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    Originally posted by MystZ View Post
    why are so many people wishing for exp stuff

    I mean if they can give that out too (although I highly doubt anyone is giving/getting a rayman fist)
    just why
    I'm sure somebody is going to be 'mad' because they asked for dls and got gifted <1dl
    I don't know this might be my last (also first) because people just seem so greedy ;(

    but hey maybe I'm wrong

    I hope so
    iGn JyHnXx
    wOrLd: jYhNxX
    wIsHlISt: dAvInCI wInGs anD/Or gHc

    (Not actually joining the event.)



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      Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
      iGn JyHnXx
      wOrLd: jYhNxX
      wIsHlISt: dAvInCI wInGs anD/Or gHc

      (Not actually joining the event.)
      banished for the 9248304th time


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        In game Name: onisionn
        World for gift dropoff: troplis
        Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc NA sorry
        Interests In Game: New items I guess that look cool?
        Wishlist: Nothing, surprise me? don't be a cheapskate though



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          In-game Name: Nopleb
          World for gift dropoff: NOPLEB
          Alternate Contact: Discord: Destin#8701, Instagram: Nopleb
          Interests In-Game: Everything except farming
          Wishlist: Everythings fine, surprise me!
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          Skype and chill


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            Is this thread.. dying?
            Lets not let secret santa die, only 51 people so far.


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              In game name: Wframe
              World for gift drop: Wframe
              Intereses: i really love to spend quality time with players and I'm a little youtuber 😊 but only 54subs. So yeah my intereses are quality time.
              Contact: IG
              Wishlist: Suprise me 👍


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                In game Name: sSpark
                World for gift dropoff: TOUCHZERO
                Alternate Contact: Discord- Sparkie#8202
                Interests In Game: World Building, Exploring Updates
                Wishlist: Condor Wings or a Star Dragon Claw


                • #98
                  In game Name: Nesqwik
                  World for gift dropoff: NESWON
                  Alternate Contact: Discord: (っ◔︵◔)っ 💔 no. 💔#2010
                  Interests In Game: Socializing, Diamond Locks, Mods
                  Wishlist: (my friend shankeii back) Wand (Freeze, Fire, or Cursed), or Dabstep Sneakers, or Just a peice of paper with a loving note on it.
                  Hi, I'm Daisy!


                  • #99
                    In game Name: Smuggest
                    World for gift drop-off: LIGHTGIFTS
                    Alternate Contact: Discord: Light#6018
                    Interests In Game: In-game? PET ROCKS! Oh and making friends!
                    Wishlist: Anything, really! Just be creative! (I want some new items though cuz i'm VERY outdated)
                    Edit: Hope my santa sees this, To make things clear I would like Laser Scriter - Purple or/and any number of pet rocks you can get me
                    Last edited by Elyrion; 12-16-2019, 07:28 PM.
                    Quit this game already
                    I am LightX, call me Light not Elyrion
                    Discord: Ash#4444
                    Pet Rock Server : yeah I removed the invite stop joining the dead server there's no point

                    We require Peace and Tranquility


                    • In game Name: ResurrectYT
                      World for gift dropoff: jtfishx, resurrectyt
                      Alternate Contact: kek#8034
                      Interests In Game: meeting new people, not getting hacked for the 3rd time
                      Wishlist: surprise me + a friend req
                      IGN:jtfishtest2 (I got hacked)cri

                      FREE GEMS AND XP[PEPPERS] AT CLINICALLY!!!


                      • My list!

                        In game Name: BillyBobsGt
                        World for gift dropoff: SmellyFarms
                        Alternate Contact: Steam: Salty Naruto (I am also active on forums)
                        Interests In Game: Hanging out with my friends, building parkour worlds, and making new friends
                        Wishlist: Reindeer leash, magic Reindeer bell, polar bear leash, or any cool new Winterfest clothes/pets!

                        If you cannot afford any of those items, I understand.
                        Last edited by BillyBob; 12-15-2019, 07:08 PM.
                        IGN: BillyBobsGt
                        Level: 44
                        Dream Item: Happiness
                        Join Date: 2014

                        Stay Determined!


                        • IGN: Wallnutkillu
                          World: SFARMAQ
                          Alternate Contact: Discord - wallnutkillu#3992
                          Interests: Socializing in-game and profitting 😎😎😎
                          Wishlist: Anything white!

                          😁😁 thx in advance


                          • Secret Santa!

                            In-game Name: CanYaNot
                            World for gift dropoff: 6H7N
                            Alternate Contact: Discord @CanYaNot#6860 or Instagram @canyanot_gt
                            Interests In Game: I really like hosting events/competitions.
                            Wishlist: Anything really. The number one thing I really want in this game is Pheonix Wings. BUT, something like The Gungnir or a Chaos Cursed Wand is also on my wish list. So surprise me!
                            Come Join Secret Santa 2019!


                            • In game Name: Ryanx99
                              World for gift dropoff: MFPX
                              Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc: Rymaster99#1137 for Discord (Diddy Wop Georgeanos if ur in TK's discord, regulars list)
                              Interests In Game: Profitting lol. idk why but i find it so fun watching my wealth slowly grow and as much as this game frustrates me i've never stopped playing it for long. also enjoy chatting with my friends but most of my irl friends dont play much. big sad
                              Wishlist: If you could bless your man with a famine's steed I'd be unbelievably grateful but if not, maybe hit me up with an IOTM that's not grazors?

                              btw got grinched last szn and i'm salty af but i got faith in the community this time let's do it
                              Knowledge is power
                              Manners Maketh Man


                              • In game Name: PixelJr

                                World for gift dropoff: PIXELJR

                                Alternate Contacts: Discord - PixelJr#7411 / Instagram - @iampixeljr

                                Interests In Game: Literally everything, mostly building and transcribing songs.

                                Wishlist: Lyre, Tweed Flat Cap, Guild Challenge Crown, Superb Chef's Super Spatula, or a Fiesta Mariachi Guitar. (Please don't hesitate to choose something out of the list if they're too hard to find. And please choose only one.)

                                Thanks, S. Santa! <3
                                Discord: PixelJr#2322
                                Instagram: @iampixeljr
                                Growtopia Discord:
                                Content Moderator for Growtopia Wiki.