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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Growtopia |The Duck Song

    Grow ID: HOKAGE

    Video Description:
    This video is a parody of the Duck Song, which is a funny song about an annoying duck who repetitively asks for grapes at a lemonade stand. The original and/or owner of this song is Bryant Oden.

    Composer: Bryant Oden
    Video Link:
    Inspired by:
    "Who you are in-game represents your actual self"


    • Happy Summerfest

      Youtube Video Title: Happy Summerfest | (Growtopia Animation)
      GrowID: ZIWU
      Link to the video:


      • A Water | Growtopia Animation

        GrowID : christian667
        Video Title : A Water
        Link to the video :


        • Growtopia Surgery Animation!

          I wish i got my first votw


          • El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation

            Title: El Filibusterismo | Growtopia Animation


            GrowID: AkosiRon


            • Summertime Music Video for Positive Energy

              Good day everyone, I hope you are doing well in this rather discouraging time.

              Here is a little description on my video, this video was originally a passion project of mine for this wonderful song, but with much positive feedback, I was prompted to create something bigger for this. As a music video it already it, I added positivity and encouragement much needed for this dark time for something even greater, being happy.

              Title: Summertime - Growtopia Music Video (Happiness Booster)
              Embedded video:

              Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.
              Good day kind sir,

              I'd like to plug my channel before you scroll away

              Thank you, and you may scroll on.


              • growtopia 4 elements Animation

                Hi This is my entry animation for VOTW. Hope you guys Like it , Thanks

                •Story line
                an adventurer who wants to save the world from the cursed monster... did he manage to conquer the monsters? Watch the full video on channel (oneus growtopia)

                •Features included in the video:
                ✓No destructive violence.
                ✓Video duration is 5 minutes.
                ✓quite an interesting story.
                ✓Some cool theme for the background
                ✓self-made story ideas
                ✓Original content

                NOTE :
                -Video work takes a week
                -all items and properties in the video are related to growtopia
                GrowID : OneUs
                Instagram : @oneus_gt
                YouTube : OneUs GT



                • Never Give Up! ( Animation ) | Growtopia

                  GrowID: VendProfits
                  Video Title: Never Give Up!


                  • Growtopia | The Star Spangled Banner

                    This is my nomination for the votw
                    It’s almost the 4th of July, so I considered making this.


                    GrowID: johanzhou
                    Video title: Growtopia | The Star Spangled Banner


                    • Growie Friday Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

                      I Made This Song Because I Wanted People To See My Singing Skills . Personally I’m Not That Good At Singing But I Just Encouraged Myself To Try And Try And So After A Few Weeks I Decided To Make This Song And I Hope You Enjoy 😃

                      Also, This Isn’t Just About Getting The VOTW Trophy But That Would Be Nice Aswell 🏆. This Is Also About Me Getting Hopefully Some Feedback On My Singing 🎤

                      Thank You Growtopia , Enjoy This Video And Don’t Forget To Stay Healthy! 👍

                      GrowId: Medits


                      • how cybot save growtopia

                        GrowID: FunnyCoolzlk
                        Video Title: Growtopia | Cybot save our Growtopia ( Animation )


                        • Beetlejuice


                          My second entry for votw)



                          • My VOTW nomination

                            This is my VOTW nomination for this week that I made myself. It's called "A Whole New Universe".

                            Little bit of the background story,
                            A Growtopian named KOKO was living his normal life until he was trolling his best friend, iKathz, which the exact moment a big electrical surge happened in the system. The electrical surge caused KOKO to teleport into a new dimension, somewhere he shouldn't exist.

                            My GrowID : KOKO

                            Here's the link :
                            Thanks for the consideration!
                            GrowID : KOKO
                            Youtube channel : KOKO GT


                            • Winner yehey!

                              You gonna win this time bro! Good Luck!
                              Good Luck KOKO!
                              SUBSCRIBE TO DANROSBELT

                              isn't sleeping so Good?

                              i do animations, funny videos and more.

                              IGN: ZENYSTY


                              • GrowTopia - How to make 2 meter Logo in real life

                                Hello Guys I'm making a new video is How to make 2 meter Logo in real life

                                GrodID: EAwizrd
                                Video Title: How to make 2 meter Logo in real life
                                Video Link: