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    Click image for larger version

Name:	sdy76.png
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ID:	6952600
    submiting my world

    world name: SDY76
    growID: BLU1

    a little story:
    my parents and our turkey went shopping and we grabbed mini - u some cup cakes, zeus the lightning bolt, carrot, apple, and geiger.
    we picked the most useful things for our family party for thanks giving. and out turkey took the cart to our house. we got everything for cheap because it was 50% off!!!!

    thank you Guys i hope to get a chance to win hehe.
    World: SDY76
    GrowID: BLU1


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      GrowID: Akrenix
      General Info:
      GrowID: Akrenix
      World: AKRENIX
      Level: 58/125
      Growtokens: 69/200


      Focused Eyes (69%)
      Golden Pickaxe (34.5%)
      Digger's Spade (34.5%)

      Social Media:
      Akrenix GT (YouTube)

      @akrenixgt (Instagram)

      I've got 2 Super Supporter accounts.


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        -Complete Set of Basic Jammers such as the PZ Jammers and CCTV (!) , Ghost Charm

        -Usage Antigravity and some shockbots
        -Small parkour to win VIP
        -A Unique Pixel arts (Cart and some items)

        Background Story: The Design of this world is Inspired from my friend. AtherLS! and its also the nub shop Now I’ve made this a Growtopia shop! I

        Everything is also 30% off how great that would be! You can buy a real growtopia items from this shop. like a broken carrot sword or zeus Maybe growie award!

        That’s the main idea of this world I hope you like it and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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          Click image for larger version  Name:	growtopiabigsale.png Views:	0 Size:	171.8 KB ID:	6954324

          GrowID : VerdantGate
          World Name : GROWTOPIABIGSALE
          World Description : One day, there is a guy called Udin. Udin really like automotive. At one point, Udin really wanted to buy his dream car. Unfortunately, Udin couldnt afford to buy it because its so expensive. In November, his parents ask Udin to buy food at the supermarket. However, due to the pandemic, Udin buy it at online shop. Unexpectedly, the shop that sells the car that Udin really wants, gives a very big discount on the condition that Udin must be able to answer all of the questions about black friday. Can Udin get his dream car?

          World Includes :
          PZ Jammer
          Ghost Charm
          Few in game pixel art
          Truck pixel art which describes the online shop
          Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


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            omg kfbun...

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            Ogomg verdant gate i love you

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            Ily eaglet

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          by NatureTimes
          Click image for larger version  Name:	storemaniac.png Views:	0 Size:	507.1 KB ID:	6954587

          Quarantine is coming and we need to buy some foods as supply! Your mother told you a list on what to buy from the store. People are hoarding every store and you have to be fast so the stocks don't run out! Can you get everything you need from the list that your mother gave you in time?

          This world contains:
          Adventure Items
          Jammers (PZ Jammers, Firehouse, Ghost Charm, Mini Mod)
          Guardian Pineapple
          Xenonite Crystal

          (There is a Da Vinci Wings in the cart that i really want to buy )

          Linked world: STOREMANIACHOME
          Click image for larger version  Name:	storemaniachome.png Views:	0 Size:	536.8 KB ID:	6954588


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            SPHERICART by spherical

            You’ve been chosen to be the first Growtopian to visit the Growds- the gods of Growtopia. But, to your surprise, their lands aren’t actually as dreamy as you’d think- they are just like us! You end up in their shopping cart, tasked with finding out as much as you can. If you can pass the quiz, you’re a successful spy! Good luck.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	sphericart.png
Views:	305
Size:	139.7 KB
ID:	6954705

            Want to see some Event related Goals and Daily Quests?
            Click here!


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              GROW ID : ReeBit
              WORLD : FRICART

              World Features :
              - Punch and Zombie Jammers, Fire House, Ghost Charm, Antigravity, and Xenonite
              - Original Pixel Art by me
              - Weather machine - Background
              - Fun fact about Black Friday
              - Maze and Parkour inside the pixel art
              - Story about my dream items

              Quick Description :
              This world is filled with my dream items ( pixel art) Because i am a farmer. I would like to buy items that make me easier to farm. So, my wish list are magplant, rayman fist, and growscan. I also made a “Black friday” and Gems pixel art. Because black friday in growtopia very related to gems DOUBLE GEMS AND CASHBACK FOR GEMS :O . I also filled the pixel art with maze and parkour, so people can play and enjoy when visiting this world. So that is my quick desc about my world.


              Credits to FOLVA for helping build this world

              Click image for larger version

Views:	305
Size:	149.3 KB
ID:	6954740


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                Very nice,
                Goodluck ma frienddddddddd !!

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              Grow ID : GrowWave81503
              World : SPIRITZI

              black friday has come time to shop because of the huge discount happening this black friday

              World Include :
              - Punch Jammer
              -Zombie Jammer
              -Credit Board
              -Link to inspiration world
              -Ghost Charm
              -Weather Background

              Click image for larger version  Name:	spiritzi.png Views:	0 Size:	195.9 KB ID:	6954924


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                World Name: GrowBlackCar
                Your GrowID: Arquiteto
                World Description: Get the full Black Friday shopping experience in this world! As you hurry onto the map, avoiding
                the spikes and traps around you. Will you be the first in line to buy that dream item of yours? Or will others beat you to it?
                Only skill will define it. World is full of popular and in-demand growtopia items, gotta go through them all!

                World has both P and Z jammers, Ghost Charm and a nothingness machine Click image for larger version

Name:	growblackcar.png
Views:	299
Size:	202.6 KB
ID:	6955027


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                  World Name : SHOPPINGSURPRISE
                  Grow ID : AimForward
                  World Description :
                  Black Friday is here!
                  Enjoy these days with ultra sales at all products and purchases!!
                  It's the perfect time to get gifts for family, friends and yourself. Giving makes us happy!​​​​​​
                  ​​​​​​Whatever it is that you want to get , make sure you stay low-key or you might even hop into your lover when shopping for a gift!
                  Last edited by Jday; 11-29-2020, 01:44 AM.


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                    World Name: 40PERCENTOFF
                    GrowID: jakefarming

                    Short back story on why you are in the GrowTopia Mall:
                    "Oh no, why does it have to be today..." Jake was feeling angry because he is about to miss the most awaited event, Black Friday. "Hey, you're free right now?" Jake asked you, "Yea," you replied. Jake politely asked, "Can you do me a favor and fetch everything in this list? I'll pay everything once you got back, I promise." all you can do is say yes because Jake was the one that got you a job in the coffee shop. "Alright, alright, in exchange, you will treat me a coffee once this is all done," you added, and Jake just chuckled and agreed with you. You ready for everything: from yourself to the list Jake gave you, "Let's do this!" you said to yourself and entered the GrowTopia Mall.

                    The list contains a different variation of items, from Growtopia items to Real-life items. "Everything listed here is what Jake wanted?" you chuckled...

                    World Contains:

                    > Pixel art of both Real-Life items and Growtopia items ( All pixel art is made by me )
                    > Bulletin Board for the each items and why do I want them
                    > Bulletin Board for the Short back story & the credit
                    > Simple Password Door Game
                    > Free Roam ( Once you finish the Password doors )
                    > P & Z Jammers + Ghost Charm, Firehouse
                    > Anti-gravity Generator

                    Latest Render:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	40percentoff.png
Views:	305
Size:	251.7 KB
ID:	6955039

                    Let me properly introduce myself,
                    Hello, My name is NotSoOldJake!
                    and I'm not even old...

                    *cough* 17 years old *cough*

                    IGN: jakefarming


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                      Are you kidding me Oh my god this is so god damn cool omg lll I love this

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                    World: THEANCIENTCART
                    GrowID: prodigydawn

                    It's a game world with a shopping cart theme. Break Game Blocks, interact with tomb robbers and adventure items to gain access to the flags. The world also features a cart filled with my personal list of liked items with little explanations. Full guide to the gameplay is in the connected world.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	theancientcart.png
Views:	304
Size:	403.3 KB
ID:	6955047

                    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                    IG: @prodigydawn


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                      GrowID: nabikrebs
                      World: CLOUDNINECART

                      "Welcome to Cloudninecart! Feeling on cloudnine? if yes this is the perfect world for you! Join the sales man to travel the entire world and see how happy the costumers are."

                      My cart contains Legendary orb, Wizard staff and Wizard hat. It symbolizes "Legendary" and it also represet 3 legendary items that i want. My wishlist.

                      The world is parkour free and you can read some funfacts about Black Friday and Thanksgiving and other more.

                      World features

                      ~Adventureitems/robbers etc

                      World render:

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	cloudninecart.png
Views:	303
Size:	397.6 KB
ID:	6955052


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                        World name: CARTSTORNADOMYSTERY
                        GROWID: bruzty

                        (sorry, i suddenly forgot to tap the weather, since it was 28th Comet night, i really really apologizee for a kinda bad render world view. It supposed to be a Comet Weather instead, thx for understanding)

                        We all know why we're here, yes, Its BLACK FRIDAY!
                        Mostly people would say ,,Black Friday'' is such amazing event,
                        but wOOOOuld you know WhY that amazing event called <BLACK> ?
                        Yes, seem nobody knows, but migh there is something dArk?
                        Something dArk that is mystical and creepy?
                        BlAck friday shopping cart tornado?
                        What is it?
                        Here we go, explore it and learn more about it, know the whole truth.

                        ~~~Dark black friday theme, this event doesn't mean the hapiness.
                        ~~~You can also go into the shopping carts ( there is a linked world included)
                        ~~~Linked worlds - CARTSTORNADOMYSTERY2, CARTSTORNADOMYSTERY3

                        World has:
                        Xenonite Crystal
                        All P/Z jammers included
                        Adventure puzzles
                        A weather machine - Comet (supposed to be on the render view)
                        Interesting a little creepy story
                        Pineapple guardian
                        A challenge timer with a prizes(bone blocks)
                        VIP area
                        2 floating shopping carts
                        a Tornado on the middle
                        A little creepy ''Black friday'' facts inside the labirinth
                        A house with sharp limbs
                        interesting gameplay
                        Tomb robber and trickster features

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	cartstornadomystery.png Views:	0 Size:	328.1 KB ID:	6955066


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                          GrowID: Recheh
                          Introducing THANKSSAVINGS! World is built by Recheh.

                          This Black Friday themed world includes:
                          ~ Full Size Pixel Art
                          ~ Xenonite
                          ~ Jammers
                          ~ Display Pixel Art

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	thankssavings.png Views:	0 Size:	128.2 KB ID:	6955135
                          Discord: PixelJr#2322
                          Instagram: @iampixeljr
                          Growtopia Discord:
                          Content Moderator for Growtopia Wiki.


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                            This was my idea