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Edmush's Christmas Giveaway! (1DEC to 31DEC)

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  • Edmush's Christmas Giveaway! (1DEC to 31DEC)

    Hello everyone!

    It's Christmas! A festive season where everyone exchange gifts and most importantly have fun!
    Okay! Speaking of giveaways, I'll be giving one of you lucky person a gift each day from 1st December to 31st December!

    Please make sure it's NOT expensive & unreasonably hard to get items, and something that you really want it etc; clothes, pets, blocks, wings.

    I'll be looking forward to your wish list

    Your GrowID:
    World Name:

    1DEC: Footballape - Nightking's Cape - Dark Purple

    2DEC: Anatomic - Tyr's Spear

    3DEC: SombodiYT - Devil Wings

    4DEC: Kyan7 - Medical Scarf (Happy belated birthday, Kyan7!)

    5DEC: XiolenceHD - Bubble Wings

    6DEC: Viju the noob - Leafboard

    7DEC: Jicin - Cosmic Cape

    8DEC: Mistrella - Raccoon Leash

    9DEC: beefwhale - Prismatic Aura

    10DEC: skullition - Diamond Horns

    11DEC: Draluxes - 2 Smoog the Great Dragon

    12DEC: blackopium - Monarch Butterfly Wings

    13DEC: Senke - Spectral Mantle

    14DEC: CandleJack - 2 Crystal Gates

    15DEC: xWeird - The Gungnir

    16DEC: Bundestag - Huginn and Munnin - Odin Ravens

    17DEC: vOony - Weather Machine - Balloon Warz

    18DEC: Stuhpid - Red, Grey & Black Silk Tie

    19DEC: snoopysneepy - Geiger Charger

    20DEC: ItzEaglet - Eagle Spirit

    21DEC: SilentRebel - Weather Machine Background

    22DEC: R4Z - Ghostking's Glory

    23DEC: sinecosine - Long Surfer Hair

    24DEC: NotCosmicX - Super Squirt Gun Jetpack Pants.

    25DEC: SEAF - Medical Scarf

    26DEC: kelekuloo - Squirrel Tail

    27DEC: Artling - Freeze Wand

    28DEC: StarDust1998 - Ice Dragon Hand

    29DEC: Glykos - Bubble Wings

    30DEC: Morianna - Harvester of Sorrows

    31DEC: dudepom - Cosmic Cape

    Giveaway ended!
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    Your GrowID: Tzuyu
    World Name: INK

    cloak of hoveration/ pet racoon/ pet panda or purple cool stuff

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      Name: RimuWu
      World: Rimuoi
      Spirit pendant blue
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      Try out mynvm

      good song


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        ign: R4Z
        world: R4Z

        A ghostking glory would be nice.

        but if possible, horn of infinity would make me really happy.
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        IGN: R4Z

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        • #5
          IGN : xWeird
          world : WEIRDUMP

          Wishlist? well, YOUR sponsored item. THE GUNGNIR!

          also if you could.. send the gift on 16 dec? my bday is on 16 dec so yeah
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          • #6
            IGN: Pokekid123
            World: Iseevending
            Wish list: Vampire Cape, if you can’t find one then raven wings... Heheh
            GrowID: PokeNotPoke
            Instagram: @pokenotpoke


            • #7
              Ign: jyhnxx
              World: hikadirt
              Davinci wings or anemone



              • #8
                World: 170B
                Growid: footballape
                Wishlist: nightking cape (any colour) / scimitar ( any color)
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                Instagram: Footballape gt
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                • #9
                  In Game Name : Artlos
                  World name : USEDTODROP

                  A doodad would be good, I want to make 1 legen seed. But I want a Snow Husky Sledge so I can surprise someone.
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                  Ign/GrowID: Artlos
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                    In Game Name: PaddyOMalice
                    World: BUYSTEM

                    Purple Items are my thing
                    Building Blocks Machine Shop (BBM) at PADDYOMALICE
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                      GrowID: Kyan7
                      World: KYAN
                      DEC3 (MY BIRTHDAY!!!):
                      i would love the ice skates of winter because it is great in parkour which i love

                      Next one my list is a medical scarf because its a doctor who reference and i love doctor who

                      Then going doing in wls, big bad blue hoodie or the purple one

                      Lastly i dont know the price of this but a panda leash or gingerbread man leash, they both look super cute and would love either one of them

                      You are not obliged to choose any of these, its just what i want and you can pick something else if too costly
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                      • #12
                        In Game Name: ProdigyDawn
                        World: ProdigyDawn

                        Nightkings Cape the black one or builder locks 😁
                        GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                        IG: @prodigydawn


                        • #13
                          ID: cFlame
                          World: CFLAMEHQ
                          List: Semi-expensive weathers, you decide which. I already have 2 backgrounds and a stuff, don't need more of them
                          Alternatively, multiple lower cost weathers would be nice too (not sunny tho, obviously)
                          I might be back.


                          • #14

                            IGN: DylanRider
                            World: VLRA
                            Hi! I would really like a tyr's spear or a crystal cape, maybe even a mjolnir if u want. I like blue items hehe. Ty!
                            ign: DylanRider
                            discord: Squishie#9329
                            some random stuff at VLRA!


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                              Your GrowID: Punchas
                              World Name: PUNCHASGT

                              Red or Purple Laser scimitar would be pretty cool. Don't really know the expenditure ratio of yours, hopefully it's not that expensive.
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