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    In game Name: Bestzman
    World for gift dropoff: BestzmanYt
    Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc Bestzmangt#0722, @Bestzman_Gt
    Interests In Game: Farming, Surgery, profit, and parkour
    Wishlist: 1-5 Unstable Tesseract for science stations/ 50 Vending machines for ssp vend/ Rayman fist for farming
    Reach lvl 100: 74/100
    Have 100 Subscribers: 58/100
    Instagram: Bestzman_Gt
    Channel: Bestzman Gt
    Discord Name: bestzmangt#0722
    Come Join Secret Santa 2019!


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      IGN: DeathBananaE World for gift Dropoff: IMTHEBANANAKING
      Alternate Contact: Discord Ochiba#8969
      Interests In Game: Ghost Hunting, Hanging Out and Parkouring
      I would like a UT but if you can't afford its ok. Instead, I would rather like devil wings or leafboard but if you can't afford aswell i'll take mage's orb or growboard
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        In game Name: ColdB
        World for gift dropoff: COLDB
        Alternate Contact: instagram @coldb_gt
        Interests In Game: Socializing, building
        Wishlist: anything is fine
        IGN: ColdB
        Follow me on instagram! @coldb_gt


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          In game Name: Hoodville
          World for gift dropoff: CKHOOD
          Alternate Contact: Discord is Hoodville#7069
          Interests In Game: World building
          Wishlist: Either a Leafboard or Apocalypse Scythe. But if you are not able to get that then that is fine. As long as the gift is a hat, hand or feet item and is green.

          First secret santa, exciting


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            In game Name: iKrideez
            World for gift dropoff: Krideez
            Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc kristian#8870
            Interests In Game: surgery!!
            Wishlist: stitches


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              In Game Name: Babyf0xyGT
              World For Dropoff: BABYFOXYGT
              Alternet Contact: Discord is JarodMcNoob#6964
              Interests In Game: Geiger Counting, Farming
              Wishlist: Any Black Friday Items I don't care what it is but if your feeling like a absolute god chad 6969696969IQ i would love a go - go - growformer for my friend.

              To clarify i just got on forums because of THIS, i thought it was COOL that they did something like this, btw i will spend idk how much like 50wls or something

              im looking at you noobified, im always watching...


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                ty for pickaxe, i'll stop for now..

              • Babyf0xyGT
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                thank you.

              • Apen3056
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                lmao its u

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              In-game name: iFloofy (Changed name from Cupcake205)
              World for gift dropoff: ACNHSTORAGE
              Alternate Contact: Discord-Tiffany#1296 and IG-@ac_tiffany
              Interest In Game: Farming, building, harvesting providers, collecting rare items, and socializing with my friends!
              Wish-List: (Trying to add as much as I can to this list so you have a decent amount of options to choose from!)
              -Rayman's fist (Just putting it here for fun, you don't have to get me it butttt if your feeling generous and have the dls go ahead!)
              -Ances (Preferably the red one/lens of riches or the purple one/orbs of time)
              -Aurora Wings
              -Cosmic cape
              -Weather machine-Background
              -Riding meteor (The blue one!)
              -Any of the IOTMs (I already have the golden razor wings, diamond horn, and pegasus wings)
              -Harvester of sorrow
              -Any mod items such as wands (I have the freeze wand as well as duct-tape!)
              -Zeus's lightning bolt (Since this item is untradable, you could give me the items to make one instead. 20 Songpyeon, 20 Balanced moon cakes, and 20 Longevity moon cakes)
              -2017 and/or 2020 Winterfest calendars (I don't mind if the 2017 one is used because they're kinda rare to find however I would appreciate it if the 2020 is new.)
              -Cloud nine cape
              -Ghostking’s glory

              This is my second time participating in a Secret Santa so I'm really excited! To my Secret Santa, if these items are not in your budget range, feel free to just give me a few tackle boxes instead. (Occasionally editing this list throughout the week in case I have something I wanna add)
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              • Babyf0xyGT
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                i might get u a iotm like drago scarf or the carrige kudo since its withing my budget

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              In game Name: Elyrion

              World for gift dropoff: LIGHTGIFTS
              Alternate Contact: Discord, Ash#4444

              Interests In Game: Pet Rocks

              Wishlist: I don't really mind anything but Pet Rocks would be very cool.

              Quit this game already
              I am LightX, call me Light not Elyrion
              Discord: Ash#4444
              Pet Rock Server : yeah I removed the invite stop joining the dead server there's no point

              We require Peace and Tranquility


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                In game Name: iCZE
                World for gift dropoff: CZES
                Alternate Contact: Discord: DaMMy#0001 / Instagram: @CZEGT
                Interests In Game: Meeting new people and hanging out with friends.
                Wishlist: Anything, surprise me.
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                Rest In Peace, Marley
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                  In game Name: Arturocruzjr
                  World for gift dropoff: 773G
                  Alternate Contact: Discord: WWEACJ#4408
                  Interests In Game: Farming, fishing, breaking
                  Wishlist: D horns, or 2-4 UT, Rayman fists if you feel generous and it would help me break faster
                  Last edited by ACJ; 12-11-2020, 06:17 AM.


                  • Noobified
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                    nonono, your wishlist is above 2 dls, and you started your account on December 2020...

                  • Tiffany205
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                    I'd suggest adding a few items that are less expensive in case the person who gets assigned to you can't afford the things you're asking for currently.

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                  In game Name: Kombu
                  World for gift dropoff: KOMBUGT
                  Alternate Contact: Discord - bored af#1637
                  Interests In Game: Playing minigames such as parkour, spleef, etc.
                  Wishlist: Gaia's Beacon (if you're feeling extremely generous), Aug 2020 IOTM, Nov 2020 IOTM, Dec 2020 IOTM, Mariachi Guitar
                  If you don't want to spend too much wls then just give me anything interesting 😄


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                    In game Name: Invsibility
                    World for gift dropoff:M4K3U
                    Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc, Imvsibility#0419, Invsibility_Official
                    Interests In Game: Building, Procastinating, Chatting, Some farming, Making friends
                    Wishlist: 3 UTs, 1 Tessaract Manipulator, Pine guardian, Something you deem glowing with taste
                    Originally posted by Yasuo
                    Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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                      In game Name: Stardust1998
                      World for gift dropoff: Stardust1998
                      Alternate Contact: John101F#9816
                      (only need 1 of the items listed below)
                      A mickey may leash
                      2017 calendars if u have one
                      Glitch/rare blocks: public lava, toxic waste, or just a lot of Rollback 3 blocks

                      2nd Secret Santa WOOOOO
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                      • URNOTRONN
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                        I don't like to be toxic, but this has to be the greediest wish list I've seen so far :v

                      • Babyf0xyGT
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                        *agreeing noises*

                      • Stardust1998
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                        ok for the people confused. I gave a last resort option that I would really like. Rollback 3 blocks which are like 5/1 and i would've appreciated like 20-50 of these blocks just cuz I like em. I'm sorry if this was "too much" for some people lol.

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                      In-game name: JonVince

                      World for gift dropoff: JONVINCE

                      Alternate Contact: Discord - JonVince#9240
                      Instagram - jonvince_gt

                      Interests In Game: building, wandering around worlds and chatting with friends

                      Wishlist: Anything would be fine for me.
                      If you need to know something specific, a Weather Machine - Background or Angel Wings will do.

                      Happy Holidays!
                      :wave::hat:Hello there, enjoy your day.


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                        IGN: Bardes
                        World: BARDESGT
                        Interests: Blue things and building worlds.
                        You can contact me on discord, Bardes#3326.
                        Wishlist: Some cool clothing item or Growmoji masks.
                        Bardes in game.