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    IGN: Pijus14
    World for gift dropoff: MILPIVIFARM, though I'd much rather you'd just contact me.
    Alternate Contact: @Discord Pejuz#3511
    Interests In Game: Just hanging out with friends
    Wishlist: I'd just like an awkward friendly unicorn, hope that's not too much [/QUOTE]
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    i can choose whatever i want to do here
    and you cant stop me

    i choose to do nothing


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      In game Name: Solarex
      World for gift dropoff: SOLAREX
      Alternate Contact: Instagram: solarexgt
      Interests In Game: chemsynth
      Wishlist: Penguin leash, or surprise me


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        In game Name: aneeqz51
        World for gift dropoff: aneeqfarm
        Alternate Contact:
        discord: aneeqz51#1741
        Interests In Game: Surgery and other chance based activity
        Wishlist some surgery tools and other activities items
        IGN : Aneeqz51
        Level : 67

        Time is the biggest investment you will ever make


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          In game Name: GTJayGaming

          World for gift dropoff: GTJAYYT

          Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc: GT Jay Gaming#5212, @gtjayyt (INSTAGRAM)

          Interests In Game: Chatting and building.

          Wishlist: diamond horn
          Zraei's Dragoscarf
          Pure wls i guess

          Ik it long list but its options not all. Also must i be on EVERYDAY? im usually of for 1-3 day a week
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            let see...have 60 posts to be on everyday..check yey im qualified

            in game Name: MadMewMew
            World for gift dropoff: MadMewMew
            Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc :
            Interests In Game:Building
            Wishlist: Floating Leaf or Monarch Wings
            if you are poor give me this (but if ik you are not porr ill dab on your grave)VVVV
            mighty tigerr or the lord scavenger wheels

            oh btw Bluedwarf pls dont extend the deadline like u did when bhe
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            IGN: MadMewMew

            Discord: Gey phemus#6243
            IG: madmewmew_gt


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              In game Name: ElectroDream
              World for gift dropoff: LEZPARTAY
              Alternate Contact: Discord: Dreamy#2149 or if urgent (and if I don't reply to discord messages, tbh really unlikely) DM me at
              Interests In Game: building mostly, but that's probably hard to find a gift for so i'll add a few like surgery, fishing and hoarding stuff
              Wishlist: you can surprise me if you'd like, but any world essential stuff (weathers, jammers, ghost charm pguard stuff like these) are really appreciated, also any stuff that would be able to make an untradeabox are very cool. IOTMs that I missed (so like 2018 ones I suppose) would also be awesome. If you can't afford anything, it's fine; just give me an item I can remember you for.
              IGN: ElectroDream (now suspended)
              Discord: Dreamy#2149
              IG: @electrodreamy / @edr.eamy
              WOTD count: 25


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                In game Name: Noodle
                World for gift dropoff: NOODLESRACE
                Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc
                Discord - Noodle#6284
                Interests In Game: Despacito, Luis fonsi, spending time in DESPACITO
                Wishlist: Anything you want to give me, surprise me!
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                IGN: Noodle (previously Noodle905)

                Just your average dude who enjoys playing the game and solving riddles

                Originally posted by NekoRei
                Damn I clicked on it... I was Luis Fonzied


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                  In game Name: Amplifiers
                  World for gift dropoff: MAGICSHADOWS
                  Alternate Contact: Discord: FauxUnknown#0470
                  Interests In Game: Riddles/treasure hunts, farming
                  Wishlist (arranged in priority highest-lowest):
                  > wolf/WOLFWORLD related stuff
                  > purple hoodie
                  > geiger
                  > actually just get me anything if you're not able to get the stuff, as long as you deem it nice C:
                  i NEeD tO StOP mUrDERiNG tHrEAds
                  IGN: Amplifiers
                  A World: MAGICSHADOWS
                  VIP Password: peppersteak
                  Discord: FauxUnknown#0370


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                    In game Name: JustLightX
                    World for gift dropoff: LIGHTGIFTS
                    Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc email: (yes iam serious) or my Steam...
                    Interests In Game: Startopia and Building
                    Wishlist: Tunic of Mystery
                    Burning eyes
                    Diamond Horn
                    Or... Any useful IOTM
                    Less than 20: Yo-Yo

                    Yay! I was waiting for this the whole year!
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                    Quit this game already
                    I am LightX, call me Light not Elyrion
                    Discord: Ash#4444
                    Pet Rock Server : yeah I removed the invite stop joining the dead server there's no point

                    We require Peace and Tranquility


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                      In game Name: Viju
                      World for gift drop-off: DANCE
                      Alternate Contact:
                      > Discord : Viju#7557
                      > Instagram : @viju_games
                      Interests In Game: Farming, hanging out with friends aaand guild events
                      Wishlist (any of the folowing):
                      > Chaos Cursed Wand
                      > Items needed for Untrade-a-Box
                      > WinterFest Calendar 2018 (if there will be one)
                      > Surprise me! Something I will remember you for.
                      Unofficial Growtopia Trailer 4 below!

                      In-Game Name: Viju
                      Administrator at Growtopia Wikia since April 4, 2020
                      Discord Tag: Viju#7557
                      IG: @viju_gt


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                        When you broke asf but you wanna join anyways
                        not that broke though

                        In game Name: Allustro
                        World for gift dropoff: ALLUSTROS
                        Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc
                        Interests In Game: Farming, and making sets using certain color palettes
                        Wishlist: Foot items that grant the speedy mod and are creatures such as horses. Preferably colored white.
                        Pick a card, any card


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                          What if i dont have an alternate acc?
                          Like, no discord, insta or email.


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                            In game Name: topazi
                            World for gift dropoff: TOPAZXP
                            Alternate Contact: Discord: topazi#0408, Instagram: @topazish
                            Interests In Game: Chatting, building, keytar playing
                            Lyre (the instrument, not the note) (I really want this but it's a tad expensive, so feel free to choose any of the other options)
                            Sea Monster Floatie
                            A nice silk vest
                            Ezio’s Cape or Armguards

                            Although, any kind of clothes you think are cool would be nice. I personally can’t afford much of anything so I’d be understanding if you couldn’t get me much either, haha.
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                            Cheese accounts for around 75% of my diet...
                            Feta and Camembert are my lifeblood at this point


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                              In game Name: Chemmie
                              World for gift dropoff: ChemmieGT
                              Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc: Discord, tag's: Chem #7714
                              Interests In Game: Building worlds and socializing
                              Wishlist: Hmm.. any IOTM you want, ghost charm, seductive rose, rainbow wings.
                              Last edited by Chem; 11-24-2018, 04:32 AM.
                              Discord: Chemmie #7714


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                                You know what, screw it I'm coming back.

                                In game Name: DaCreepah
                                World for gift dropoff: SODAPOPSODA
                                Alternate Contact: Niskoshi#4509
                                Interests In Game: Fooling around
                                Wishlist: The AK-something (if you can afford it) or a Dear John Tractor.
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                                Discord: Niskoshi#4509
                                Reddit: u/Niskoshi

                                My favourite movie: