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    Grow ID : JokerTB
    World : JOKERTB <(new name, used change of address)

    World description : Jacky was spawn in a cave
    He have to pass through the parkour in the cave as he want to get out of this places
    after getting out from the cave, Jacky got chased by invisible Jack-O-Lantern and Ghosts.
    In the end, he found out that it was a nightmare.

    This world has :
    -P jammer
    -Z jammer
    -weather machine - night
    -some adventure items
    -pineapple guardian
    -pixel of ghosts and jack-o-lantern
    -medium parkour
    -small race
    -ghost charm
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    Will the winners world be featured in any way for any type of event or do you just make it and then it just sits there empty if no one shows up?


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      Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
      suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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        Omg eagleee joining

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      And why is everyone saying reserved?


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        Some people want post their world on the front page. They will edit his/her post later when the world is done

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      GrowID: Marshmarrow

      World Story: You are an agent sent out to retrieve 2 ancient catalyst being used to summon the eldritch horror hiding from the far depths of hell. Everyone in this town have gone down insanity, even worshipping the monster they summoned. Do you have what it takes to stop this abomination from wrecking havoc in the overworld? Are you committed and willing to risk your life? Take the test and find out.

      This world has:
      Engaging story
      Near-complete jammers
      Repulsive monster
      Brain-trembling puzzles
      Time-limited parkour
      An original town design
      Helicopter concept design

      Click image for larger version  Name:	tribalsacrifice.png Views:	0 Size:	712.7 KB ID:	6944235
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        GrowID : VerdantGate

        This world inspired from a legendary Indonesian spirit or goddess
        World Story :
        Nyi Roro Kidul, is a legendary Indonesian spirit or goddess who is very popular among the people of Java and Bali.
        Nyi Roro Kidul was originally a daughter of the Sunda Kingdom who was expelled by her father because of her stepmother. Nyi Roro Kidul's position as Ratu-Lelembut of the land of Java is a popular motif in folklore and mythology, as well as being associated with the beauty of Sundanese princesses. People can read the full story by entering the password door

        World Features :
        - Punch Jammer
        - Zombie Jammer
        - Ghost Charm
        - Xenonite Crystal with Long Punch Blocked & Long Build Blocked to make it harder to take the adventure items
        - Undersea Blast
        - Adventure Items
        - Gateway To Adventure
        - Fossilized Spirit Block
        - Credits board in the near of password door
        - People can access the story only by using the password door

        World Renders :
        Attached Files
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        ​​Ign : Dr. VerdantGate


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          World: EERIEVILLAGE
          GrowID: SnowBlizter

          About the world:
          It's trick or treat concept, wherein the game block represents a treat. Players who collect the most treats (game blocks) will triumph in the game! Be careful though, dying makes you lose a point! And lastly, the world is playable by everyone!

          PZ Jammers
          Xenonite Crystal
          Pineapple Guardian
          Ghost Charm
          Game-style world
          Weather Machine Heatwave
          New Halloween items!

          Render: (Some blocks don't show on the render)
          Click image for larger version  Name:	eerievillage.png Views:	0 Size:	1.07 MB ID:	6934608
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            TWISTEDFORESTS by NotBiov
            IGN: NotBiov
            World: TwistedForests


            Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived in the mine name “George”. George’s family doesn’t like being bother by his neighbor or celebrating any events with his neighbors too. George always enjoy his days with his family at his free time and he got a job as a miner so that why he built a house in the mine, that he could just live with his family without anyone bothering him. But one day on October 31th, something strange started happening to George while he was mining in the tunnel for hours in the evening. He saw a big giant creature come out from the darkness in the mine, so he ran out of the mine and went back to his house and searching for that creature name in his book that had been left over from his ancestors. And after a while, he saw the creature named “GROWGANOTH”...

            World Contains:
            -P and Z jammers
            -Spooky Weather Machine
            -Mini Mod
            -Ghost Charm
            -Xenonite Crystal
            -Adventure items
            -Growganoth Story
            -Growganoth Guide
            -Halloween theme
            -Credit Board
            -Story Board
            -Growganoth Story
            -Medium Parkour
            Attached Files


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              THEHALLOWEENHAUNTING by Kitty
              IGN: Kitty

              Story: You are a detective and you must solve the mystery of a murder on Halloween night while haunting and spooky events are occuring. Follow the adventure of the detective and find out who commited the murder!

              world contains:
              Ghost charms
              Cool mechanics such as Adventure gates and Cybots, makes it enjoyable
              A very cool storyline which keeps the user engaged
              Interactive story
              Xenoite crystal

              Attached Files
              Love the life you live and live the life you love

              GrowID || Kitty


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                World: JUNKYARDNIGHTMARE
                Growid: dreamwastaken


                You were tired of the city life and put up quite an amount of extra weight, so you asked your buddy John who works in the construction business for a referral to his boss. He is able to help You land a role as a Crane operator, something you didn’t really wish to do, but you take it anyways. Maybe the climbing up and down from the machine will help you lose some pounds...

                All this happened in a matter of hours, that you began to realize how you landed the role so easily even without the slightest background in the manual labor area. And talk about the pay, it is almost twice as much as what they gave you while you worked in fast food as a cook. It is your task to find out what goes on behind this business that makes it seem to good to be true....

                World has:

                -Basic jammers
                -Ghost charm
                - Startopia 2.0 blocks with an appropriate weather machine
                -Chilling short storyline
                -Parkour with the use of Adventure items (Wings are not required)
                -Time limit
                -Credits board

                (Render for these blocks are broken btw <3)

                *pic under render was taken by the help of a Mod.
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                  I guess the mod was Sabaei.

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                  Marten It litteraly says "@Misthios" which has barely been blurred out bro, with a massive (GE) beside it 😂

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                Created IGN: Creano

                Story Info:
                Growtopia's Biggest Jammed Packed Haunted House!! Discover the deep dark secrets of Growganoth's Mansion. This night brings terror and a big scare. Make sure you bring a friend, and hope to make it through alive!! Yikes. The night is long and cursed monsters come alive! Enter if you dare...

                World Features:
                - Unique Parkour Strategies
                - Mandatory Jammers (Anti punch, zombie, fires)
                - Adventure Items Mechanics
                - Howler/Trickers
                - Cracked Stone Slab/Gravity Well Mechanics
                - Steam Puzzle
                - Cybots
                - Sungate/Obelisk Mechanic
                - Winners/VIP Room
                - Immersive Adventure Map (Darkness Background)
                - Halloween Theme Items
                - Detailed Halloween Pixel Art

                World Render:
                Click image for larger version  Name:	nightofscare.png Views:	0 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	6937745

                Gameplay Time: 30Mins+
                Last edited by Creator; 10-30-2020, 07:37 AM.

                IGN: Creano
                Level: 101
                YouTube Channel: iCreatorGT
                Discord: iCreator#8781
                Veteran Player since Growtopia Beta 2013
                I SEE YOU


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	submit 1.png
Views:	320
Size:	923.4 KB
ID:	6937681


                  GrowID : Kkotnim


                  Many rumors about a child suffering from insomnia.
                  insomnia is a disease where a person has difficulty sleeping at night,and the causes are many,
                  one of which is (excessive fear of something).
                  even many medical experts who reveal that if, those who suffer from this disease can sleep soundly at least once in their life,
                  they have great potential in developing Down syndrome which can make sufferers fall asleep for a long time.

                  This World Has :

                  - Full jammer.
                  - Interesting and memorable storyline.
                  - Xenonite Crystal.
                  - Maze.
                  - Parkours.
                  - Puzzles.


                  - This world continues with 2 other worlds.
                  - This world was made for all growtopians to have fun with this game.


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                    Nominating THEDARKCONTINENT for Halloween Building Contest

                    GrowID: mewaa
                    World: THEDARKCONTINENT

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	thedarkcon.png
Views:	332
Size:	592.0 KB
ID:	6937709

                    Biggest special thanks to Feodebius (krtprml)


                    You open your eyes, realizing that this is not your place, not the place that you are supposed to be. You can barely see yourself amidst the all-consuming darkness.

                    You are frustrated and confused about where you are and what’s happening. Your mind is completely blank, yet you cannot recall entering this place on your own accord.

                    The place is called The Dark Continent, the realm of darkness, devoid of anything you’re familiar with. Your task is getting out of this place, face the obstacles, overcome it, solve the riddles, and eventually, be free.

                    World Features:

                    -Basic Jammers (Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammers)
                    -Ghost Charm
                    -Weather Machine - Background (The Darkness as a background)
                    -Guardian Pineapple
                    -Some Parkour (intermediate) and riddles!
                    IGN: mewaa
                    i like anime yes

                    Try out my parkour in FINORZA

                    good song


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                      Here is my entry for the contest.

                      GrowID: Junious
                      World: SpiritsRealmClick image for larger version  Name:	spiritsrealm-2.png Views:	0 Size:	895.5 KB ID:	6937763
                      Some people believe the dead will live in another world. Could this be the place where the spirits lived? Only you can figure it out. You are a kid who is always afraid of ghost, just woke up in a mysterious world where spirits are living. After a journey of exploration, you woke up from your bed and realized that it was just a dream. But could the dream be true? No one knows...

                      World Has:
                      - Connected World
                      - Normal Parkour
                      - Adventure Items
                      - Interesting Storyline
                      - Creditory Board
                      - Simple Riddles
                      - Facts
                      - Halloween themed
                      - End Area
                      ​​​​​​Happy Halloween 🎃
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                      GrowID : JunHongYT
                      Instagram : @jun_hong_gt
                      Youtube : Jun Hong


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                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN GROWTOPIANS!

                        World name: THELASTREDDOOR
                        Grow ID : JANOBARKER

                        It's 2 am in the middle of halloween night, you're sitting in the living room watching the news about the serial killer that ran from the prison. Suddenly you heard strange sound from the outside, you think it's just a cat, you continue watching but then you heard again that strange sound. Now it's sound like someone trying to open your main door. You brace yourself to take a peek from the window. You see a big guy with a black hoodie and wearing a hockey mask force to open your door! You scared- You panic! and "BAAAAM" the door is open! You're trying to think fast, where should you hide?! This is the beginning of your adventure, your next decision will determine your life.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	thelastreddoor.png Views:	0 Size:	742.9 KB ID:	6938011ABOUT THE WORLD :
                        - This world story was inspired from so many thriller movie I watched.
                        - This world have a story line that the ending is depends on your choice. So many door's so many ending's
                        - This world have a various kind of parkour (Easy & medium) like labyrinth game, portal game and others , you need wing and parasol to finish it
                        - This world contains P&Z Jammer, ghost charm and firehouse
                        - This world have a big pixel art , that detail from the pixel art is a room with so many different activities
                        - Safe VIP room & RIP VIP Room
                        - Two hidden spot to explore the world
                        - Four spectator room to see how's your friends finish the story
                        - Last is this world have a guide to "How protect yourself when your alone at home and someone try to force inside your house"