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Unable to edit doors.

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  • Unable to edit doors.

    For the past few days, I have been completely unable to edit any sory of door about 90% of the time. After I enter anything on the door label, target or ID, when I press enter to confirm what I have typed, the Edit door menu closes and nothing saves.

    I have tried pressing "Done" on the keyboard instead of the enter key, and It just does the exact same.

    I've found out that the glitch only happens when I'm typing on the door but my text isn't showing up.

    I'm also having problems using bulletin boards, after I write my text and press add, it still doesn't post anything on the board most of the time.

    I also can't choose the character skin colour I want. When i try to change skin colour it picks a random colour.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy s7.

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    Yes this really annoying fix this plsz
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      This is also true for donation boxes
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        Happens to me too but not 90% of the time. Probably around 20%-30%



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          Same, around 30% of the time on doors, signs and bulletin boards. Fix this!


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            Originally posted by HugeLock View Post
            Same, around 30% of the time on doors, signs and bulletin boards. Fix this!

            Can you help with few things
            1) Device model
            2) OS version
            3) Keyboard type

            Will help us to understand more the issue....


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              I had the same issue until I realized I wall clicking “Cancel” Over and over since I wasn’t paying attention, I don’t know if this is your issue though.
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                Same, this happens to me too! It happens on both devices I use, PC and iPhone 5.
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                  Bump this thread, devs really need to fix this. Its annoying!!!
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                    this sometimes happens to me.

                    it happens randomly, so i couldn't give a specific cause of this. oof

                    im using a pc btw
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