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  • Giveaway for everyone!

    Hi, so I've became inactive for the past few months as I was not really interested as before. I want to give out the remaining valentine items that I have spent 2 Million gems last valentines and have not sold them away. Everyone and anyone can enter, just post if you want 5 items or 1 item. I will give you the item randomly according to RNG or by luck. Do note that if you pick 5 items, it could be anything like consumables, signs, blocks, etc. If you pick 1 item, it would mostly be clothings. All the best!

    Oh yes, please leave your IGN below with your post so I can contact you, or else preferably if you have any worlds with donation boxes/display box so I can leave the gifts there.

    *Note: Prizes will not be that good. Prizes are all based off from the valentines goodies I got.*
    PS: If you want, you can call your friends to enter this giveaway, or simply ask them to PM me. I'll give them somethings depending on RNG, or ask them to leave a message @ the world FervorsGiveaway.
    There will be a random lucky winner whom I will be choosing as more people enter.
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    Do give a visit to my main collection world 'Fervors'. Give it a /rate 5 if you enjoyed my collection Thanks! I know it's not much, it's still a mini collection afterall.

  • #2
    I’ll take the one item. My world is ROVIE. Thank you!
    IGN: Rovie
    Discord: rovvvie#4588

    pfp by topazi


    • #3
      Ill take two! World name: TOOLHEAD Thanks
      IGN: ToolHead
      (Old usernames: unkn0wngun3r,automotive,victor3615)
      Discord: Guner#7751
      It seems like pain and regret are your best friends.

      hoes mad


      • #4
        I shall take 1 please? World: PobablySeth
        IGN: ProbablySeth

        Geometry Dash isn't dead


        • #5
          I'd like one (seems 5 is unpopular...).

          Anyway my world is GAMESWITHATWIST
          They are two types of people in the world. Me and not me.


          • #6
            I'll take one I guess? World name: padss

            ty pr0
            pfp drawn by memo4ever

            IGN: rrix

            [❌]Level: 64/125
            [❌]Dls: 40/100
            [❌]Gems: 712k/1m
            [✔️]Dirt: 1/1

            End goal: get every achievement


            • #7
              I will take 1 pl0x ������
              SAVE THE EARTH PLOX


              • #8
                1 item, my world is EPHUS


                • #9
                  Any items are helpful so I'll be choosing 1.

                  World : MZEUSS


                  • #10
                    I'll take 3. my world is tydoesgt
                    Ign: TyTheAbsol


                    • #11
                      World: iseevending
                      GrowID: PokeNotPoke
                      Instagram: @pokenotpoke


                      • #12
                        i'll have just 1


                        • #13
                          Meme my world Rimuoi plzzzz
                          Ign: RimUwU
                          Hero of Justice? A world where no one is hurt?” Don’t be absurd. “Humanity” is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice. ” – Gilgamesh

                          Good song


                          • #14
                            i'll take one ! world = DELVXSET
                            2014 Growtopia Player
                            Goals: Getting Focus Eye : (Done)
                            Reaching Level 50 : (47/50)
                            Getting Violet Protodrake Leash : (Done)


                            • #15
                              1 item world name is matq ty
                              IGN: HaxFrNubz

                              Originally posted by UBIDEV
                              I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......