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[Merge] Lost Items after the Rollback

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  • 1 emerald lock and 1 magplant, i went to all the worlds i remember i used them and they are just gone...


    • One way to remove Magplants. I feel like this was intentional.

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      • Originally posted by Kurzy View Post
        Yes i bought them 8 months ago and placed them in my bfg yesterday like i do everyday.. and they is explanation:
        Theory is that the worlds and the account's saves weren't synced. The accounts may have been saved before / after the worlds. That would explain why everyone is complaining about placeable items and not wearable ones. I know it may be a bit hard to understand, but let's say you placed your mags into your world then your inventory gets saved. The mags aren't in your inventory. Then you take back your mags from your world and THEN the word is saved, the mags then aren't in your world either. So for the backup, your mags won't be anywhere. Could very well be that all problems are because one of the subservers did not back up for like 15 mins which is why people lost items, most likely some people also earned items but are not going to tell
        That doesnt seem right. I didnt lose any items tho I have what most people say they've lost (mags, ut, gaia). I have gaia and ut, and they are just fine. So either people trying to fake that they got scammed and get donations or items, or y'all just forgot where you placed your stuff
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        • For those who got scammed,



          • My World Are Gone

            My 3 Letter world are gone cuz of rollback not only world my gems gtoken also gone at least dont remove the world ...


            • Actually 2 magplants, to the kid who said we were "boomers who don’t understand what a rollback do" please at least do some research about what you’re talking about, as I know so far, the worlds backup and the inventories backup weren’t made at the same time, so people who dropped / placed items in a world within the time the 2 different saves were made will have lost and / or duped their items. Be aware of what happens and know what you are talking about next time before insulting everyone.
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              • Why are the lost items mostly magplants

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                • This is unfortunate & This incident happened a few months ago, yesterday was the peak

                  Originally posted by yo56789 View Post
                  Mail support or wait there is no point going to the forums there is nothing people can do.
                  it seems there is no point in contacting support contacts, in fact I have contacted a number of moderators at their social media account, as well as the PM at the forum, they have nothing to help.

                  - - - Updated - - -

                  You can see the thread that I made, about the weirdness of my missing GHC.


                  You can see my thread is closed because the reason my item was stolen and it can't be returned, how can someone enter & guess my difficult door id. There is no further investigation whether my item was properly stolen or lost due to an error.


                  • Originally posted by KitKats View Post
                    Why are the lost items mostly magplants
                    Most likely we we're running BFG at that time.
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                    • I lost stuff too

                      I lost 2 magplants and 1 rayman fist. Similar incident happened with previous rollback too. I transfer those mags and rayman from one farm to another so they are in my inventory or placed in a world (or in donatebox in case of rayman). The explanation was this last time, if I remember correctly: Inventory is saved in a different location than worlds and it is backed up slightly different time. That causes the effect that item might have been removed from inv/world but has not yet been placed in another world/inv, when the backup is being done. This makes sense. You can't backup tons of files or massive database in a fraction of a second. And growtopia has usually no regular downtime for backup either, it is always playable (if anything goes well).


                      • Hello,

                        If you've lost items that you owned before the rollback period (June 30th, 3:00 pm GT /time) or you know anyone with the same problem, you/they may contact support.


                        Though, it might take a while considering that they are handling a lot of requests at the moment with the same issues you are experiencing.

                        Thank you!
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                        • Lost Magplats and Gaia

                          Lost my magplat and gaia. No where to be found. And my friend also lost his magplant, he sold his magplant before the rollback.
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                            • I wonder why majority of people said they lost Magplant or something similar to that... Like how can it be the same..


                              • Originally posted by MiMelody View Post
                                I wonder why majority of people said they lost Magplant or something similar to that... Like how can it be the same..
                                Yeah, it's a bit interesting.. I personally only lost the data of my farming progress.
                                So, I basically have to re-farm everything all over again!

                                It's fine with me though, no big deal.
                                I'm sure that people are more concerned over losing their quite valuable items.
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