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    Based on tent's idea (since my brain wasn't smart enough to come up with this) I decided to take my pixel art skills and make a business out of them.

    Basically if you want to make a world with pixel art out of an In-Game item or a character you can simply PM me and I'll make the design as soon as possible and send you the preview on how would it look in the world it self (I am using Cernodile's Tools to create the art).

    The requirement's are:

    -A clear image of the character with no particles from weathers around it (You can wear clothes that have particles)

    -An enlarged picture of an item or character

    -The blocks provided to make the pixel art

    Once you have all of that I can come to your world and re-create the pixel art I made online for a fee of course. (The current fee is 10 WLs)
    You can see some of my past work on the previous post I made where I made pixel art of myself and some random stuff.
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