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The 25 Days of Winterfest [Previous Entries]

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  • What i want most this:

    What I'm dying for this Christmas is my Kermit the frog painting that ive been dying to get for about 2 years now...

    World: 3llsf

    Tediore is a good company change my mind.


    • My IRL christmas gift?


      I really hope that my laptop will be repaired soon, or I will be in trouble in school… I also want Nintendo Switch, because with that I can play and I don't need computer for that. So, now let's just be cool!

      [BONUS] Give gift cards to places you know they like. I know, it is sometimes pretty boring, but that way they can use it how they want. (normal money is boring, gift gards are better)

      psst… my world is MRJ0KE, as my nickname in here and in-game.
      I really don't know what this is


      • Maybe?

        An UNBREAKABLE Controller!

        Umm My World Is : RUNVPROFIT
        IGN : GrackMaw

        Level : 42

        Goals : Getting Thingamabob


        • Guitar. It would be awesome.

          World: PUNCHASGT
          Good leadership is a key to success and success is key to good leadership.

          IGN: Punchas
          LEVEL: 73
          YT: Puchy
          Instagram: puchy_gg
          Discord: Puchas#0986


          • Honestly, I would want to spend more time with my family and actually achieve happiness. In game or irl.

            Hey, heres a cool gift idea: a hug from your crush

            World: Glykos
            (If I win, im hugging my crush)
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            • I would love the new airpods, they look awesome!

              My world is DEF1B! Hope I win!
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              Hi! My name is basically CrazyManiac...
              Lovely to meet everyone!


              • A piano. Listening to piano is really nice but if I could learn and play a piano myself that would be a lot better. It releases stress too.

                World: COLDB
                IGN: ColdB
                Follow me on instagram! @coldb_gt



                • I’ve been asking for more RAM for a while now, but there isn’t much in particular I want.

                  My world is ROVIE
                  IGN: Rovie
                  Discord: rovvvie#4588


                  • I would want a new phone or a new gaming mouse

                    IGN: Porings
                    World: GROWCCTV
                    IGN is Porings

                    "You can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you cling to it, it's already gone." ~Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

                    Come Join Secret Santa 2019!


                    • A cool gift idea: try to make a colleague of pics with said person, frame it and give it to them. I mean, it's personalized so they should be touched.

                      Also, I don't really get Christmas presents on Christmas so I had to think of this for a while... But I'd like another Nintendo switch game. I only have BoTW (good game!).

                      World: STASH2
                      IGN: ElectroDream (now suspended)
                      Discord: Dreamy#2149
                      IG: @electrodreamy / @edr.eamy
                      WOTD count: 25


                      • I don't really have anything I want. A new phone would be nice, but my old one works well. I really just want some chocolate and a holiday.

                        World is KHF4 and GrowID Novello

                        Thanks so much! If I won I could afford another magplant and make a bfg with still some wls left.


                        • What I want fr christmas

                          All I want for Christmas is to be able to get a trip home and celebrate with family <3

                          world: cranystream
                          Banned and Unbanned for The Carnival Ban Glitch. U Be Soft Please Fix


                          • What I want

                            For this Christmas, I would love to receive some new beats headphones!

                            world: HAIRY


                            • Would be cool if i get a coffee machine, it's kinda useful, but i'm lazy to buy it by myself. Actually that's a good gift, i think.
                              I'm not creative so no ideas, sorry. ._.
                              World : JIFX
                              thank you if i win


                              • Probably a Model O, a really light mouse would be amazing. Hopefully I get one!

                                Or at the very least, maybe I win this giveaway?

                                IGN: Ryanx99
                                World: MFPX

                                Pray one of the alts doesnt win
                                Knowledge is power
                                Manners Maketh Man