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Why my IP address are different?

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  • Why my IP address are different?

    Currently, i want to play my old account and wanted to change email but whenever i tried to change it, it needed me to log on to the IP which is not in my game current IP? why is that? I tried changing both computer and phone and still not be able to change it 😌😔 im on my mobile right now, in forum i can not upload my images to show you the difference IP it requires me to change the email,
    IP address it needs in Growtopia Change Email site is different
    IP address i have on my game is different from the site 😭 please help

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    can't any mods help?


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      Just play a while with that one device. Then log off and log in and try change with same device what you just used. Your problem is that you log in with new ip, try change mail, then log in with another device with another ip and again try change. Just stay in one device and use that one when change. First play some time with that and maybe log of few times and back in.

      I have experienced this same problem once cause played last time before trying change, with another device.
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