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New Auto Ban glitch?

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  • New Auto Ban glitch?

    Today I was in the world FREEXP grinding out XP, and suddenly everyone in the world starts getting AUTO BANNED. I watched a few (relatively) rich people get banned around me, so I try leaving thinking something is up and I get auto banned along with everyone else.
    Is this a new vulnerability? I did nothing wrong to receive this auto ban.
    Additionally, while looking through the chatlogs I saw right before I was auto banned that "Your client is sending too many packets, requesting reconnect." Is this related to the way the possible exploiter auto banned everyone?
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    Was there a World Architect in the world? That item has been causing a lot of auto bans recently. If you were banned, contact support and the issue will be resolved.
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      There was no World Architect active in the world, not sure if there was one placed though.
      I found two videos uploaded on YouTube recently within the past day that show another exploit which auto bans everyone inside the world.
      It seems there's an auto ban glitch with bots spam entering and exiting a world which causes innocent people inside the word to be auto banned.
      I remember spawn being a little backed up with spam bots and such on the white door, not sure if they were these so called "auto ban bots" the videos explained.


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        This was resolved yesterday - all of the false auto-bans were removed & it shouldn't happen again.

        Closing thread.
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