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Its very unfair. Banned because the error of the system.

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  • Its very unfair. Banned because the error of the system.

    Hi guys, i have made a thread about this before, i know i’m not an important person to this game. But its pretty unfair to be banned because of the error of the system.

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    So i was in BUYIOTM checking for IOTM prices and talking to some people. Suddenly, i got teleported to the left top corner of the world and got banned. I dont use any type of hack or client-side change to this game.

    I emailed the support and explained the situation clearly. And i got this reply.

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    I dont walk on spike/lava because there is no spike/lava there.
    I dont use any spamming app.
    I dont make any client-side change to this game.
    I dont use any hacking tools or app to this game.
    I dont use any one punch hit hack.

    But still I got accused for hacking this game. And i dont know what to do anymore. Maybe you guys or mods think i was lying. But i didnt. I even dont know this things is possible before its NEVER happened before.

    I just hope any mods there could help me. I just got very stressed of this because i got banned because this. I hope mods/devs could investigate this problem. I dont look for any compesation or what, i just want my account to be unbanned because i want to play the game like usual. Thank you very much.
    IGN : Lunasa
    Level : 69

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      Any mods, please help me. I dont know what to do. I want to play the game.
      IGN : Lunasa
      Level : 69


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        Hey there,

        Support has replied to your ticket requesting more information. As for your thread, I have to close it due to you posting ticket contents. Please do not do this again.


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