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The 25 Days of Winterfest [Previous Entries]

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  • Played new games on switch!

    Item: Draconic Rocket Parasol
    World: XANTACK


    • Watch movies with family together I love to watch Scary Movie 1-5 together cuz it really funny
      GrowID: dudepom
      World: dudepom
      Discord: dudepom#1916


      • Atleast sleeping the whole day without you family and friends shouting at yoy

        WORLD: M4K3U

        chimera or sorrows will do
        Originally posted by Yasuo
        Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


        • I recently had the time to spend some time with my best friend, which was the first after a long time and I really had fun

          World: GROWCCTV
          Item: I'm not really sure how much stuff are right now but if it's possible then a dreamcatcher staff, or ances of wisdom, or anything if the two are more than 300 wls each
          IGN is Porings

          "You can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you cling to it, it's already gone." ~Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

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          • Stressed.

            Been really stressed with all the works and whats going around on community I am forced to live (IRL)

            World : POKETRIVIASURG
            Item : Really want that crystal cape , idk why but ok.
            Last edited by PokeTrivia; 12-16-2019, 01:30 PM. Reason: Didnt forget world but items :/
            My name is PokeTrivia

            or that guy who afk forever

            I do cool stuff and hangs out with friend!
            I won't let you down!


            • Gaming and uhh.. "studying"...

              World: randomnes2
              Item: 300 WLs worth of stitches to feed my crippling surgery addiction.

              IGN: EpicGamer27
              Level: 78/125

              This site saves lives when it comes to trading. Check it out!


              • Watching buzzfeed unsolved!!
                World: NWSHGT


                • Watching anime and gaming.

                  World: L1Y5
                  Item: Flaming aura last I checked it was about 230wls, but if it rose then chimera wings!


                  • Well...

                    I was in a Heavy X-Mas concert. It was best! Also, I have read a book. It was good book.

                    Item? Well… Ehhh… Ancestrals? I don't know the prizes, but the one which is about 300 wl.

                    World: MRJ0KE
                    IGN: MRJ0KE
                    Last edited by MRJ0KE; 12-16-2019, 05:12 PM. Reason: Forgot the item, heh...
                    I really don't know what this is


                    • Nothing. Everything is boring now but might be interesting soon.

                      World: DARKHAMEST
                      IGN: SeedTopianGT
                      Write something...


                      • Haven't done a lot of things recently because I had exams, but I've watched some movies and went out with my friends

                        If I win I'd like a Fire wand + a Freeze wand (I think they are 120 wls each) and anything else would be okay I'd be happy with the wands hehe.

                        My Grow ID is LBForce, my world is XX3.

                        Real woof-woof king.
                        I own BUYUPGRADE
                        (Upgrade your ancestrals/starship for cheap there).


                        • Hmm, i did finish my physics exam like few days ago, and now i can enjoy my school holiday with my family and friends. It was fun having time with my friends/family.

                          Item i wished : mkii robotic wings

                          World : project4123
                          level = ???

                          i Still have goals beyond my goals

                          Have A Nice Day Guys


                          • I played way too much minecraft with the boys. No regrets

                            World: MFPX
                            Wishlist: Draconic Parasol, but if you can't do that maybe 100 ATMs?
                            Knowledge is power
                            Manners Maketh Man


                            • Talked with a precious friend again after a long time.

                              Deathmetal Radio (170 wls in buyradio), it's not a perma item, but oh well!

                              World: superip


                              • Fun stuff

                                I have recently joined an intramural soccer team to play on! It's super fun since I'm able to play on a team with some of my close friends.

                                Prize: Ancestral seed of life

                                World; HAIRY