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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September Cycle)

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  • Rulebreaker's Demise (GT Animation)

    Hello guys, hoping to win this time

    Demise means death. So Rulebreaker's death (doesn't mean that they die, they were erased from the game)

    Let us appreciate mods and guardians, they make the game safer for kids, teens, and the elderly.

    IGN: RedyMeosjin

    VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


    • HarvestFest Skit [Growtopia Animation]

      Hello viewers I hope you like this Skit about Harvest fest! So What are you waiting for growtopians! Are you ready to harvest youe trees??
      Do you want some cakes from trees? YUM! Lets watch some Sky lantern

      By: Cupidos


      • Harvestfest animation

        Hi !!
        Here's my nomination for the VOTW
        Hope it worths the consideration

        IGN : KOKO

        GrowID : KOKO
        Youtube channel : KOKO GT


        • Hello guys today I am going to share with you my first ever VOTW and also animtion
          Channel link:

          Video link:

          My GrowID: eliasmcpe


          • GrowTopia Street Art!

            I was always inspired by artists throughout time. Michelangelo, Monet, Dali, Picasso, etc. During my high school years, I took many classes related to Art History, and graffitis inspired me the most. They started out as a sub-culture in metropolitan cities, yet rose to be one of the most common artistic expressions of the 21st century. This is why I decided to learn how to create one myself. Although I'm just starting to make my way in the world of street art, I can see my personal progress already. I also decided to mix two of my favorite things - Growtopia and Art. This is why I made this video where I attempt to make a Growtopia related graffiti. I hope you like it!

            IGN: Psilocybin
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            • Growtopia inspirational video from scammer victims.

              Growtopia- An inspirational video. This video was created to spread awareness for the people who are thinking of quitting the game due to scammers or hackers. I'm not expecting this to get VOTW. But I'm Nominating it anyways

              Growtopia- An inspirational video there's the link

              GrowID: LargeFry
              World: LargeFry

              Stay strong everyone! Share this if you were inspired! This would mean a ton to me.

              Had 3 Rayman Fists at 1 Time

              Owned a BFG

              Had 200DLS in my backpack at once

              Had 1,000,000 gems in my account at once
              Worrying about my items being deleted because they were probably duplicated


              • Creepy Harvest Fest | Growtopia Animation

                Tittle : Creepy Harvest Fest| Growtopia Animation
                GrowId: Bangpy
                Link :


                I hope i win
                Votw Target : 0/1


                • Annoying Roommate! (Animation) | Growtopia

                  Grow ID: VendProfits
                  Video Title: Annoying Roommate!
                  Link to video:

                  So this is a video about two growtopians living as roommates and funny things happen around them!
                  Hope you like it, spent lots of sweat and hour to make this
                  Cya, good luck to everyone and myself as well


                  • You Are My Sunshine - Growtopia music video

                    Video title:You Are My Sunshine - Growtopia music video

                    Video link:
                    the story in this video is taken from the true story of my friend.
                    Dont forget to Like,Comment and Subscribe!


                    • Let's Play !! - Growtopia Animation

                      Hello Everyone
                      It's me,Achemic.
                      I just want to Nominate animation
                      ,called "Let's Play...!!"

                      This Animation tell about a guy,his name is Brian. Someday,he felt very bored. He is waiting for the new game he ordered it from the online store. Until finally, the package he ordered had arrived. And then....
                      Do you want to know what's happen on him?

                      You can see the following animation by clicking available link below.

                      Youtube link :

                      I am pretty sure if the animation is family-friendly and my friends think this video is worthy of winning the Growie Award! I also make this animation as creative as possible.
                      That's why i nominate this animation.
                      I hope you all love this animation

                      My In-Game name (GrowID) : Achemic

                      And also,Good luck for all Growtopians that nominating his video too


                      • Thor in Growtopia

                        I wonder what Thor is doing chilling in Growtopia
                        Enjoy this short and funny skit I made.

                        GrowID: TinyTimii
                        Check out one of my video below!


                        • The Caretaker by LilDylan

                          Hey its LilDylan! Changed my name from POTLONS to LilDylan. Here is my animation! HAve fun!


                          • Originally posted by RedyMeosjin View Post
                            IGN: RedyMeosjin

                            One of the coolest video I made...
                            Goodluck to this video and to all other nominees
                            WOTD: 3 (in BESTBEACHINGT, ANUBIANCITY & ZODIACSKY)

                            VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


                            • The Barber ( Animation ) | Growtopia

                              GrowID: VendProfits
                              Video Title: The Barber!
                              Link to video:

                              Have you ever wonder what if barber service exist in Growtopia?
                              Here you go! I made a lovely animation for it


                              • The Scythe

                                The Grim Reaper uses his hand scythe to harvest trees for the first time and finds out something special happens if he does.

                                GrowID: IcyHarry
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