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The 25 Days of Winterfest [Previous Entries]

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  • Bunnies, they are so cute and fluffy!

    World: GemBunnies
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    • World: UNDRAW

      A turtle! Cuz turtles are cute and they seem easy to handle. I like cute stuff hehe

      Edit: Oh yeah pandas would be amazing as well since they're cute and fluffy like a big bunny because bunnies are cute and fluffy too but you can feel better hugging pandas since they're bigger. Hehehe


      • Barn owls. They are an different kind of owl that is common in my country, that are very cute for me. It'd be an interesting animal to have.
        Otherwise, i'd get an Raccoon. The way they use their little hands is just...


        World: 4ALTZ
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        • Though a dog is certainly one of the best pets you could have, I truly think that turtles are a great pet. It seems weird, but they are super fun to watch and are typically pretty low maintenance.

          World; HAIRY


          • I'm just going to say it. A Koala. They are the fluffiest, sweetist things ever. (I should know I have one as a pet. And it's perfectly legal too so don't call police pls )

            world: NESWON
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            • a horse, because i can ride it around and flex on people


              • I want a pet squirrel or kangaroo because they are so enegetic and fun to play with!
                world: JonnyPlaysGT

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                • The Best Pet!

                  For me the best pet is a spider plant. Now most people may say that a Plant is not a pet and I would agree If you where talking about just any old plant. But a spider plant is not any old plant it comes with everything you could ever want in a pet.

                  Obviously the spider plant has some attributes that elevate it past most common pets like dogs, pigs or raccoons. First and foremost you only have to feed it with fertilizer once or twice a year and It only needs a drink once a month. When I fed my pet squirrel fertilizer once a year People said rude things to me like "you monster", "clean up that rotting mess" and "I find you guilty of animal cruelty". Now when I feed my pet spider plant once a year people say things like; "how lovely" and "caring for a plant can not be counted towards your community service hours" <3 The next best thing about the spider plant is that it can live forever! Most pets like my squirrel have a short lifespan of one week before they die clawing for food. This gives little time to enjoy the pets company. With the spider plant It can live forever and It can't run away so I no longer need the electric fencing around my house!

                  The reason for getting a animal pet is not for company or to have a little buddy, the reason for getting a pet is so you can witness a birth without having to pay child support for 18 years. This Is where the spider plant surpasses all other plants. While most plants have boring births from seeds, the spider plant has a fantastic birth! When it is ready it shoots out a leafy umbilical cord and then starts growing a replica of itself on the umbilical chord! When the child has reached a decent size simply cut the umbilical cord and the child can be planted anywhere!

                  A spider plant is the best pet,
                  for you do not need to take it to the vet (not that I took my other pets to the vets)

                  world; Cranystream
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                  • A monkey, it is a little more intelligent and is fun to play with!
                    He could make a really great friend!

                    World : LILCAPT
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                    • Originally posted by Anulot View Post
                      16 DAYS LEFT!



                      - One entry, per person, per day.
                      - No duplicate winners! (An exception will be made for the mega prize day, any previous winners are allowed to enter)
                      - Please be civil! Don't be angry at winners, you all have an equal chance
                      - Please don't talk too much in this thread, it makes it harder for me to choose a winner with RNG. Keep it to entries only. If you have any questions, please PM me instead! I can also be reached on Discord (Anulot#0001 only!)
                      - Be cool

                      At 10:00 PM EST, I will close this thread, move ALL of the daily entries to this thread, declare the next day's challenge, and declare the winner.

                      Good luck everybody!

                      TODAY'S CHALLENGE:

                      TODAY'S PRIZE

                      Previous Challenges:

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                      This contest doesn't have any affiliation with the GT event, I just needed a name
                      Ducks because they are so god damn cute! They could cheer anybody up, like look at this fella.

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                      • A pet that would be really cool would probably be a baby monkey. It could probably live in my backyard where I would train it to do some cool things and yeah. would be cute too :3
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                        • An Arowana then feed it mad until it gets massive. It's like the Feeding Frenzy game but irl.

                          World: CJACKHQ
                          IGN: CandleJack


                          • I would like to have an owl as a pet as i see them as sp mysterious and just watching other animals or people. Also, I would like tp learn more about them especially them being a nocturnal
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                            • Hamster.
                              Literally just give them food and something to play with for 2 years in a cage.
                              My name is PokeTrivia

                              or that guy who afk forever

                              I do cool stuff and hangs out with friend!
                              I won't let you down!


                              • Assuming it's tame and not violent, any large cat would be nice to have (aside from the clean up and food needed)
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