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[FORUM] Black Friday World Building Contest

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    Reserved gonna be hard
    goal:GET WOTD


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      Reservation. Can I win again??

      IGN: Creano
      Level: 101
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          IGN: KyanSs
          World: REALCART
          -PZ Jammer
          -Xenonite (allows double jump)
          -Ghost Charm
          -A mini parkour


          *also the shelf is a 3d concept*

          The cart includes:
          - Harry Potter Book
          - MacBook
          -Phone Case with a ‘K’ on it
          - A Stand Mixer
          -Blue Shoes
          - Christmas Tree Decoration

          The shelf includes:
          - 2 more shoe colours
          -Shoes for my Mum
          - Shoes for my Sister
          -3 Apple Products
          -A fish
          -A Pixar Ball
          -A globe

          Click image for larger version  Name:	realcart.png Views:	0 Size:	116.6 KB ID:	6954582
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            Btw what is the meaning of reserved
            So we build a world for a contest, what is the them world? Sorry
            im A2GTs. welcome to A2s quad.


            • Rimuoi
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              It's mean they're taking a spot, they will edit their reply after finish building their world

            • BLuetootH
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              Theme is Black Friday shopping cart

            • A2GTs
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              Ooo, I wont XD thx for the info

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            RESERVED :]


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              IGN: Spaarky
              World: VENDINGSPREE

              Background: For the design, I went for a 3D perspective look. First person point of view where you shop with a cart between vending machines looking for something to buy. I also went for a storyline that's somewhat related to Black Friday. The cart contains a Diamond lock, a Blue gem lock, a Digger spade, and a Golden cart trophy.

              Storyline: Alongside your mother, you went shopping on a store on Black Friday. Your mother needs a replacement for her broken wine glass and also a few items for dinner. As you progressed, you found a vendor who sells 3 items for a 100% discount! A pineapple, a banana, and a crystal goblet. However, you will need to complete 3 quests in order to obtain those items.
              Quest of Agility: Trains your Speed in doing parkours.
              Quest of Perseverance: Trains your capability in doing extra hard parkour techniques yet also training your precision and stability.
              Quest of Intelligence: Trains your critical thinking skills on approaching certain riddles.
              Completing those quests will not only train your skills in playing wotd parkour worlds but you will also have a nice dinner with your mom!

              World Features:
              - Basic Jammers (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse, Ghostcharm)
              - Weather Machine (Stuff Weather machine with cobweb to generate a clear white background)
              - Song: "Hotel" - Toby Fox. (Transcribed by me)
              - Pixel art design.
              - Storyline.
              - Unique parkour mechanics.

              World Render:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	vendingspree.png
Views:	399
Size:	277.9 KB
ID:	6954518​​​
              Hope you visit and enjoyed the world! Thanks ^^
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                This one’s so good!

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              Instagram: styxMD


              • Zer0dzGT
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                Gl styx! hope you win buddy!

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              World :Kingsmart
              Growid:Ritsmart (I accidently change my growid when i want change my world name )

              Storyline : You Want To Give your Family a koala but you dont have enough money so you Wait till black friday for geting a gokd deal . you have pass some obstacles and riddles to get to koala hallway .

              Feature :
              • Punch Jammer
              • Zombie Jammer
              • Mini mod
              • Cctv Pigeon
              • Weather machine - Autumn
              • Riddle ( About Black friday in growtopia and black friday in real life )
              • Bot Parkour ( Shooterbot , Shockbot , Searbot , spikebot )
              •Adventure items ( Tomb Robber , Key , Gorilla , Banana , Rope , Rope piton , Torch , Brazier , Goblet )
              • Pixel art ( Cart , Legendary katana , Mini malard , Pet slime , Chicken leash , Polar bear , And The Newest JackBowe Koala )
              • Hypertech antigravity (So if You Dont Have Wings You Still Can Play )

              Note : The cybot And The Dimension Block cant Be Seen In Render

              World Render :

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                ok! reserved : D
                Originally posted by SkySound
                Oh yeah baby, it's TRIPLE!
                Next Goal:
                Achievement: PARKOUR! - Earned for being there when Rollback 6, 7, and 8 happened (omegalul)


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                  Reserved for me


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                    WORLD NAME:TROPHYCART
                    -Basic Jammers.
                    -Unique Pixel Arts.
                    -Some Information regarding Black Friday.
                    -Minigame, where players have to guess what item is displayed on the shelf, the number of letter have are already been displayed, the player just has to guess the items name.
                    -Shopping cart themed world.
                    Attached Files
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                      World: BLACKFRIDAYSHOPPE

                      GrowID: jJon

                      Desc: Your a security guard, guarding big boss mans 2 growies as well as his displays, a GROWTOPIAN comes out of nowhere and steals one of his growie awards! SAVE THE GROWIE, and the day!

                      - Zombie Jammer
                      - Background weather
                      - Punch Jammer
                      - Ghost Charm
                      - Mini Parkour
                      - Some sort of story with parkour
                      - Anti Gravity
                      - Nice art
                      - Adventure Start and End

                      World Render:

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                        GTCART by crushieeeee

                        -Basic Jammers and a CCTV Pigeon
                        -Usage of trickster and Hypertech Antigravity Wall
                        -Boards containing story and credits
                        -Short parkour to reach Vip
                        -Pixel Art of a Cart and some in-game Items

                        Background Story:
                        The Design of this world is Inspired from my favorite shop in real life! and its also the last shop I’ve been to before this Community Quarantine.

                        Now I’ve made this a Growtopia shop! Imagine having one near your place, isn’t that awesome? Where you can buy your favorite pet in game as a plushie in real life! a life size legendary katana and zeus! WOTD Trophy or Growie award as a Display! And some clothing inspired from the clothes in game! This is where you can copy your own set in real life! Everything is also 30% off how great that would be!

                        That’s the main idea of this world I hope you like it and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	gtcart.png
Views:	588
Size:	974.1 KB
ID:	6951139

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                        • Syd
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                          ItsKyan oh sir its not original at all i copied it from google :>, that cart is also used from the last building contest by Kaito which is Zytran now? not sure but its not original at all

                        • ItsKyan
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                          omg do you not know what sarcasm is?

                        • Syd
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                          oh wow it didnt sound like one lmao

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