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  • Secret Santa 2020

    The Grinch Relief project has begun!
    If you feel you have been grinched, please fill out this NEW survey!
    (click the text, it's a link!)

    HEY GROWTOPIANS!! The holiday season is rolling around, and y'all know what that means. For the 7th Consecutive Year... In Aquarious' stead... I bring you.. With much copy pasting and editing....


    What is a Secret Santa?

    For the best experience, here's the rules!


    The Holidays are NOT about receiving, they are about giving!
    Don't be a Greedy Grinch and expect to rake in the presents when giving none in return!
    Also, don't be unfair and give someone dirt seeds and cargo shorts! (unless they asked for it) Be nice, at least give them something that you'd be HONESTLY happy with.


    It has the word SECRET in it for a reason- but it's only a secret for so long!
    When you drop off the gift you're SUPPOSED to reveal it was you!
    A lot of people seem to be confused by this past years too... you only keep it a secret until the very end, then you tell them it was you!!


    This is the one thing that made me stressed every year. It's when I go to message someone or I message them and they never respond- thus some people do not get a gift. So this year, I will host a purge. If I find that you have not been active at the time of when I go to message you, I'll kick you out and reassign your Santa. Sorry, but this is the only way I can ensure everyone gets a gift!


    In past years' events, we've discouraged asking for anything expensive. This is still a good guideline.
    If you want to be generous and give your target something expensive, go ahead! But PLEASE don't demand something very expensive. Players are all from different wealth ranges, so we can not all afford very pricey things. I also HIGHLY suggest you write down multiple items that you want, so the person who is gifting you isn't pressured if they can't get you your only requested item. If you do request something expensive, be sure to add less expensive backups, and do not be disappointed if you don't find a Rayman's Fist in your stocking this year.

    This event is about GIVING, not RECEIVING. Always strive to give better than you expect to get!

    5. You must provide ME evidence of your gift delivery, or you will be counted as a Grinch!
    This is a problem every year, but last year we added this rule and got surprisingly good results. Take a screenshot or video of your gift delivery, and submit it to me via THIS FORM ( If you do not provide this, you will be noted as a GRINCH!

    If you don't provide me proof, you will be forever deemed as a Grinch. Moreover, you will not be eligible for receiving an Emergency Grinch Relief gifts.

    Everyone that complies with this rule will be put into a hat and 5 random names will be drawn, they will receive a little extra gift on New Years. So get your gifts delivered before then or you won't be eligible!

    So, how will this work?

    Simply post on this thread that you're interested in participating and fill out the application(below). I will put a list of names in a spoiler and add names until December 11th. EDIT: Final preparations have begun, sign up fast if you want to still be included! Once I start sending out assignments, you'll be too late!
    Everyone will be given a number, that number will be put in a random number generator. You will be assigned someone to gift randomly from the generator!
    Once I tell you who you've been assigned, find your partner's application (a link will be provided for each person's post) and give them their gift on December 21st. If you are not able to give a gift that day, give it earlier please. All participants should have a Donation Box area listed in case you can not catch them online.

    If you become unable to participate, please PM me as soon as possible!

    So, hopefully by this very lengthy explanation- you understand!
    Let's make this year's Secret Santa rock!

    Member List

    LAST YEAR...
    We had 127 participants.... can we get even more?!

    DAY APPLICATIONS CLOSE: DEC 11th (give or take a day or so)

    Sample application for copypaste convenience:

    Gift drop off world MUST have a donation box or display box to allow a gift to be deposited safely if you can not be found by your Santa!

    End note: Please review the not-so-new activity requirements. Inactive users will be removed after December 13th, before assignments are sent out. Also review the requirements of providing evidence of gifting. This evidence will not be made public and you will not be judged on what you give, it is for my own internal verification that you actually fully participated in the event.

    And please, PLEASE, keep the spirit of the season in mind. Be happy with what you gave, not upset about what you got (or didn't get).

    Oh, and forgive my signature. I can't edit it, just endless errors. Edit: If you complain enough, eventually stuff just works. 2019 banner removed!
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    In Game Name: Kreeky
    World for gift drop off: Kreekygt
    Alternate Contact: Ig: Kreeky_plays
    Interests In Game: building and friends
    Wishlist: Something Memorable surprise me

    This is my first secret Santa I will join. I'm here for the experience 😸. Meow meow
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    • Rimuoi
      Rimuoi commented
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      Omg Kreeky is cat exposed nyan

    • A3GTs
      A3GTs commented
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      Wait, you are Kreeky? Hola, we once are in the same guild XD

    • ForumeRei
      ForumeRei commented
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      Hello A3GT i remember you as well as the other two agts

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    In game Name: Noobified
    World for gift dropoff: POWFARTSV2
    Alternate Contact: look at my signature (DISCORD: Noobified#7916, Instagram: @noobifiedgt)
    In Game: making sets and messing with clothing
    Wishlist: any hand item?
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    ign: Noobified
    Discord: Noobified#7916

    Beta Guild Elder

    current active world: powfarts


    • #4
      IGN: Cloverlord
      World: CLOVERLORD
      Contact: Discord Cloverleaf #0258, Instagram @cloverlordgt
      Interests: Building worlds, making profits
      Wishlist: Awkward Friendly Unicorn/Tackle Box/Surgery Tool Bag/Vending Machines. If you're feeling super awesome, I'd LOVE a Shamrock Wing! But of course, I will be happy with anything you get me.

      Happy Holidays!
      IGN: Cloverlord
      Current level: 115
      Discord: Cloverleaf#0258
      Instagram: @cloverlordgt
      My shop world: LIQUIDMARKET.


      • #5
        In game Name: Manav
        World for gift dropoff: ARUNC
        Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc: insta:, discord: Manav#2845
        Interests In Game: Farming and building
        Wishlist: Anything really, surprise me.
        IGN: Manav

        “The wonderful thing is that it’s so incredibly easy to be kind.” - Ingrid Newkirk


        • #6
          IGN: Zytran
          World for gift dropoff: ZYTRAN
          Alternate Contacts:
          *Instagram: @Zytran_GT
          *Discord: Zytran#2459
          Interests: Creating worlds, socializing, pranking and making demonic sets
          Wishlist: Anything demonic 😈 (preferrably black/red)

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          A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

          IGN: Zytran
          World: ZYTRAN
          Instagram: @zytran_gt


          • #7
            In game Name: KyanSs
            World for gift dropoff: KYAN
            Alternate Contact: Discord is- The Big Drama Llama #7022
            Instagram is-
            Interests In Game: talking to friends, racing (around kyderby times), parkour sometimes
            Wishlist: if you can afford it, Ice Skates Of Winter, scythe of the underworld OR flaming horsie
            if you cant afford those, then a leafboard or something that you think is a good gift (dont be a grinch)
            if you cant afford anything and entered secret santa for a gift, just to give the person you got something bad, then sUrpRiSe Me i guess
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            “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
            — The Doctor
            “I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
            ― Ross Lynch


            • HartAmara
              HartAmara commented
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              Awkward friendly unicorn is 20wls each.

            • ItsKyan
              ItsKyan commented
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              From what i remember it was 12 wls so im gonna change that (fyi if the person is going to enter secret santa, i think they should at least have some wls)

            • Crunchyy
              Crunchyy commented
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              Imagine thinking akward is not cheap lol

          • #8
            In game Name: Jyhnxx
            World for gift dropoff: GOLA
            Alternate Contact: Jedaki#7139 (Discord.. obv), @jyhnxx (Instagram)
            Interests In Game: afking
            Wishlist: can of beans pls i havent eaten in 2 weeks

            first secret santa was banned last year so couldnt join :c



            • #9
              In game Name: CursedYugi
              World for gift dropoff: YGI
              Alternate Contact: Discord: CursedYugi#3185 Instagram: cursedyugi_gt
              Interests In Game: Talking with friends and farming
              Wishlist: anything is fine
              This is my first secret Santa so kinda cool. Happy holidays!
              IGN: CursedYugi


              • #10
                Ign: (dont contact me... pls) Changed name back to Swordtail (I try my best not to be seen)
                Nearby Contacts: I'd rather not
                World Gift for a drop off: Jademountain
                Interests in game: Being able to talk to someone, really anyone, (il even talk to my own pets) scared of betrayal in game, and of course helping friends with really anything.
                Wishlist: The blue trident (not the 200dl one) or a spirit guide. Im willing to spend up to 75 wls on someones present just really dont make it tooo expensive. First event I've sort of participated in the forums.

                Regards from le cat.Thank you guys so much for my first year in the forums!
                Last edited by Swordtail; 12-14-2020, 08:59 PM.
                Was Animus before Changed name is Swordtail
                World: I have no idea
                You probably won't find me online but If you do please say hi! Would be nice to see forums IG


                • Cloverlord
                  Cloverlord commented
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                  This is fine. Please send either BlueDwarf or myself a private message containing the account name. This will only be used to message you to remind you to deliver the gift, or other Secret Santa things.

                  I am a co-admin of this event, so your information is safe with me.

                  Please be sure to fill out the questions above as well - it may be helpful to whoever gets you!

              • #11
                Thank you so much again for all of the hard work ! Good luck this year!
                catch me around on discord or instagram


                • Crunchyy
                  Crunchyy commented
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                  Mind if i ask why he always mentions you (even if its copypasted)? Were you the first host?

                • Aquarious
                  Aquarious commented
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                  Crunchyy Yep, I hosted the event from 2014 - 2016.

                • Crunchyy
                  Crunchyy commented
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                  Makes alot of sense. Thanks!

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                In game Name: ItzEaglet
                World for gift dropoff: avi22 or wheatstores
                Alternate Contact: egglet#1435 // @hey_eaglet
                Interests In Game: parkour and wandering around worlds
                Wishlist: (One of these will do fine)
                -Balrog's Tail
                -Death's Scarf
                -UT if you feel particularly nice :>

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                Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
                suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


                • Sayiongod
                  Sayiongod commented
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                  greedy mofo

                • Crunchyy
                  Crunchyy commented
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                  Bruh am getting a grinch this christmas arent i?
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                • Stardust1998
                  Stardust1998 commented
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                  lol. rip crunch. We can be in the same boat together

              • #13
                In game Name: UkyoKuonji
                World for gift dropoff: P0YP
                Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc - Unavailable (Inactive)
                Interests In Game: Socializing
                I currently need UT right now... But If you cant afford it at least some Vending Machine (i lowkey need around 20-30 vend...).... Well if you cant afford my 1st or 2nd wishlist *cries* then idk what to say.


                • #14
                  IGN: Haphazardly
                  World where you can drop gift: ARO0
                  Alt. Contacts: Discord (omgcheckmate#9473), Instagram (haphmain)
                  Interests: Farming, Massing, Surgery, Geiger Hunting (side), Parkouring (side)
                  Wishlist (One of these items is fine):
                  -Zombie Horse
                  -Ultra Sportsball Bat
                  -Chip and Dip
                  -Bongo Drum

                  ​​​​​​My first secret Santa WOAHHH
                  Last edited by GODAPOLLYON; 12-20-2020, 02:19 AM. Reason: forgot to add my ig account name lol
                  IGN: Haphazardly (previously GodApollyon)
                  I love reading, and I love myself

                  Click me:


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                    In game Name: RimUwU
                    World for gift dropoff: Rimuoi
                    Alternate Contact: Discord:
                    Rimmy#0787 but I'd change name so I prefer ig Rimuoi._
                    Interests In Game:
                    Warping my friend, Doing Parkour if I'm bored.
                    Ice skate of winter dis nice for cheating on slime/ice or if you can't afford it any yellow/green item pls don't be Grinch
                    IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

                    Try out mynvm

                    good song