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  • You know what? I’m in the spirit of giving. Sign me up!

    IGN: Immaculate

    World to drop off my gift: IMMACULATE

    Alternate Contact: Honestly, the best way to reach me is through the forums.

    Interests In Game: Collecting cool little things you might not stumble across often, sometimes building... a bit of everything honestly.

    Wishlist: At the moment, nothing in particular. IOTMs are cool collectors items, as goes for any type of wand, etc. Dragon collecting is pretty neat too! Any item you’d consider as a cool collector’s item, I’ll gladly take it. If not, then surprise me!

    To me, it’s not the gift that counts, it’s the thought. An amazing event to bring the community together!
    Nobody comes without mistakes or flaws;
    it's what you make of them
    that shapes who you are.


    Wanna talk? Send me a PM!
    IGN: Immaculate


    • Interesting, but might be inactive (due to family stuff). Feel free to kick me out if I am inactive.

      In game Name: SeedTopianGT
      World for gift dropoff: DARKHAMEST
      Alternate Contact: Don't have any besides forums, sorry.
      Interests In Game: Going to random worlds, playing games (legal ones, of course) hosted by players such as hunger games and spleef, finding "rare" world names, helping new players and making friends
      Wishlist: anything useful (preferably clothing but other stuff would do) as long as it isn't expensive since I myself can't afford expensive stuff
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      Write something...


      • I am aware that it is the 11th in some timezones, but please refrain from declaring that the signups are closed. They will remain open until I generate the Santa List, probably late on Wednesday or Thursday.

        So if you've been struggling with whether or not you should sign up, do not delay any further! Now's the time to make that choice!

        Edit: As a side note, I have not been actively updating the main list, so if you don't see your name on there don't worry. Everyone's going to be added as long as they're still active.
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        • If want to try join no bully pls

          Name : BUTUAN0N
          WORLD: BUTUAN0N

          Alternate contact: twitter, Facebook.
          Intrest game: Playong, farming, reporting, hang-out thing, being sad, being happy, geigering, bfging, adding new friends.. And so on..

          Wish list: Don't donate me expensive, donate me on what's into your heart!

          Hopefully one or more donated to me, thanks in advanced.

          And dear Mod BlueDwarf, don't add me in the naughty list plwz?


          • IGN: IHasName

            Drop Off World: FTNK

            Alternate Contact: Discord (IHasName#0013)

            Interests: Profiting, random fun things

            Wishlist: 1-5 Builder's Lock(s) would be great!
            [Tryhards] - Guild Level 6

            Click for bad videos...

            IGN: IHasName


            • In game Name: Chibiusa
              World for gift dropoff: CHIBIUSA
              Alternate Contact: Kimbelina#5496
              Interests In Game:baKiNG, i have a comfy lil cafe in game and I enjoy tending to it a lot. just started playing again recently, and it's the only thing I've been focusing on.
              Wishlist: Anything cute and meaningful uwu. You could send me a nice letter, or seriously anything. Doesn't have to be fancy, but as long as it's from the heart I'll appreciate it no matter what :> Or anything funny, like send me a bunch of cheese blocks of sumn and send some puns in the donation box.
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              keeping it short and sweet
              Discord IGN: Kimbelina #5496
              A.K.A. Kimi <3

              originally known as Chibiusa


              • In game Name: HartAmara
                World for gift dropoff: QBAST1
                Alternate Contact: HartAmara#9366
                Interests In Game: Farming, breaking blocks in general.
                Wishlist: Speed medallion, chicken plow, vending machines (any amount will do), or just surprise me! It's the thought that counts.

                I hope I'm not too late!
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                IGN: HartAmara
                Discord: HartAmara#9366



                • In game Name: anulot
                  World for gift dropoff: afrotown
                  Alternate Contact: Anything in my sig
                  Interests In Game: fishing
                  Wishlist: anything!

                  Discord -
                  Twitch -
                  YouTube -
                  Instagram/Twitter - @Anulot_GT


                  • In game Name: Tyunka
                    World for gift dropoff: RDTP
                    Alternate Contact: Tyunka#1604 (Discord)
                    Interests In Game: Chatting with friends and farming
                    Wishlist: I really want a cosmic cape ( it was my dream item a few years ago). But it probably is too expensive, so anything would do!
                    History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.


                    • Sorry I'm late I hope I can still join
                      In game Name: ColdB
                      World for gift dropoff: COLDB
                      Alternate Contact: Instagram: limjh_
                      Interests In Game: Trolling people
                      Wishlist: Anything
                      IGN: ColdB
                      Follow me on instagram! @coldb_gt



                      • In game Name: 1fongnat
                        World for gift dropoff: 1fongnat312
                        Alternate Contact: Discord- 1fongnat#2454
                        Interests In Game: Fishing, bunnies, playing with beehives, socializing with friends
                        - Fishing supplies (training ports, uranium lures, mega-pellet baits, nuclear detonators, hand drills)
                        - Bunny items (magic eggs, cuddly bunnies, bunny sets, carrot swords, riding bunny, bunny balloon)
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                        I like the ‘!’ in my name because it makes me truely the first on the online forumer list.
                        Originally posted by FrostFloofy
                        Blah blah photos


                        • Just a heads up, I nuked my participant list while trying to edit it. If you made a post in this thread, you're entered and sorted already. I will properly update the official entry list tomorrow complete with links and such (the links are provided so Santas can easily locate their target's post #funfact)

                          You will likely begin seeing PMs appear in your inboxes late on Friday, though most of you probably won't get yours until Saturday. Please be sure you have a slot open for me, and please BE PATIENT!


                          It is now officially too late to join, but if any stragglers do show up it is easy enough for me to slide them into the roster so... I will still add anyone that comes, until the final PM is launched. Merry Christmas to you.
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                          • Originally posted by Everdark View Post
                            In game Name:ForkesGT
                            World for gift dropoff: FLASHPANJI
                            Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc : PM ME AT IG @nazreenyusrii
                            Interests In Game:buisness things
                            Wishlist: diamond flashaxe or something blue hand item hehe , or i need 5 unstable tesseract
                            updated mine hehe
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                            • In game Name: lKhratos
                              World for gift dropoff: KHRATOSPOT
                              Alternate Contact: You can contact me here in forums and ingame
                              Interests In Game: making friends, helping needy players if i can
                              Wishlist: nightkings cape/wormtouch/tackle boxes/gem hair


                              • Thank you for allowing stragglers!

                                In game Name: Udder
                                World for gift dropoff: GemBunnies
                                Alternate Contact: Discord- Woob#4634
                                Interests In Game: Hosting BFG, startopia, bunnies, socializing
                                Wishlist: I’m open to anything, but these are some items that I can think of.
                                - Teleporter charges
                                - Party cakes
                                - Carrot blocks
                                Longtime Party Bunny