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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September Cycle)

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  • Growtopia - Harvest Festival 2019 (ANIMATION)

    Harvest Festival 2019

    Enjoy Video!

    IGN : FirdenBY
    LVL - 59


    • Harvest News!

      Sorry for bad editing im only edit at mobile
      I hope u like it
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      • Harvest - Growtopia

        Ign: Rimuoi
        IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

        Try out mynvm

        good song


        • Funny Fully animated movie

          it's a animation video about magical dragon story, it's friendly and funny animated i worked really hard for it, also there is funny event scenes that will enjoy the viewers and funny ending, Thanks!
          Please watch till end and 60fps if possible.

          id: Laken
          Thanks for watching, good luck to everyone, keep up the good work guys
          [ID : Laken]
          Discord Server
          Youtube Channel


          • How WOTD’s are picked! By Carbonide [Improved] for VOTW!

            Originally posted by Carbonide View Post
            Hello! Welcome back to How it’s made! This time, we will go through how WOTDs work! Everything from making the trophy, to deciding the world! We will be taking a look at the official WOTD-factory, and meeting the judges themselves and really go behind the scenes of everything!

            (We posted our video here before with no success, so we decided to improve the video even more, and make it longer aswell!

            I hope you’ll like it!

            IGN: Carbonide

            Just reposting my VOTW attempt!


            • Appreciation

              GrowID: IcyHarry


              • Nominating Growtocomic- Growtopia comic for votw

                Video title: Growtocomic- Growtopia comic
                GrowID: FINTHEKING

                I made harvest festival themed comic and here it is


                • Title: Trees - Harvest Festival Special
                  IGN: BEYSBOLL

                  Two trees were competing to be the tallest tree of all, little didn't they know that it's Harvest Fest! What do you think happened to them? Who won? Watch and find out!

                  WHAT IS UP!


                  • Harvestfest animation

                    Here's a short Growtopia animation for the harvestfest
                    Thank you for the consideration
                    GrowID : KOKO
                    Youtube channel : KOKO GT


                    • HARVEST FESTIVAL

                      Hello! i am nominating my harvest festival animation which is about a growtopian doing harvest festival stuff


                      IGN: LUKEPP1
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                      • Check out my area 51 video, about aliens and september 20th is soon!
                        MY FIRST ANIMATION CHECK IT OUT!

                        IGN: Eggins
                        Sell worlds: vintagedior


                        • Creepy Harvest Fest | Growtopia Animation

                          Tittle : Harvest Fest Menyeramkan | Animasi Growtopia
                          Growid : Bangpy
                          Link :


                          I hope i win
                          win Votw : 0/1


                          • Motivational film

                            This nomination is a little different....a little Growtopia film about the uniqueness of Growtopia

                            GrowID: TinyTimii
                            Video title: What makes Growtopia unique?
                            Check out one of my video below!


                            • The Scythe

                              The Grim Reaper uses his hand scythe to harvest trees for the first time and finds out something special happens if he does.

                              GrowID: IcyHarry


                              • Harvest moon festival and the Harvest thug!!

                                Harvest moon festival is ongoing now, but the harvest thug strikes again and watch what happens as ezereal encounters the harvest thug this year while she introduces harvest fest to a new player.

                                its my first time making a growtopia skit so yea.... Just hope you guys enjoy it, put in some more time to re edit the previous submission. My ign is : Ezereal
                                IGN is Ezereal now. Feel free to add me in game Also check out my new Art Instagram growtopia account here :