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200 world lock giveaway

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    I will get a few more farmable to bfg
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      If I won 200 world locks, I would buy something cool for myself, maybe perhaps a Growscan or Geiger Charger.

      World: K1KI1

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      Originally posted by (っ◔◡◔)っ


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        If i won 2dls I'd invest it into my world, 'VALUATIONS' which is a world based on helping growtopians with things like information about achievements (e.g how to get protodrake dragon), prices and information about the economy and how the economy functions.

        I will be able to finish the world with about 1dl and I could advertise with the other dl.

        VALUATIONS also doubles as a guild home and a cool place for the average player to chill and hang out.

        Check it out some time! I think it would look great when its finished. I'm aiming to give it some NASDAQ or WIKI vibes. Somewhere where you can go to find very useful information about stuff and relax with your friends.

        My world is CITROGEN.
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          I would give them to my friend

          World: UNEGOALYT


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            i want the chameleon thing cuz it looks cute

            world is smartwaffle
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              Leads me closer to my dream item/world that's gonna be a BFG world, or maybe i will use it to make a bigger mass produce and not 400 seeds every time. I hope others good luck on winning too!
              World : TETSUGO


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                well, im building free bfg, for now i have 10 farms pepper/20-25 farm project (maybe daily i can open 10 free pepper bfg at BFGNDES)

                Recently, with 10 farm peppers, i can make 1 farm more/day by seed+ profit and selling my harvesting gems. But, pepper isnt my main target. I wanna build my free lgrid bfg, nexth month is my deadline to start the free lgrid bfg.

                Some breakers asked me why do i prefer fre to rent? My answer is, im just bored of moving the blocks to rent bfg world. It's faster when i make bfg inside my farm.

                Why my main project is lgrid? Coz breakers, especially the profitter one prefer it than others farmables. So, i think i'll better choose the good one for my breakers. In result, i got their willness to visit my free bfg, that's where my profit as farmer comes.

                If u insterest in my project, just visit BFGNDES, ur dls will be a long-term supplier for they who need extra gems for living in growtopia


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                  If i have 200wls/2dls
                  I would buy tons of pepper seeds, then farm them until harvest fest comes then sell some of the pepper seeds and then farm again and again until i have like 4+dls to buy a new set with half of them.
                  GL everyone
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                    pls i need 200 wls or they will saw off my fingers


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                      With the 200wl I can give 100 to my brother because he was scammed all his items and the rest I can use to get farmables to start earning more gems. I can also buy some new clothes

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                        World: ROVIE

                        With 2 diamond locks, i’d probably redesign my BFG world into something a lot cooler. Right now, it looks kind of ugly.
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                          With 200 wls i will do a giveaway on my channel and give some to my friend who got scammed recently
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                            Originally posted by Kranken View Post
                            write below what you would do with 200 world locks and i will choose a winner in one week.

                            (please include a place I can drop off the wls at or if you lack such a place, do mention that aswell)
                            hi kranken if you gave me the 2dls or 200 wls i’d probably give it to my friend since he’s my cash cow and I just leech off of him so if he does better so does I lol

                            world is def1b if you wanna help out me and my friend (but mostly me)
                            Hi! My name is basically CrazyManiac...
                            Lovely to meet everyone!


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                              If I have 200 wls, I would use of all them wisely to contribute my project. It costs a handful amount of time, creativity and dls to construct an expensive world. I’m too extravagant to buy all those expensive blocks that rarely obtainable. Will be appreciated and in return will give credits from you contribute too.

                              World: ADVANCEDFARMGT
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                                Originally posted by Kranken View Post
                                write below what you would do with 200 world locks and i will choose a winner in one week.

                                (please include a place I can drop off the wls at or if you lack such a place, do mention that aswell)
                                With 200 worldlocks, I would buy supplies so I could finally finish creating my parkour world. I hope i win!.
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