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  • GrowStocks + YouTubers!

    Good day everyone!

    I'm GrowStone, the backend developer of GrowStocks!
    As all of you know, GrowStocks (aka is an online price checker for Growtopia, where you'll find most of the item prices!

    Our main focus this summer was to give GrowStocks a fresh new look. Not just on the outside (UI update!), but on the inside too! We've revamped our inefficient backend code to make it look prettier and faster, and we're working days and nights to bring a huge update to our old Discord bot!

    But updating is just a part of our goals! Our second biggest goal is to Grow! That's why, we're proud to announce we are searching for YouTubers to feature GrowStocks on their channels!
    Nope. You're not going to do it for free! GrowStocks will be gifting you a vanity URL (aka, plus you'll be featured on our "YouTubers" page, and last but not least, you'll be given the YouTuber role in our discord server!

    So what? How will those help me as a YouTuber?
    Your goal is to grow too! By doing so, people will get to discover your channel through our website (from advertising by other Youtubers), thus giving you the opportunity to grow while we grow!

    What are the requirements?
    All of those cool perks are not hard to get! You'll just need to have a channel with at least 1,000 (one-thousand) subscribers, and at least 2,000 (two-thousands) views on 1 (one) of your videos!

    When will we start?
    This is going to take place after the GrowStocks huge update comes out (aiming for the end of this month)!
    To preregister, fill in the form below:

    Let's go YouTubers! Jumanji, uh no... GrowStocks needs you!
    Thank you for your cooperation!
    The GrowStocks Team

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    RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
    - Eleanor Roosevelt


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      Originally posted by JimIzPro View Post
      Well sure! Since you're our first candidate!