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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September Cycle)

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  • My VOTW “How it’s Made!” By Carbonide

    Originally posted by Carbonide View Post
    GrowID (IGN): Carbonide

    Hello, I’m Carbonide and I’m new in the VOTW thread, it would be great if you could check my vide out!

    I would like to nominate my videos: Growtopia | How WOTD Trophies are Made? for a VOTW! You will love it! It all starts in a program managed by Anton0202 and Carbonide that’s called How it’s Made! Where they show a documentary of how WOTD Trophy is made in a WOTD Factory are made. It occurs in the all boring city of GrowBurgh! Check it out!

    Just reposting my video


    • WHY | Inspirational Video for Creators

      A short video about finding motivation and drive when you feel like you don't have any. Sometimes posting videos and not having so many views can be discouraging and disappointing. That’s when I tell myself why I’m on YouTube in the first place. I had a lot of trouble answering that question a few years ago because I wasn’t exactly sure myself.

      After taking a course and watching several videos as well as learning more myself afterward I found out that knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing is probably the most important thing to keep you going. If you’re creating on here or doing something else and start feeling disappointed it could be a good idea to remember “WHY”.

      Good Luck to everyone and, Thanks!

      GrowID : SuperyoW
      Channel : Rio Ihsan


      • Paper Plane (Growtopia Animation)

        Jed wants to dance with a mod in SUPERMODDANCEPARTY at the end of Player Appreciation Week. So he made an paper plane and flew it to the Ubisoft HeadQuarters.

        Title: Paper Plane (Growtopia Animation)
        IGN/Player Name: RedyMeosjin

        VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


        • Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

          Video Title:Adventures of Batman & The Bloser
          Link to the video:

          Red, Blue and the rest of the color spectrum are on high alert as Earl Grey, a super-high-class super-villain, threatens to teabag the world into black and white!


          • Nomination for a VOTW!

            Video title:The Growtopia News!!
            Link to video:

            Crazy things are happening in growtopia worlds,are you sure that things are safe? Or dangerous? Check the growtopia news to see!
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            • Here is my growie video, I HOPE YOU LIKE --- The Search For The Treasure

              Here is the link to the video:


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              • I Really Hope You Like It And Choose It For Votw

                Link to the video :

                GrowID: OldBody

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                • Originally posted by Crossaljer View Post
                  Video title : Old Town Road
                  GrowID : Jerrian
                  Link :

                  bump my entries
                  In Game Name : Jerrian

                  Please Support my Youtube Channel

                  LINK :


                  • Player Appreciation Week

                    3rd post
                    This video is a bit ugly xD
                    Title: Growtopia Player Appreciation Week - Growtopia animation (Reupload)
                    Ign: Rimuoi
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                    IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

                    Try out mynvm

                    good song



                    • PAW be like..

                      Nominate for VOTW
                      When you suggest your item in PAW's day and how its work.
                      Enjoy watch with your friends!



                      Wish me luck


                      • Missing daughter (Growtopia Animation)

                        Title : Missing daughter (Growtopia Animation)
                        is there any hope to find their daughter

                        it has subtittle

                        growid : Hinamatsuri


                        • Growtopia | We dont farm anymore

                          I made this video over 2 years ago in hopes that i win at least one video of the week award my editing is very bad but the song lyrics itself is worth it this was when We dont talk anymore by charlie puth just came out i thought i should change the lyrics into a complete growtopian way.


                          Youtube: JendimonGT
                          IGN: JendimonGT
                          Main World: JendimonGT
                          Level: 109
                          Win a WOTD [x]
                          Win a VOTW [x]
                          Get the legendary wing [x]
                          Get Digger spade [x]
                          Get Focused eye [✓]

                          Growtopia changed my life.


                          • Growtopia film

                            A short Growtopia film about why Growtopia is unique and awesome
                            Video title: What makes Growtopia unique | Growtopia film
                            Video link:
                            GrowID: Tinytimii

                            This is my 3rd entry this week and I hope everyone gets inspired by this video.
                            Have a great week ahead and hope you enjoy your PAW
                            Check out one of my video below!


                            • Nominating For Votw

                              GrowID: LeMacro
                              Video Title: Cooking Mutant Food | Growtopia
                              Video Link:


                              • Nightking - Animation

                                This video is for IOTM

                                Thanks for watching

                                GrowID: TopSpecs
                                Title: Nightking