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[WIN-A-WAND] Summer-Fest Building Contest!

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    Count us in heheheh!
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      Imagine if the prize for the 1st place are all consumable wands in game. That'd be epic.
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        I’m in the deadline date is great


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          Hmm, seems interesting. I may or may not give this a go, still undecided. Count me in-ish.
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            Originally posted by MediaZeus View Post
            I shouldn't have reported a casino world, I can't join. Reeeee
            Hahaha..same, but not for a csn world, i got banned for a month before
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              Phoenix item prize removed?
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              Originally posted by Oldsock (IGN)
              There's this thing called life.
              Originally posted by Cahtster
              my tum tum hurts.


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                Good luck to everyone who will participate
                peek a boo

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                  Originally posted by effanx11 View Post
                  Phoenix item prize removed?
                  sadly, yes
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                    Oh gosh... I just won WOTD related to summerfest! Nooooooooo... Visit SUMMERTOUR though xD
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                      This is my summer world

                      Originally posted by Misthios View Post

                      Hi, everyone!

                      With Summer-Fest in high gear and the summer vibes being in full swing I'd like to host a little building contest to test the limits of your creativity! This will serve as a trial run for something I want to eventually do consistently (hopefully with cooler prizes!).

                      As this is a trial run, things may change mid-way through dependent on observations and feedback (and based on if people are even interested) - but I'll notify you if/when any changes occur. Look out for polls after this contest is over to provide your input.

                      THEME: Summer-Fest
                      DEADLINE: Monday 5th August

                      Here are the general rules we're going with! They'll be kept short and sweet and potentially amended based on this run.
                      • You can only submit one world per contest.
                      • Building in groups is allowed - you can aid as many people as you want! However, splitting the prize(s) will be entirely up to the owner of the winning world(s).
                      • Worlds that don't follow the given theme won't be considered.
                      • Players who have been banned for 3 days or more in the last 6 months won't be considered. Nor will players with a ban of 30 days or longer on their record from any time. I reserve the right to disqualify you even if you don't meet the aforementioned criteria, if I feel it's for the good of the contest. This won't apply to world admins.

                      I won't impose too much criteria on you all, as I want you to build your own way! However, there are some guidelines I feel need to be here.
                      • No vend shops, storages or farms will be considered.
                      • No pixel-art only worlds are allowed. Any copied pixel art (or stuff copied from other peoples worlds) will lead to disqualification.
                      • Older worlds are allowed, but newer worlds are preferable.
                      • Originality is encouraged! Underused mechanics, new techniques and new ways of using items are all fantastic!
                      • Both the view from the render and in-game are important.

                      Judging will be done by myself and a handful of the other 2.0 mods. If this becomes permanent, I'll look at having a community aspect to the judging, too! The contest will be held predominantly on the forums (in this thread), but you can send me your entries pretty much anywhere and just let me know what it’s for. I’ll include it!

                      As for the prizes, they'll be as follows:

                      1st place - 1 x Fire Wand AND 1 x Freeze Wand
                      2nd place - 1 x Freeze or Fire Wand.
                      3rd place - 1 x Freeze or Fire Wand.

                      I'll also see about having the winners be granted a WOTD, too. But no promises.
                      The name my world ITS :TURTLESUMMERFEST
                      Me hope i win Also My Grow ID: dinoturtles
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                        Phoenix item removed? *REMOVES WL


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                          I'm not gonna participate, but I wish good luck to everyone!

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                            ** First Glance on this thread : Phoenix rewards! I should join this contest!

                            ** In the next day or so.. : Phoenix rewards got removed from the list. Regret about all.

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                              Originally posted by Electrolava9 View Post
                              ** First Glance on this thread : Phoenix rewards! I should join this contest!

                              ** In the next day or so.. : Phoenix rewards got removed from the list. Regret about all.
                              ** Saw someone said there are Phoenix Rewards! I should join this contest!

                              ** Or I change my mind!
                              Originally posted by Yasuo
                              Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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                                Silly me forgot completely about this contest. Welp, is there even still enough time?
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