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Bullsh*t Contest - 5 WLS up for grabs

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    Respect whamen.


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      Nicholas Cage was a good actor
      IGN Nawie
      Level 30
      "Just a random noob on the forums"


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        TheNoobyGod pro and hav life, dancanban smart afffffff
        Play Fortnite nowadays, slowly going back to GT
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        Originally posted by Hamumu
        Wings are things that go flap flap flap. You see them on birds quite commonly, sometimes as many as 2 per bird!


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          Lol 5 wls giveaway only??? Nooooobb I gif 1000 dls yestrday to all my friekds zfert shawdowsurfer noooooob!
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            Cyka blyat
            Let me stalk you undetected


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              any more contenders?
              oh hello


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                I hAcKeD sEtH aNd HaMuMu
                AnD i WiLl HaCk YoU
                my real face:

                my singing baes: Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello/Taylor Swift and Little Mix

                Originally posted by this dot.
                "i can't believe you all stop singling out names noobs"
                Shoutout to effanx11! The best guy in the whole universe! He knows why!

                Psle: 25*

                i ship cat noir and ladybug


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                  English is my city.
                  "I can see a rainbow. In your tears as they fall on down. I can see your soul grow. Through the pain as they hit the ground". ~ Sia.

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                  Originally posted by M1tch
                  BlackIce was nuked from orbit! :wave: :hat:


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                    Greetings, my quite kind fellow member of the species we have now come to call Homo sapiens. I wish a very pleasant and endearing twenty-four hours, or the remainder of it, upon you and the other Homo sapiens that are fellow members of your community unit that we have endowed the title "family". I would just like to lay this question upon you, have you heard of the very enjoyable leisure activity that falls under the classification of games that have been adapted to the present time's day and age's technology, that involves or includes destroying or demolishing various digital objects that have been constructed out of different colored pixels in order to obtain certain other digital items that have also been constructed out of different colored pixels that are required to reach the next stage of the leisure activity's cycle which is to create the digital version of the equivalent of a member of the Kingdom Plantae out of other different colored pixels which then cultivates according to the same time as us Homo sapiens until it sprouts, becoming available for harvesting, letting us obtain the objects also constructed out of different colored pixels which serve as its reproductive seed, which may also be combined with other digital reproductive seeds that are compatible with it to create different digital versions of different members of the Kingdom Plantae, in order to create more of it, which then goes back to the first step of the leisure activity's cycle, until it repeats again?

                    In other words, have you heard of Growtopia?
                    IGN : TimeTurtle

                    TIME is merely a social construct, something created by the human brain, yet we let ourselves be chained by it.


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                      contest ends in 7 hours
                      oh hello


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                        Congratulations to Hellfire for winning this competition. Could you please reply with a world name where I can drop off your 5 World Lock Prize?
                        oh hello


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                          A reply YO!

                          Originally posted by dancanban View Post
                          Congratulations to Hellfire for winning this competition. Could you please reply with a world name where I can drop off your 5 World Lock Prize?
                          World : Belobels
                          You hate me bro?


                          Also if you want to contact me for no reason here is my IGN : Osoro,Niopolitan


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                            I dont want to scam you just drop ur all pro items that worth dls for a while on this display box

                            I didnt knew this ends lol
                            Quit this game already
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