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    The whole idea of item below 20wls is dumb....
    You cant buy any cool (or useful) items with it except farmables, not a big fan of it.
    Bought the wishlist myself (mighty tiger)
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      In game Name: Aiyn

      World for gift dropoff: JD41

      Alternate Contact: discord, Aiyn#5346. Honestly i use forums more than discord, so if you cant get me here, theres probably nowhere else you can get me.

      Interests In Game: making worlds.

      Wishlist: some rides, any will do.thx.
      [ IGN ]: PandoRika
      [ Instagram ]: @pando_rika

      Status: DEAD


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        In game Name: LifeGrain
        World for gift dropoff: BARTERS (just head right)
        Alternate Contact: forums/ingame
        Interests In Game: nothing and everything
        Wishlist: Surprise me. In the good way.
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        Sell Secret of Growtopia at BARTERS, left of white door 60/wl.

        Buying any surgical tools 20/wl(Assorted are accepted). Message me


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          In game Name: Chedman
          World for gift dropoff: PARK65
          Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc: Discord: Chedman6#6102
          Interests In Game: Surgery, Crimefighting
          Wishlist: I'll be happy with any of these items (Just get me one):
          Cave/Thermonuclear Blast, Any Weather Machine except Sunny, an Awkward Friendly Unicorn, or a Chaos Cursed Wand. I'm fine with anything.
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          Discord: Chedman6#5055


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            may i ask why is Chaos Cursed Wand so popular? lol


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              Joining Secret Santa for the second time! Last year as forumer Kuishie.

              IGN: Kuishie
              Worls to drop-off gift: S2ZS (Donation box)
              Alternate contact: Instagram @rmcartzalan
              Interest in-game: The amazing looking items and blocks that give me inspiration to draw once in a while.
              Wishlist: Non la, Raspberry beret, Paintbrush (again)
              IGN: Kuishie
              WOTDs: 0/100
              Dear Fredi, please teach me how to become like you, the king of WOTD, help me bring back the glory of it. AMENNNNNNNNNNNNN
              Why was the Ultra Trophy 3000 made into some 2018 cheap knockoff? Whoever made the idea is so tasteless.


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                I'm seeing a lot of emails in this thread.. I really, really, don't recommend doing that. You don't want "just anyone" coming across your email and deciding to send you viruses, or hack into your personal life, including your Growtopia account if the one you shared is the one you signed up with.. that is quite possibly the worst thing you could put onto these forums.

                For ANYONE who has their emails as their alternative contact.. please edit your post ASAP and either add another place to contact you, (Instagram/Discord,etc) or simply just leave that part blank if there is really no other place to reach you.

                - - - Updated - - -

                Originally posted by DaCreepah View Post
                You know what, screw it I'm coming back.

                In game Name: DaCreepah
                World for gift dropoff: SODAPOPSODA
                Alternate Contact: Niskoshi#4509
                Interests In Game: Fooling around
                Wishlist: The hat that looks like it belongs to officers (or if it's too expensive then you can just gift me an AK-something)
                I think the hat you're talking about is the untradable Startopia Captain Hat. (obtained from doing Role Quests) Please correct me if I am wrong.

                - - - Updated - - -

                Originally posted by Snappington View Post
                Joining Secret Santa for the second time! Last year as forumer Kuishie.

                IGN: Kuishie
                Worls to drop-off gift: S2ZS (Donation box)
                Alternate contact: Instagram @rmcartzalan
                Interest in-game: The amazing looking items and blocks that give me inspiration to draw once in a while.
                Wishlist: Non la, Raspberry beret, Paintbrush (again)
                Glad to see you've joined for another year! I was your SS last year
                IGN: Cloverlord
                Current level: 115
                Discord: Cloverleaf#0258
                Instagram: @cloverlordgt
                My shop world: LIQUIDMARKET.


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                  ah it's already that time of the year

                  In game Name: Artil
                  World for gift dropoff: Supertrolllfarm
                  Alternate Contact: Discord Lucklife#3726
                  Interests In Game: Steam, music
                  - Anything really~
                  - If you really can't decide, maybe a weather or a blast?

                  Gone with the wind, faded from records


                  I've finally caught up with you



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                    This is my first year entering, so Id like to participate

                    In game Name: PiskWasTaken
                    World for gift dropoff: PISKGT
                    Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc
                    DISCORD: Marten#9191, instagram @piskgt
                    Interests In Game: I like to visit my awesome friends and play different parkour worlds, also i love to build worlds and take part of contests.
                    Wishlist: Dont really know what, but maybe one of these items
                    Backgroud weather
                    Cloak of hoveration
                    Neon nerves or
                    Raptor legs
                    The person who gets me, trust me it can be whatever you want to give me I dont mind
                    Im a random guy


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                      World for gift: Primareux(hmm might make a Christmas themed world soon wew)
                      Alternate contact:Xolotyl#2579 in discord,tho I’m usually online on forum.
                      Interest in game:talking random stuff with random people,doing surg so or chemsynth,or anything involving rng luck
                      Wishlist:A bluedwarf’s sexy poster would be nice,but sadly I think those are limited editions.Anything that would surprise me would be awesome,I just want to enjoy the holiday with some Christmas themed stuff.

                      Man I wonder how does it feels to celebrate Christmas,we don’t celebrate it here,must be really nice eh?Anyway,merry xmas y’all.

                      i kinda wanna be the santa for luck but nvm~
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                      Hello,I am an artist who knows how to draw but can’t draw.

                      contact me on discord if you need anything


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                        This is my second Secret Santa, and I hope to do this many times more.

                        In game Name: hunt2man
                        World for gift dropoff: 1g75
                        Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc
                        Discord: hunt2man#2781
                        Interests In Game: I pretty much just hang out and talk with people. I don't give a darn about making profit.

                        Pink aura, Nightwings, or Bubble wings. Or wls towards my goal of new wings.
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                        "Sometimes a hypocrite is nothing more than a man in the process of changing."

                        Thanks to Topazi for the avatar

                        Discord: Hunt2man#3305
                        Steam: Hunt2man
                        Switch Friend Code: SW-8230-0945-3907


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                          In game Name: Wrix
                          World for gift dropoff: WRIXPLACE
                          Alternate Contact: Instagram: wrixgt
                          Interests In Game: Birds
                          Wishlist: Zephyr Helmet
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                          Discord: Wrix#5799


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                            Fiiiinnnaaaallllyyy I've been listening to Christmas music since September!

                            In game Name: Sharox
                            World for gift dropoff: HELLOXMAS
                            Alternate Contact: Discord #Sharox4529
                            Interests In Game: Meeting new people.
                            Wishlist: Pastel wallpapers, magic eggs, guild steed, egg-hunting basket, cloak of hoveration, polar bear, stuff machine, an awkward friendly unicorn + a new friend.
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                            "Flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on."


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                              In game Name: ZEH
                              World for gift dropoff: ZEH
                              Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, email, etc ZEH_GT
                              Interests In Game: PROFITING :gtlol:
                              Wishlist: CHAOS CURSE WAND CUZ IT HAS MOD EFFECT
                              - DNA STRANDS
                              -monarch BUTTERFLY WINGS
                              -tunic iotm thing
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                              Instagram: @zeh_gt


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                                Awe... i so wish i could have joined this... but alas i do not have the required posts. count me in next year though
                                IGN: GreenKobra
                                LEVEL: 55
                                GROWTOKENS: 25/100

                                I don't know what to write here honestly.