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Edmush's Christmas Giveaway! (1DEC to 31DEC)

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    Your GrowID: Kaito
    World Name: KAITO

    Wishlist: Hmm, a Dueling Star Fighter - Blue or Alpha's Shawl will do haha but if it is too expensive just surprise me
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    IGN: Zytran
    World: ZYTRAN
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      world: SMARTWAFFLE

      pet egg pls ty
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        Your GrowID: Sharox
        World Name: SHAROX

        Chic White Dress, Cursed Spirit Pendant - Green, or Rainbow Crystal Cloak
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          GrowID: JigJig
          World Name: JIGJIG

          I would want bubble wings. Thank you, Edmush.


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            World: Arcane7

            Wishlist (in order of cost - in case you have a high budget, or a low one):
            - (~7 dls) Ice Skates of Winter, Really love parkour, and it's such a useful item, although it's above my budget limits
            - (~2 dls) Captain's Log, I've had my eye on this item for quite a while since the update, and reducing the amount of wls spent on surgery/startopia is nice.
            - (~10 wls) Surgical Tool Bags || Star Tool Droids, Providers are awesome, and ones that give surgical/startopia tools are the ones that I find the most interesting
            - (~2.5 wls) Guild Tools for the December Event, Self explanatory - guild events are taking a toll on my budget, and just having a couple pristines would help ty.


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              World : project4123
              wishlist :spirit guide,inside out devil wings or money gun
              if its out of ur budget just give me cheap stuffs xD : v cape, rainbow wings, or spikey anime hair
              Thanks bro :3
              hope i get either one of those :3
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              Have A Nice Day Guys


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                Dragon speaking...

                ID : Draluxes
                World : Bluragon
                Wishlist : 25 Dragon blocks! or 2 Smoog the Great dragons.
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                  Growid: SombodiYT
                  World: SOMBODI

                  I just really wanted em Devil Wings but can't buy it coz I'm broke and don't have extra wls for it :P
                  Anyways, check out my Youtube Channel . I make beats


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                    IGN: Wframe
                    WORLD: WFRAME
                    WISH: Unstable tessaract/ gaias bacon / partyblaster /comet cape


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                      Just a buddy yead :3

                      Growid: Seaacefan64 / Glykos
                      World: Glyday

                      - - - Updated - - -

                      Just a buddy head :3

                      Growid: Seaacefan64 / Glykos
                      World: Glyday


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                        IGN: XiolenceHD
                        WORLD: Decaffeinated

                        I have quite a lengthy list Just pick one or two:
                        • IO Devil Wings
                        • Bubble Wings
                        • Death Scarf
                        • Apocalypse Scythe
                        • 15-20 Tackle Boxes
                        • Growboard
                        • A few COTD Baits
                        • Blue Cat as a Hat
                        • Black Cat/Familiar Leash
                        • Riding Manta Ray
                        It's 2019! Bring back the Nyan Cat Hat!!!


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                          GrowID: Supermarine
                          World Name: whataboutthis
                          wish list: Next Month's IOTM or pet raccoon or 2.6k chandelier seeds

                          Bless you



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                            GrowID : Dekimaros
                            World : DEKIMAROS

                            Wishing for a..
                            Chaos Cursed Wand, if not then a Chicken Plow

                            OR POSSIBLY.. A Death Scarf?
                            IGN : Dekimaros

                            The Great Hobo.


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                              My list!

                              Growid: BillyBobsGt

                              World: SmellyFarms

                              Before I even say anything, thank you for doing this!

                              My wish would be a Magic Reindeer Bell, because it looks cool!
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                              Dream Item: Happiness
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                                GrowID: sSpark
                                World: TOUCHZERO

                                Wishlist: Slippery Chemical Coat