find one... LEAVE!

                  2) Scammers CANNOT force you to stay or force you to drop items or participate. If you get scammed it is because YOU choose to allow it to happen. You can choose to avoid scams by LEAVING!

                  3) You can /msg a /mod to let them know about a scam, but only message them ONCE. They may be busy dealing with other things, so don't spam them. Just leave the area where the scammer is!

                  4) If a mod does come to punish the scammer, they will probably also punish all the people participating in the scam. It is against the rules to even be NEAR a drop game, so make sure you LEAVE!!

                  5) Even if a scammer gets away with a scam right now, they will probably get caught eventually. Don't worry about it. Stay away from them, warn your friends to stay away from them, and you won't be scammed.

                  6) Posting on the forums about drop games or scams doesn't do anything. We or the moderators cannot punish people for something they didn't see . It's better to just leave the area and play somewhere safe. You may want to watch the following video by Vange:

                  7) Oh... and the most important thing... STAY AWAY FROM SCAMMERS. Use /ignore on any active scammers you see and then STAY FAR AWAY
                  I recycled 200 EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE ITEM HERE. pls it was accident give back Okay, unfortunately we most likely cannot give you your items back. If you recycled something, sorry to be blunt but it's YOUR PROBLEM. The game gives you ample warning when recycling items.
                  I can't reset my password! I never got the email! If you have a question regarding your account security, contact support. Also, when reporting this specific issue, be sure to provide the following information:
                  • Your IN GAME NAME
                  • Your EMAIL ADDRESS
                  • Your ISSUE (you can't change your password)

                  Sometimes, we have problems with hotmail, msn and outlook deleting our emails. You can avoid this problem by adding our address to the "Approved senders list".
                  Add,, and, to the safe senders list.
                  For instructions on how to do this, visit here:
                  Help I saw @MODNAME here abuse his power!! You probably didn't. But creating a thread here to shame the moderators that protect you is a bad idea. Email support and they will investigate EVERY report of moderator malpractice. This is NOT an issue for the forums.
                  Threads harassing or abusing mods will be deleted and infractions will be given.
                  There are inappropriate signs/ A player sweared at me! Yikes. Excessive swearing and calling names is really bad. Don't do it! See the official response regarding this issue - and remember. We on the forums have no power to punish cussing players.
                  I didn't get my gems that I ordered! Help If you ordered gems via the automated IAP (in app purchase) system on iTunes/Android and didn't receive them, go ahead and email the support desk. They'll walk you through getting them any information they need to verify your purchase. However, most times, there shouldn't be any issue with the automated payment system.

                  If you completed an offer on Tapjoy but didn't receive the gems, you'll have to open a ticket on their website with details about which offer it was/proof of completion.
                  Also please refrain from posting personal information such as your IP address, email address or anything here. Players on the forums can't do anything with this data, and it could be putting you at risk. Only trust requests from the support desk for issues related to account security. Remember, the support desk will never ask for your password either.

                  The official email address for the support desk is "" if you get an email from any other domain or username that is asking you for information related to your account, it's nothing official so please disregard it.

                  Those are the most common ones, please think before posting.
                  I'll be adding some more here as time goes on, I know few people will view this and the needless spam will ultimately keep coming, but if I can convince a few people to stop the pointless threads I'll feel like this is a job well done.

                  Check this thread out for more common Q&A's.

                  Remember when in doubt, email support.

                  Very Helpfull
                  IGN : BabyWeaser
                  Instagram : @BabyWeaser
                  Twitter : @Baby_Weaser
                  Sory For Bad Grammer


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                    You're good moderator in the past, AV8R. Sad to see you got hacked.

                    In-game name: vickypower
                    Joined lovely Growtopia since March 5th, 2015.

                    PAW 2017 Arm Folding


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                      Click image for larger version

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                      I got scammed by this world owner,he changed the price when I am dropping at my world Just inform Zz RIP wls i am poor


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                        Originally posted by HoAsuka View Post
                        I got scammed by this world owner,he changed the price when I am dropping at my world Just inform Zz RIP wls i am poor
                        Can you not read? It's your fault you got scammed. Learn to read when you see a vending machine.
                        Most of if not all forumers after 2015 are the worst people here.

                        If you use “/fp or only post about “omg omg profit omg”
                        in any post you make you lose all credibility in my eyes.

                        Those who worry about blue and yellow pixels are TM06

                        If you are offended by my posts then feel free to HMU with angry pms on discord. My name is Ant#1851

                        No Taxation without Fair Representation!


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                          Originally posted by HoAsuka View Post
                          I got scammed by this world owner,he changed the price when I am dropping at my world Just inform Zz RIP wls i am poor
                          this entire thread is literally about not posting that someone scammed you lmao


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                            Eh well.

                            I opened growtopia today and everything was going well. I Wanted to access beta servers like last time. So i updated the game (Pressed the button "Update available!"). I Downloaded it. When i wanted to open it. it said something about Win32 thingies. other people had this problem too not just me. So i gave up. eh i did not want to access beta that much anyway. so i went to the website to download the current version. When i opened it. It kept saying "Error connecting! Timed out. etc etc. and i have valid network connection so eh?
                            Discord: Chemmie #7714


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                              Originally posted by HXZN View Post
                              this entire thread is literally about not posting that someone scammed you lmao
                              Selling expensive stuff is not illegal. For example you see vend with dirt for 10 wls each. You can buy, but you can cancel. Note that vending machines have buy confirmation screen as well. You can see how many wls you pay, and what you get and decide.


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                                this scam fail video is planned to be recorded but i dont know his plans*slash*fp

                                Hoping to be a Moderator yet newbie.Not a scammer.Its a trusted player BUT for the player GOOGLEPLAYY youre DEAD
                                Check my channel:
                                Worlds owned:FARMZ360WLS,GASTER00,PINOYHINDISELFISH,WEEGR OW,YOLFWORLD...
                                Alts owned:darem10(GOOGLEPLAYY use this)...
                                Moderators please dont ban me...sigpic