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Fix chef showdown daily challenge

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  • Fix chef showdown daily challenge

    Every chef showdown daily challenge the server is down automatically
    It just happens today
    Ign : Dr. VerdantGate

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    It has been reported to the team already, we ask for your patience as the team is checking out what's going on. Thanks!
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      Chef Showdown 25th July 2020 Daily Challenge Bug

      On 25th July 2020, the Daily Challenge was Chef Showdown. It crashed because server crashed too. I (DNanz) have done 416 points at that Daily Challenge, and Zweus did points too. I am not sure if another players have done pts too. Unfortunately, at the end of Daily Challenge, we didn't receive any prize. Can you solve this problem/bug please? Who won the Daily Challenge? And how many points they did? Thankyou


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        If you did not place 1st 2nd or 3rd you get nothing.
        If you did place top 3, somethings definitely wrong here
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          Hey, will be merging this with other threads with similar topics. Also, please refrain from creating multiple threads with the same topics. Thanks
          What's meant to be will always find a way!


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            Fixed btw..
            Ign : Dr. VerdantGate