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Anyone else having the same problem with PC Growtopia?

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  • Anyone else having the same problem with PC Growtopia?

    As soon as I got home from school, I decided to hop on Growtopia to relax. As soon as I updated the game, I foundt that there are SO many problems. My wing is a soda jetpack, and whenever I jump it makes this popping, crackling sound. It also happens when I place items. When I move my growtopia window, (because I watch youtube while playing), it also forcequits me, so I have to let the game be in the center of my screen. Anyone else having similar problems, or did just updating the game make your game malfunction as well?
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    Please share these issues in this thread, as it is the official thread for the errors occurring in the new client.
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      As Cloverlord has mentioned, please post your bugs and complaints in this thread and the team will be able to address your issue. Please add information (like Device Model, PC specs) as this will be extra helpful to solving the problem. Thanks!
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