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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September Cycle)

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  • Something just like this By wubzi

    Growid: Wubzi
    Video Title: Something Just like this
    I love making Growtopia Animations

    Goals: Reach 10,000 subscribers:617/10,000


    • The sandals

      so this video tells about a boy named tico, he has gotten his first wl and wants to buy something but in the middle of the road he is ridiculed by his friend because of his old sandals ..
      complete video check ..

      note: this story is 100% made by my own idea

      I hope I did nothing wrong this time

      Grow ID: Froxti


      • Player Appreciation Week

        Video made for PAW. this is my last entry! good luck everybody

        IGN : IcyHarry


        • Legendary Wizard vs Ringmaster (Growtopia Animation)

          IGN: RedyMeosjin

          One of the coolest video I made...

          VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


          • Let's Save Our Earth

            in this video I tell about what is happening to our earth today.
            I was very sad when the world's forests were threatened

            Here the link:

            Growid: Instamath
            If we don't save, who will?


            • Let's Play !! - Growtopia Animation

              Hello Everyone
              It's me,Achemic.
              I just want to Nominate animation
              ,called "Let's Play !!"

              This Animation tell about a guy,his name is Brian. Someday,he felt very bored. He is waiting for the new game he ordered it from the online store.Until finally, the package he ordered had arrived. And then....
              Do you want to know what's happen on him?
              This animation also has an Unexpected ending.

              You can see the following animation by clicking available link below.

              Youtube link :

              I am pretty sure if the animation is family-friendly and my friends think this video is worthy of winning the Growie Award! I also make this animation as creative as possible.
              That's why i nominate this animation.
              I hope you all love this animation

              My In-Game name (GrowID) : Achemic

              And also,Goodluck for everyone that nominating his/her video as VOTW
              Last edited by Achemic; 09-02-2019, 11:45 AM. Reason: to avoid miss understanding


              • The Barber ( Animation ) | Growtopia

                GrowID: VendProfits
                Video Title: The Barber!
                Link to video:

                Have you ever wonder what if barber service exist in Growtopia?
                Here you go! I made a lovely animation for it


                • Missing daughter (Growtopia Animation)

                  Tittle : missing daughter (Growtopia animation)
                  genre : comedy
                  link to the video :

                  this video is about a parents looking for hope to find their daughter


                  • "Numbtopia"

                    GrowID: SpiffyFilms
                    Wish me Luck!


                    • Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

                      Red, Blue and the rest of the color spectrum are on high alert as Earl Grey, a super-high-class super-villain, threatens to teabag the world into black and white!
                      IGN : IcyHarry


                      • The Magician | ft.PeterW (Growtopia Animation )

                        Hello I'm PhouGT and I represent you a video which is talking about a man who watch PeterW's Video and want to try . Moreover,I do hope Nekorei and All of you love it.
                        Time Spent : 3 Days
                        My In-Game's Name/World : PhouGT
                        HERE IT IS :


                        • i never seen art video won any votw before

                          i never seen art video won before so im givin this a shot


                          • STARTING SEPTEMBER 3 - SEPTEMBER 9 ENTRIES NOW.

                            HARVESTING-themed videos will still get plus points. Also, don't forget to post your entries 3x only for this whole week... DO NOT SPAM!


                            • Title: Growtopia vs Bots
                              GrowID: BEYSBOLL
                              WHAT IS UP!


                              • Creepy Harvest Fest | Growtopia Animation

                                Tittle : Creepy Harvest Fest | Growtopia Animation
                                GrowId : Bangpy

                                Link :

                                i Hope i win
                                Target Win : 0/1