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Dark ticket bug

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  • Dark ticket bug

    After using my dark ticket its stuck in my inventory cant recycle it or drop it or trade it cant even see the info of it. Any fix?

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    Hello MQMO

    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing some issues with the Dark Ticket during our Halloween event.

    Could you please contact us at support with further details about the Dark Ticket remaining in your inventory?

    The more details you're able to provide us with, the better we're able to assess the situation.

    For example, how many Dark Tickets did you have and were you able to use any others from here on out? These are all important, and to include in your ticket.

    Hopefully you have still been able to enjoy the event, and that Growganoth has blessed you with spooky items.
    Growtopia Staff
    Support Specialist & Moderator | Instagram