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Someone has found a way to bypass the sb cooldown

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    Look at my thread, the same account SBd 15 times within 10 minutes.


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      well, they should fix that ASAP
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        Thanks for letting us know about this, and I'll be sure to notify our team about it. We certainly don't want players to be abusing the broadcast system, especially when it's with illegal activity such as the ones in your screenshot. Apart from the illegal activity in itself, it's unfair to other players who have paid for the broadcast or used their megaphone just to have their message clear off the chat immediately.

        As ByteCode mentioned, please don't fall for these. Phishing scams attempt to gain your password so they can hack your account and steal your items.

        The following guide also helps with account security tips:
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          As others have said, thanks for the report. I've managed to figure out how they're doing it, so I'll forward the replication steps on to the team and hopefully it can be fixed as soon as possible to stop nefarious players abusing it to wreak havoc.

          Closing thread.
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