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  • Originally posted by Lopyhupis View Post
    Panda Attack I am leaving for a WEEK Tomorrow please post your world name NOW!
    did u pm panda? if he/she wont reply, try going to worlds like PANDAATTACK
    Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
    suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


    • Originally posted by Lopyhupis View Post
      Alrighty I will be Giving 1DL who transforms this drawing the best!

      Edit: Since all you are great artists, 2-3rd place will be rewarded with 5wl!

      Edit:2 4-5th will get 1 wl.

      Please use a color scheme of red, blue, green and black, and maybe purple and anything else that works well.

      Make it intimidating!


      The creature in the center is a reptile.
      CURRENT LEADER(s): Crunchyy

      2nd Place, ElectroLava9
      3rd Place, PandaArtack
      4th Place, SwordsGT
      5th Place, Stalter02

      The Deadline is May 23rd

      Congrats to our winner, Crunchyy!! (Please tell me the world name Crunchyy)


      2-5th place winners please post your world names IN THIS THREAD!
      Its it just me or does it look like the hero association from one punch man