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  • Gem glitch

    So for the past couple of days, I've been experiencing this bug/glitch where the daily bonus gems (from the first unlockable daily bonus), will interefer with the gems which i collect from farming/bfg. I believe that the daily bonus gem works as the following, once a day, it will grant u a bonus amount of gems, based on your level, when you first receive a gem on that day.

    So here comes the problem.

    When i do bfg and a huge amount of gems (lets say 4-5k and more) are stacked, and at that instant I have not received my daily bonus gems yet as I have not gotten any gems on that GT day. Then when I went to collect all the stakced gems, and the daily bonus gets activated, it somehow 'blocks'(?) the other gems which i collected and only gives me ard 1K every time (+ the tiny bonus).

    I've probly already lost 15k gems from doing bfg the past week due to this, I don't think its game breaking, but it should be fixed or else our gems are just going to vanish into thin air.