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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (July - September Cycle)

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    Summer-themed videos will still get plus points. Also, don't forget to post your entries 3x only for this whole week... DO NO SPAM!


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      Originally posted by NekoRei View Post

      Summer-themed videos will still get plus points. Also, don't forget to post your entries 3x only for this whole week... DO NO SPAM!
      NekoRei, I think you mean July 8 - 15?


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        A motivational film that inspires everyone to work hard to achieve their dreams. Hopefully everyone will be motivated and inspired by this video.

        Video title: Hard Work | A Growtopia Motivational Film
        GrowID: TinyTimii
        YouTube link:
        Check out one of my video below!


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          Old Town road Music Video

          Here's my music video that i nomite for VOTW
          I hope you like it

          Video title : Old Town Road
          GrowID: Jerrian
          Link :

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          In Game Name : Jerrian

          Please Support my Youtube Channel

          LINK :


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            Old town road for VOTW

            IGN: Messier32

            Enjoy the music video I made, I hope this would win!!

            Here's the link:

            Since I've recieved good feedbacks about this music video I made, I think it's truly worth to win.

            thank you for reading

            Try and try until you succeed


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              VIDEO = LETS DO SURGERY!

              Wish Me Luck


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                The Scammer


                IGN - TTTZ
                IGN : TTTZ
                IG : TTTZ_GT
                Discord : TTTZ#3597


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                  *Says 1minute and 30 seconds max, longer will be disqualified*

                  two minute video wins

                  RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

                  "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
                  - Eleanor Roosevelt


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                    What to do / not to do in the Beach (Growtopia)

                    IGN: RedyMeosjin


                    Going to the beach with your family or with your friends during this summer? Watch this video now!

                    Trying my best of my luck HOPING TO WIN THIS TIME

                    ps: ey growtopians, don't be sad if your videos aren't chosen for the VOTW like me, maybe it tells you to improve more or wait for the right time stay positive guys!
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                    VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


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                      [Growtopia Movie] The Mask

                      [Growtopia Movie] The Mask
                      Growid : DurtMagic
                      A story about '' Mask '' that represent this growtopian's life....
                      this movie means alot about life nowadays that i see
                      people that are not accepted into a society and they had no choice to be like what the society wants them to be
                      and in the end of the videos this growtopian see someone without a mask and looks happy
                      and then he realized , even though he accepted into this society , still he didn't feel happy because he didnt feel like himself / like forced to be something
                      hope i win this votw , and also dont foget to check my other videos


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                        Witch Doctor- (Growtopia music cover)

                        Hey guys, this is the first video that i ever made. hope you like it, i'm still unskilled on editing, but i hope you like this video.
                        GrowID: HOLDAP
                        (my old name is Bellenus, but i changed it)
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                          My Farmer Story

                 This vid is all about showing players that they can get rich no matter what it takes! GrowID : LibsMag


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                            Prank Call (Funny Growtopia Animation)

                            I'm re-re-nominating (/troll) this animation I made:

                            The video is about 2 friends who's other friend keeps messing with them. So they decide to prank call him while in the same hotel but in separate rooms. The friend that is getting prank call gets awfully mad and you have to watch it to understand any better. lol

                            This video is 5 minutes and 26 seconds long and has some swearing but all are censored. I spent 30+ hours spread out into 6 days to make this animation. I understand some parts are weird and the animation can get a little wobbly, but I still hope you will consider me considering it took me really long to make. Please consider nominating me.

                            I also made sure it was as funny as possible to make the people watching would laugh at least once (hopefully you laugh at least once when watching)

                            My name on Growtopia is EXCAB just incase I get chosen or you wanna hangout on GT I need friends ;-;
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                              If you could cheat in Growtopia

                              Feel free to check out my Youtube:
                              Also if you want to contact me, i use Instagram daily:

                              In Game Name: TiigerPro
                              Played Growtopia Since 2013!


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                                "Somewhere In Old Growtopia" | Growtopia Short Film

                                Its a story about Growtopia's history which has started years ago.

                                I am trying to adress some of the things which is fixed now.As we saw in this short film,people are getting rid from casinos,getting hundreds of new items and a regular game system where fun is at the forefront !

                                The man who plays growtopia in the past dreaming while he is sleeping and living all those scenes.And a mysteriouc chance is born that scenes is being real !

                                I hope you guys like it and watch the ingeniuty of the white beard grandfather in our dreams which we know as Ubisoft

                                Thanks for watching.

                                Youtube Video Title : "Somewhere In Old Growtopia" | Growtopia Short Film
                                GrowID : Aythug
                                Link to the Video :