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    Originally posted by Noobified View Post

    Why did you make an account just for secret Santa? that's kinda sus. only one post and it's this
    The user you are concerned about was having issues with their account, and it wasn't letting them post. They have had this account since October, and I believe they owned one before that as well on a different name.

    She is completely eligible to take part in our Secret Santa event due to what I have said above, and also the fact that I have known them in-game for many years.

    Thank you for pointing out the rules, those that did. It is important to pay attention to those and to be aware of people who might join just to take part in this event. In this case, however, they are valid.
    IGN: Cloverlord
    Current level: 115
    Discord: Cloverleaf#0258
    Instagram: @cloverlordgt
    My shop world: LIQUIDMARKET.


    • Noobified
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      ­čĹŹ alrightie

    • Jedaki
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      Cloverlord she is not very active on that account though is she. Latest activity 4 days ago

    • Cloverlord
      Cloverlord commented
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      4 days isn't too bad activity-wise, so I am not really all that concerned there. I have a solid way to contact her as well, so even if she isn't the most active here I know I will be able to get a hold of her if needed.

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    growid: Dtotrident
    alternative: i don't have
    interests in game: idk hangout play farm mass buy sets
    wishlist:hmmmmm trash prank? (not preferred) or frosty wing orrrrr celestial dragon charm,diamond horns
    goal:GET WOTD


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      In game Name: Graccce
      World for gift dropoff: GRAC3
      Alternate Contact: Discord: Graccce#0908 // Instagram: gracccegt
      Interests In Game: surgery, geiger hunting, farming
      Wishlist: surprise me! cool-looking clothing items (especially in the colors black, blue, yellow, orange, and green) would be preferred however, i will list some items i'd love to receive.

      To OP: I don't make a lot of posts, so it may look like I'm inactive, but I do go on the forums everyday.
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        In game Name: shstoke
        World for gift dropoff: CoolZ
        Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc: CoolZ#8735
        Interests In Game: Gambling in events, and surgery.
        Wishlist: Antigravity, pine guardian, supplier cape, or anything else you deem nice.
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        "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."


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          In game Name: Sharox
          World for gift dropoff: HELLOXMAS
          Alternate Contact: Discord - Sharox#4529
          Interests In Game: Fashion shows and building tingz
          Wishlist: Neutron power gun, or a bunch of Winterfest crackers, twinkling lights, and gingerbread blocks.
          Last edited by Sharox; 12-02-2020, 03:15 PM.
          "Flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on."


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            In game Name:ForkesGT
            World for gift dropoff: HD51
            Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc : @trg_nazreen
            Interests In Game: profiting
            Wishlist:any cool set ? or any cool hand item hahahah


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              In game Name: Acais
              World for gift dropoff: 5pcs
              Interests In Game: Building
              Wishlist: Cool blocks to build with´┐╝
              Hi there,
              Im A├žais.

              Building Material Shop @ 5PCS


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                In game Name:

                World for gift dropoff:
                Croverworld or VendOof

                Alternate Contact:
                IG: @crovergt

                Interests In Game:
                Geiger hunting, Playing carnivals, Farming, and spending wls on events esp Valentines, Summer Fest, and Growganoth.

                Ah yes ofcourse, I ONLY DEMAND PHOENIX WINGS and RAYMAN'S FIST MUWAHAH
                Kidding aside, I would like anything that comes from the heart of giving )
                Thank you~~

                This is my first time hearing about this and Im glad I found this thread!
                Really a joy giving for Christmas
                BE SAFE OUT THERE


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                  name ciphyr
                  world pine
                  interests in game none
                  wishlist anything u dont need
                  not rich plz help
                  It been 3 year since I been guild leader for Nofreeload.. there or up and down player that honest and player cant follow threw what they said they will do, I dont allow player to break rule because every time one do other will try to do the same.


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                    Name: VINNNNNNNNNNZ
                    World: Z16P
                    Interest: The economy
                    Wishlist: Well, i'm very keen on farming so tools are like my goals like now, farming when I can to get enough wls/dls to buy things (like gaia ut or so)
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                    IGN: VINNNNNNNNNNZ


                    • A2GTs
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                      you can add more less-expensive item wishlist

                    • PEPPERISTIC
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                      A2GTs pickaxe is fine ­čśé

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                    In game Name: tewie
                    World for gift dropoff: TEWIE
                    Alternate Contact: Discord is tewchy#6153!
                    Interests In Game: Farming, Massing, Geiger. and Surg and Socializing
                    Probably a pair of Chimera wings/Cosmic Cape or if you're feeling extra generous, a freeze/fire wand for a collection
                    Last edited by Girty; 11-21-2020, 02:50 PM.
                    The name's tewie in game


                    • Crunchyy
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                      You should prob add one more item with a price of around 1dl. Fire wand is 300 now fyi

                    • Girty
                      Girty commented
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                      I see. Well I did add the little note "if you're feeling extra generous" . I added another item worth around a DL. Thank you for the headsup!

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                    In game Name: Rhoudy
                    World for gift dropoff: Sbxod
                    Alternate Contact: Omister#6936, and @RhoudyGT
                    Interests In Game: Leading guilds (Clash and daily), surgery, spleef, and chillin with the boys.
                    Wish list: I like surprises (Anything will make me happy)


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                      Oo, sounds cool!

                      In Game Name: Truthie
                      World for gift dropoff: TRUTHI
                      Alternate Contact:

                      Discord - Truthie#9136
                      Instagram - truthie_gt

                      Interests In Game: Building, socializing and playing parkour

                      Wishlist: Anything is fine Surprise me!
                      Last edited by Truthie; 12-15-2020, 11:39 AM.
                      Instagram: Truthie_GT

                      Have a great day!


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                        My In-Game Name: ixao
                        World For Gift Dropoff: IXAOJPEG
                        Alternate Contact: blink#1902 on Discord!
                        Interests In-Game: I love to buy epic looking items, I like to do Startopia, I very much like building and I like to get my goals done! (For e.g. Achievements, Epic Quests, Token Quests etc.)
                        Wishlist: I really like the color blue, so if you can, you can get me a "Blue Aura"! If you can't though, it is completely fine! I'd vibe with a "Big Bad Blue Hoodie" or a pair of "Diamond Horns" if you are feeling generous! Once again, you don't have to get any of these items if you can't afford them, I am completely fine with it if it's blue! Once again, thanks!

                        Hope you have a great holiday season!
                        Last edited by ixao; 12-11-2020, 05:13 PM. Reason: *Fixed Discord address.


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                          In game Name: m654
                          World for gift dropoff: M456 (yeah it's confusing, I know)
                          Alternate Contact: m654#0070 (Discord)
                          Interests In Game: Building worlds and hanging out in-game
                          Wishlist: Not sure, I'd be happy with anything tbh!