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    In game Name: SnowBlizter
    World for gift dropoff: XANTACK
    Alternate Contact: Discord: SnowBlizter#3585 Instagram: @snowblizter
    Interests In Game: Building, pet battling, parkour
    Wishlist: Rocket Pack (i'm fine with anything tho )


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      In game name: Boteto
      Gift drop off world : boteto

      Interests In Game: Building worlds, trading, fashion shows?

      Wishing for a unique clothing item!

      Thank you, and Happy ©Christmas!


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        In game Name: MadMewMew
        World for gift dropoff: MADMEWMEW
        Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc
        Gey phemus#6243
        @madmewmew_gt <--- preferable
        Interests In Game: making stonks and advancing to the high ranks in the game
        Raptor Legs - if you are very generous
        Harvester of Sorrows - if you are able to spend some world locks
        Chicken Plow
        Vending Machine - if you dont have much world locks in your name , you could always give me some Vending Machines , if you give me only 1 and i found out you have a descent amount of world locks i'll commit sewing
        Abominable suit / head or both
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        IGN: MadMewMew

        Discord: Gey phemus#6243
        IG: madmewmew_gt


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          In game Name: HaxFrNubz
          World for gift dropoff:MATQ
          Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc:uh none
          Interests In Game:I like surging,banning autofarmersand trying new stuff
          Wishlist: a cool new item that came out within October-December 2019
          IGN: HaxFrNubz

          Originally posted by UBIDEV
          I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......


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            Hi there,
            Im Açais.

            Building Material Shop @ 5PCS


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              In game Name:ChickenF1sh
              World for gift dropoff: BUYLAVATHINGS
              Alternate Contact: Discord: ChickenFish#9982 Forums PMs work fine too, I check often, and I get email notifs.
              Interests In Game: Farming/Socializing
              Wishlist: Surprise me! I'm sure whatever you get will be great!
              The online item price checker for Growtopia.

              IGN: ChickenF1sh (GL)
              World: DEZ33
              Discord: Chicken#8757


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                In game Name: JimIzPro
                World for gift dropoff: GrowTubes
                Alternate Contact: jimizpro#4029
                Interests In Game: Filmmaking
                • Scythe of the Underworld
                • Challenge Crown
                • Nightking's Cape - Red
                • Apocalypse Scythe
                • Riding World Lock (Any except green trail)
                • November IOTM (Red)
                • Cheaper Choice: Demon Night Stallion or 2019 Calendar or ANY COOL LOOKING ITEM HAHA

                RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

                "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
                - Eleanor Roosevelt


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                  In game Name: laGPH0bia
                  World for gift dropoff:LAGFOBIA
                  Alternate Contact: Discord, tag is in my signature
                  Interests In Game: Beat literally anyone in a fashion show. I have 160 inventory slots meant for fashion shows.
                  Wishlist: Trivial, unexpected and exotic clothes, lots of snowy rocks or several vaults/storage boxes.
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                  In-game name: laGPHObia
                  Discord Name: laGPH0bia#9730
                  Level: 63


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                    In game Name: m654
                    World for gift dropoff: M456
                    Alternate Contact: m654#0070 (Discord)
                    Interests In Game: Building, collecting items
                    Wishlist: Maybe a clothing item or leash, since I usually don't buy those. I'd be happy with anything, though
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                      In game Name: MystZ
                      World for gift dropoff: MystZ
                      Alternate Contact: @Vexyr (Instagram) or pm on forums I get email
                      Interests In Game: battle pet / idk
                      Wishlist: preferably clothing lol (no ugly plz) [will edit if I think of something]


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                        In game name: ooopsi
                        World for dropoff: dropthemhere
                        alternate contact: discord (ooopsi#8768)
                        interests: daily challenges/ world building
                        wishlist: idk, epoch weather, ghastly robe or just surprize me (don't worry I can give a good gift)
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                        "You don't have to brush all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep."


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                          Dragon speaking...

                          In game Name: Draluxes
                          World for gift dropoff: Bluragon
                          Alternate Contact: Insta @bluragon_
                          Interests In Game: I swear, this month, i just spent over Dls to bought some materials for building.
                          Wishlist: One thing i always curious with particular IOTM, Hell Horn.

                          Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                          Check out of this video ^^


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                            In game Name: QueenChloeGt
                            World for gift dropoff: QUEENCHLOEGT
                            Alternate Contact: ig: QueenChloeGt Discord: QueenChloeGT#0263
                            Interests In Game: Farming, guild events, hanging out with nice people
                            Wishlist: Phoenix Wings, Da Vinci Wings, Nightmare Devil Wings, Thingamabob, Golden Angel Wings, Golden Heart Crystal, Legendary Wizard etc.. Jk.. Just surprise me.


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                              In game Name:xWeird
                              World for gift dropoff:WEIRDUMP (as usual)
                              Alternate Contact: im dead on IG, discord : xWeird#3325
                              Interests In Game: DOING EVERY ELF JOBS, MAKING DIRT FARM, FARMING DIRTS, DO WEIRD STUFFS yeet
                              Wishlist: hmm i already got an angel wing last year.. ill wish for.. A SCEPTER! or maybe A GROWFORMER! (or anything that could surprise me, ill appreciate it!)

                              Last edited by IWasWeird; 11-29-2019, 01:40 AM.
                              IGN : Dr. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIRD
                              I kept eating apples lol

                              Discord : weird#2183 |IG : @weirduwo


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                                In game name: Noodle
                                World to drop off gift: NOODLE
                                Alternate contact: Noodle#6284 (discord)
                                Hobbies: wasting all of my wls on stoopid stuff.
                                Wishlist: pixel art of Obama, or get me literally anything I don’t mind.
                                IGN: Noodle (previously Noodle905)

                                Just your average dude who enjoys playing the game and solving riddles

                                Originally posted by NekoRei
                                Damn I clicked on it... I was Luis Fonzied