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[Incomplete]Growtopia Fan Illustration

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  • [Incomplete]Growtopia Fan Illustration

    Click image for larger version

Name:	rsz_1rsz_1gt-harvester-routline-fcolor.png
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    Remember guys, this illustration is incomplete yet, before Im releasing my final work of this illustration I must have work to do for this fan art to complete. But please send feedbacks so this post will gain more exposure.

    But hey, this artwork is done using my asian fingers on Autodesk Sketchbook PRO ver. Resolution: 2560 x 1440, but resized to 360p for the preview on this forum. (16:9)


    IGN: Ralphsei
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    Background looks great - but the clothes?

    Eh. Study up on where the wrinkles are supposed to go in relation to the stretch and excess of the fabric, along with the material and how pliable it is. The amount of stretches in this illustration is quite excessive and not in the right places. Also, changing the linewidth or erasing parts of the line to make it slimmer in finer details like the wrinkles would be a lot more pleasing to the eye than the thick lines you’ve set down right now.

    By the way, is the hand supposed to be that small, with the fingers being so gangly in comparison to the rest of the body? If not, I’d go look up some hand references.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
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      Well, in context, your art has a good theme. That's the theme, you still got a lot to improve in this one picture. From proportions: the hands are too small. You can say it that if your using anime proportions,
      But this one doesn't suits. Always remember, the hand is as large as a face. Details: Yeah, the character looks better with more detail. The cloth folds makes it good, but you need to enhance that too. Try to not give too much fold lines, but try to 'punch' a singel visible fold. Like not distracting (those folds on the center of its left and the vest are loose and excessive, try to use less folds unless you need to)

      And the colors. You're good at keeping stable color schemes. But it's better to not give too much colors. The background is great, just the colors are 'bloathed'. Try to use lesser colors to make a not distracting bg.

      Also, you should fix the fire cape. It looks like burning hills from first view. It reminds me of The Lorax thou. So does the lanterns, i don't know where are they levitating at. You could fix the size so it looks like it from far back.

      Although i want to comment your shading, but perhaps you haven't added it yet. I'll look forward to this.
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        Thank you for your critics!
        Im glad you guys replied with critics! Well, I can explain this erm... Im not too good at art, this is my first illustration ever done digitally. Still, trying my best to master these kind of aspects of art Im not experienced enough to do something look like perfection.
        But thank you so much for the critics, this would help me and Im planning to rework my artwork, this would taking me 2-4 months to release my finalized illustration depending on how lazy as hell or maybe Im experiencing artblocks. I repeat, I appreciate your comments and Critics on my artwork thank you so much. I was just a novice at digital art.

        IGN: Ralphsei
        Just focused in-game these days so..