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  • Originally posted by BlueDwarf View Post
    Today is the day to give your gifts everyone!

    If you have not received anything, don't fret. Give it a couple days for late gifts to arrive before making any complaints. The official Secret Grinch thread will be opening later on today where you will be able to inquire about your missing or perhaps rather ungenerous Santas. We'll make sure everyone gets something.
    I deliver the gift yesterday
    also, receive the gift today. Thank you JonVince2 for the green aura it was my dream item back then
    My name is A Two G-T-S. Yes its my name.
    Playing this since Dec 2018, but now i'm busy on study but still playing this game tho


    • Received and gave my gift.


      "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."


      • I forgot to mention my Santa name.. Thanks a lotLinCie !! It was really a huge surprise​​​​​ that I received more than I wanted! I really appreciated your gifts!

        Also Viju hope that you like my gifts.

        Merry Christmas (once again) everyone


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      • It's gift giving time! But if you don't receive your gift today, please do not worry! Lots of Santa's choose to wait until Christmas Day to deliver gifts. If by December 26th you still haven't gotten your gift, please let us know so that we can help sort out the issue.

        Also - be sure to fill out this form and supply proof that you did in fact, deliver your gift. This is a very helpful tool when figuring out who may be a Grinch, and therefore helpful in getting you your gifts as well. LINK HERE.
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        • Received my gift from CursedYugi, really like your gifts! Now I can cheat on Clashparkour tysm.
          IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

          Try out mynvm

          good song


          • I'm glad that the Anti-Grinch form exists, it helps us identify the ungenerous people among us and ensures that everyone gets gifts; however, it is flawed, here are the reasons:

            1. We were asked to fill it out immediately after giving our gifts, this isn't an ideal time to fill the form because there were questions that required time in order to be answered, questions such as: "Did you receive your gift?" or "Please rate the event", those two cannot always be answered after giving the gifts because there is a chance that the Santa did not receive their own gifts due to timezones, there'll be a lot of: "I did not receive my gift!" which is misleading. Of course, an ideal time to answer the poll would be on the 22nd.

            2. Evidence; I'm pretty sure a lot of people weren't informed that evidence was required. the poll surprised them with that question and they had no idea what to do, it's possible that they closed the game before heading to the poll and their donation messages in the logs were lost. I personally checked the poll beforehand just in case there's something I need to know (Of course, most people would open the form after giving their gifts, which is why they wouldn't know), so I did ctrl+S to take a screenshot and send it, but apparently, ctrl+S gives you a black screen instead of a screenshot (on PC), and the evidence was lost forever.

            Anyhow, happy holidays!
            Discord: Chemmie #7714


            • UkyoKuonji
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              For the first one. I'm pretty sure that you can edit your response.

              For the second one. Your target can help you confirm your gifts even if you didn't managed to be able to take screenshots from it.

              Well might be flawed I agree but at least it has better improvement of Anti Grinch than before..

          • Thanks for the gifts RealBestzman you gave me 2 present and i like em both

            ​​​​​​Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone 🎉🎉🎉


            • So far haven't received my gift
              IGN: HaxFrNubz

              Originally posted by UBIDEV
              I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......


              • Originally posted by TheDestroyer85 View Post
                So far haven't received my gift
                tank for ze beans



                • Originally posted by Rimuoi View Post
                  Received my gift from CursedYugi, really like your gifts! Now I can cheat on Clashparkour tysm.
                  Glad you received & enjoyed the gifts! still waiting on mine tho hehe.

                  IGN: CursedYugi


                  • thanks to my secret santa for the gift
                    Write something...


                    • Thanks to my santa!!! Who was my santa? They used an alt
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                      • I got grinched. Delivering mine later today once i can find a dam seller, gg. Merry Christmas all!

                        (that item is like 1wl, and i gaurtentee they just pulled something out of their inventory and didnt even think about it, thats what upsets me.)


                        • Noobified
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                          a little red hoodie is like 17 world locks and more since when did it drop to 1wl??

                        • Zeeks2004
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                          Edit: Little red hoodie is about 15wls, but still not v thoughtfull prob just grabbed somthing out of their inv, i gave about 3dls worth of gifts so not rlly fair.

                        • A2GTs
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                          Dont worry, its not that item of Red Riding Hood

                      • Thank you MegaXavier for the gifts. They're all pretty sweet, and because they're newer items I didn't even know they existed. TY

                        PS. I've delivered my gift. So get checking
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                      • YumYumCookie Thank you Click image for larger version

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                        • Swordtail
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                          Hopefully Mistie gets the celestial dragon charm :0

                        • Jedaki
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                          10 Mud Glob Seeds, generous!

                        • Swordtail
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                          my mud glob seeds were there for 5 months