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  • Building contest!

    Hey, everyone!

    I can't build myself, unfortunately, because building is not something I'm good at at all. So I'm hosting a building contest for my main world!

    There are several rules, though:

    1. The materials must be of 20 rarity and below, no non-rarity blocks. (Weather machines and jammers and such are an exception, obviously)

    2. Paint and Block Glue are allowed.

    3. You must include a list of every item you've used, gotta make sure you actually followed the first rule.

    4. You can build just about any theme you want, be creative!

    5. You have until September 25th to submit a world.

    6. Only one entry per player, please!

    7. If you wanna submit your world here on the forums, just include it in your reply to this thread. If you want to submit it on Instagram, make sure to use #lunatarycantbuild so I can see it easily.

    Only one world will be picked, and the prize is a whoppin' 350 World Locks.

    Go wild!
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    a guardian hosting a compet for his/her main world, sounds fun, might join in the fun. also this has a crap ton of restrictions can you do it rarity 30 and below instead?
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      Click image for larger version  Name:	guardian'sworld.png Views:	0 Size:	268.6 KB ID:	6899972

      The world's terrain is slightly copied from Fournos' world but i put my own twist on it so it does not look like it, pretty fun to do tbh having a lower rarity requirement makes you resourceful on what blocks you should place in the world, i could send you the file of this for IamIm's world planner if you wish to pick this design for the world to have a more clear view on what you should build. If you have discord of course. All of them are rarity 20 and below except the jammers just like you said, the world is simple overoll but if you wish to modify it then go for it.

      Blocks used:
      1 Antigravity Generator
      1 Big Lock
      5 bush
      3 daisy
      24 brown block
      83 green block
      699 deep sand
      1 diamond lock
      1 firehouse
      360 foliage
      1 ghost charm
      13 grass
      1 guardian
      181 monochromatic dirt
      1 punch jammer
      2 rose
      1 signal jammer
      195 space junk dirt
      2 starship cameras
      311 water bucket
      1 weather machine - comet
      1 zombie jammer
      113 cave background
      28 cliffside
      1620 ocean rock
      231 glue
      202 paint bucket - aqua
      880 paint bucket - blue
      37 paint bucket - charcoal
      111 paint bucket - green

      also planning on sending this to insta, if the world looks like another world. Its just coincidence, im planning on only looking at Fournos world for guideance and not any other world
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      IG: madmewmew_gt


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        Free bump
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        Good song


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          hello :>

          I made a space-themed main world, a little bit of concept art into it (with the chains n all that). I based it off Lunatary's set vibe (if that's a thing). Yeah the concept is very simple yet I made it very customizable, if ever.

          so yeah I made use of perspective and lighting.
          I made an earth, a moon, and Lunatary being ejected off of Among U- i mean being chill outer space.

          Had fun making this planner render :>

          Click image for larger version  Name:	lunatareee.png Views:	0 Size:	118.3 KB ID:	6909295
          List of Blocks that I used:

          Black Block
          Cave Dirt
          Crystal Spikes
          Dark Grey Block
          Death Spikes
          Deep Sea Sand
          Glass Block
          Grey Block
          Jade Spikes
          Monochromatic Dirt
          Pastel Aqua Block
          Pastel Yellow Block
          Air Duct
          Gilded Frame
          Glass Pane

          thanks ! hoping for positive views on this ~ :>
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            Hi! Im Luxinia presenting you my plan!

            This plan serves as my practice in building.While making this plan, my ideas pops up more deeper and gives me the ability to make more creative builds.

            Now to the theme. The theme is Autumn since it is Autumn season. Making this plan is fun and enjoying since im new in building, im trying my best to make creative plans and worlds.

            Hope you like it!

            Blocks Used:
            Aqua crystal
            Cave column
            Cave dirt
            Dark yellow block
            Dwarven column
            Hanging thread
            Happy flower grass
            Heartcastle stone
            House Entrance
            Lava lamp
            Mission block
            Pastel orange block
            Purple crystal
            Red bricks
            Stone wall
            Super crate box
            Tangram block I
            Texas limestone
            Wooden chair
            Wooden platform
            Wooden table
            Autumn viney wallpaper
            Brick background
            Lattice background
            Painting: dink dunk
            Pastel orange wallpaper
            Rock background
            Space junk background
            Weeping willow branch
            Wooden window
            Paints: Blue black purple red yellow​​​​​​​
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Lunatary contest.png
Views:	178
Size:	360.3 KB
ID:	6909337


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              Wow autumn themed world

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            wow i wish i was can build liek dat
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              ik this ended already but jeez those rules are srict

              how are you supposed to build something that looks good with only less than rarity 20 blocks and no non rarity blocks

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                Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
                ik this ended already but jeez those rules are srict

                how are you supposed to build something that looks good with only less than rarity 20 blocks and no non rarity blocks
                I'd say that lowering the rarity makes builders more resourceful on what blocks they should pick and also ensuring a quality build. pretty unique rule tho if i say so myself because some Non-rarity items + rarity 20+ blocks are cheap
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                • Jedaki
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                  i know but its very limiting when you're only capable of using low rarity/ssp blocks

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                bump to remind lunatary
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                  Click image for larger version  Name:	tenor.gif?itemid=15161246.gif Views:	0 Size:	51.4 KB ID:	6914792

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