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    In game Name: Artlos
    World for gift dropoff: USEDTODROP
    Alternate Contact: Artlos Smith#9578 (Discord), art_.los (Instagram), well that's all.
    Interests In Game: Meeting new people, being admin in some world, and enjoying event with my friends.
    Wishlist: Well, I'd like to have a riding silkworm, it would be cool if the color is Yellow. But if you want to be super nice Frosty Wings or Crystal Cape is one of the best item I want. Anything you give me will be appreciated.
    Ign/GrowID: Artlos
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      In game Name: myLocation
      World for gift dropoff: Mizzles
      Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc :Instagram: mylocationgt, Discord: mylocation #8770
      Interests In Game: Yeah, i love building, farming, and also i enjoyed play GT ( anything Technological)
      Duct tape ,Lit items like Draconic parasol or new events items that make my set even litter., winter radiance aura, Dragon November IOTM Items Perhaps?? or anything that you can afford -Surprise me!

      TBH: i'm Really outdated gimme some stuff that worthy to keep, since i love good cool items! pls no blocks/consumeable!
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        In game Name:MomoCashew
        World for gift dropoff =DIVERTS
        Alternate Contact: Discord:~Setzz~#0465, Instagram:ever.lastone
        Interests In Game:I just want to be happy
        Wishlistragon Charm,Lucky year rat mask or maybe good looking shirt or pants(i dont mind for any gift just Suprise me)

        I really want to join this event since 1 year ago im just looking people give each other gift and that time i feel i cant surprise everyone but this time i will
        Aware what you put on internet once it sit there there is no turning back.Think wise Think twice.

        IGN:MomoCashew (my lovely singer)

        yes..i love mcflurry


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          In game Name: codeaf
          World for gift dropoff: CODEFINDS
          Alternate Contact: ( codebro#7207 on discord) (codeaf_gt on instagram)
          Interests In Game: Parkours, Puzzles, Adventures, Minigames, hanging out with friends and like everyone else I like profiting too
          Wishlist: Ancient Shards, Crystal Aura, Cloak of Hoveration, Thanksgiving Rod(only if ur feeling generous) But if you cannot afford any of these Cosmic Cape would be fine. I'll take my chances for a Rayman Fist tho /troll


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            In game Name: cranytorso
            World for gift dropoff: cranystream or msg on forums world and door id if you want to give gift in a world
            Alternate Contact: Reddit; cranytorso discord; crankytorso#4106
            Interests In Game: creativity, building, unique blocks, building parkours with my sister, playing wotds, this is my second secret Santa and the last one went great!
            Wishlist: anything creative, parkour, music, game worlds, cool parkour blue or red blocks, Crystal Smithing Tools, unique or rare blocks that are not often seen, ice skates but any gift is fine if you have something else in mind MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
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              In game Name: Hunt2man
              World for gift dropoff: 1G75
              Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc: DISCORD:
              Interests In Game: I don't actually play all that much anymore, but I enjoy vanity. I always participate in the secret Santa, even if I stop playing.
              Wishlist: Wings and hand items. I haven't played a ton lately so the last 8 months of items are new to me. I can do with anything really.

              Third secret Santa in a row. Here's to many many more.
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                In-game Name: chemmie
                World for gift dropoff: CHEMMIEGT
                Alternate Contact: Discord: Chemmie #7714
                Interests In-Game: Building and chatting.
                Wishlist: If you think your present will make me happy, it will.
                Discord: Chemmie #7714


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                  IGN: Prowmasters
                  WORLD where you can drop gift: PROWMASTERS
                  Alt. Contacts: Instagram: ezekielprogt
                  Interests: Geiger Hunting/World Building
                  Wishlist: Your Hearts Desire (Your Choice To Be Better Or Not at all is fine)
                  Stay Safe Me Boiis


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                    n game Name: Gideonpogi World for gift dropoff: Gideonbeach
                    Alternate Contact: IG: GideonpogiGT
                    Interests In Game: Trolling and Messing with sets
                    Wishlist: I like those clothes that are shiny and blue, or just some beautiful wings


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                      In game Name: ThisIsPlayer
                      World for gift dropoff: TYPICS has a display box, you can drop the item there.
                      Alternate Contact: Discord, Red boi#6265
                      Interests In Game: Surgeries all the way.
                      Wishlist: really nothing specific, I don't use expensive clothing, so perhaps just something cheap and functional?


                      • Dzez
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                        *gives cargo shorts and a pickaxe*

                      • Vale0203
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                        Sure, I will gladly take 'em

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                      Ign: DeewaS
                      world GRAZTFARM
                      Contact info: forum
                      interest: being pro
                      wishlist: rayman or golden angel. You choose (can also 1 magplant if you noob)


                      • Babyf0xyGT
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                        its a good thing u be silenced this post is disgusting tbh imo

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                      In game Name: HaxFrNubz World for gift dropoff: MATQ
                      Alternate Contact: Discord: HaxFrNubz#4067 (I rarely use discord tho)
                      Interests In Game: Surgery, having fun generally
                      Wishlist: 200 stitches to curb my gambling addiction

                      (If that's a little too much then I guess you can give as much as you are able to afford)

                      (btw give a reasonable amount at least as I refuse to believe anybody's net worth is a world lock)
                      IGN: HaxFrNubz

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                      I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......


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                        In game Name: Justification
                        World for gift dropoff: AIRWISP
                        Alternate Contact: Discord Hircibitus#1115
                        Interests In Game: Farming, Massing, Anything that gives me wl
                        -Gaia and Unstable Tesseract
                        -Leaf Board
                        -Harvester of Sorrow
                        -Cosmic Cape
                        -Ghostking Glory

                        This is my first ever secret Santa. I'm really excited to give you guys gifts
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                          Phew, I'm back in forum just in time. Alright,
                          IGN: R4Z
                          World: R4Z
                          Alternate contact: Pitou#3213 (Discord)
                          Interest in game: try to explore as many feature as I can. Also chillin' with ma bois.
                          Wishlist: Speed medal / raptor leg / ice skate of winter / or any item with useful or unique mod. If those are too expensive, anything is fine. Just surprise me.
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                          IGN: R4Z

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                            Name: Asmoww
                            World: ASMOWW
                            Contact: Asmoww#0840
                            Interests In Game: I really like just messing around, doing silly SBs and other fun stuff.
                            Wishlist: I really want some Christmas/winter related clothing, doesn't have to be expensive. And well to be honest, I would love the new IOTM, but only give me this if you've won in the lottery lately.