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Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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  • Summertime Music Video for Positive Energy

    Good day everyone, I hope you are doing well in this rather discouraging time.

    Here is a little description on my video, this video was originally a passion project of mine for this wonderful song, but with much positive feedback, I was prompted to create something bigger for this. As a music video it already it, I added positivity and encouragement much needed for this dark time for something even greater, being happy.

    Title: Summertime - Growtopia Music Video (Happiness Booster)
    Embedded video:

    Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Good day kind sir,

    I'd like to plug my channel before you scroll away

    Thank you, and you may scroll on.


    • Growtopia - Pro life

      Hi guys!
      Nominate for votd
      In this video is about someone being insulted by toxic player for doing what they loved to do. This video was made using flipaclip and kinemaster

      Hope yo u guys enjoy it
      Share and watch with youre friends



      Wish me luck


      • Needle Felting a Growtopian!

        Hi! I'm agoness/NekoWolf. I'm presenting my first votw attempt, Building a Growtopian with Needle Felting! I recently got into needle felting, which is a hobby not alot of people know about. I decided to try and make the Growtopian Mascot, Buddy, and it went pretty well in my opinion! I made a video showing the process (: It can also be used as a tutorial for fellow needle felters I really hope this can win a votw heh.

        GrowID: agoness
        Video Name: Creating a Growtopian with Needle Felting! - Growtopia
        You may have to adjust the video quality to see it clearer heh.. I'm new to making videos so this took a lot of hours to make
        hi i like dragons and dyn

        note: I AM a FEMALE



        • "The Spirit Of Summer" | Growtopia Animation


          GrowID: Pathetiq

          Hi! SummerFest is near so I made a fight themed animation as my first attempt for VOTW!
          It took me 2 weeks to make it cuz I have limited time for playing so I hope this gets chosen.

          The story is about how a guy called “The Spirit Of Summer” only wanted to enjoy the best summer ever but his fishes kept getting fished. So he went up to get revenge and so, an epic fight begins.

          -Family Friendly
          -Fight themed Animation and editing
          -Event related
          -pixel art (for anubis spirit and mining mech)
          -3 minute video


          • Growtopians Vs Zombies ( Animation ) | Growtopia

            Wanna see some growtopians fighting zombies?

            GrowID: VendProfits
            Video title: Growtopians Vs Zombies


            • Grownite | Growtopia Animation

              This is an Animation I made about Fortnite in Growtopia. I spent quite a lot of time making it along with the help of my friends. I really want to win votw because it means a lot to me and my journey I have come in Growtopia.

              My GrowID: IcyZeal

              My Youtube Channel: TheSkyFell

              Video link:


              • Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

                Youtube Title: Growtopia Polymer Clay Creation

                HI Yall!
                I decided to make a polymer clay creation of the growtopia mascot holding the legendary dragon sword and the dragon its self!
                I hope you enjoy!

                GrowID: Anteater



                • The Summer Song - Growtopia

                  Hi there everyone ! Summer season is here!! And here I thought of nominating an old video I've made related to summer Good Luck Everyone !

                  GrowID - SparkedEye
                  Video Title - The Summer Song (Growtopia Animation)

                  Wanna Fight my Phoenix Duo??


                  • My interesting work 🎨

                    Hello everyone! In this video I draw a character from Growtopia on a cap with a step-by-step explanation.
                    With this video, you can also draw your favorite character. I hope you enjoy this video.
                    YouTube title: I Draw a Character on a Cap | Growtopia [VOTW]
                    GrowID: MDEgor
                    ✔️Friendly-family video
                    ✔️Video with editing
                    ✔️Duration (14:07)
                    Link to the Video:


                    • "Growtopia Got Me Insane"

                      With everyone playing Growtopia due to quarantine, GT All Daaaaay!

                      When quarantine hits you hard, this happens.
                      I hope you guys like this one! #GPICKGANG

                      Originally posted by NekoRei View Post
                      CRITERIA FOR JUDGING:
                      * It has to be family-friendly (YES IT ISSSS!)
                      * Original contents get plus points! (Super Duper Original Content)
                      * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Make it creative! (Creative, yeah!)
                      * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them. (Lalalalalala~)
                      * The video has to be related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has to be a video of the game itself being played! Be as artistic as you want. Anything Growtopia-related could win, we just have to like it! (Yep!!! Growtopia RELATED :P)
                      * Plus points are given to videos with themes from recent or current events (current event? real life event!!!)

                      Also... Get your video out there - Twitter, Facebook... share it in Growtopia! A video that people are talking about is going to catch our eye. (ALREADY!!! )
                      Official Social Media Accounts:
                      Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


                      • Buddy Soap Carving

                        Hi guys, i just carved a soap into buddy (Growtopia Mascot)
                        Here is the video, hope you like it
                        Title : Buddy Soap Carving

                        Grow ID : DeeEL


                        • Title: Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

                          Title: Greedy Pirate - Growtopia Animation

                          -> The story of a pirate who found a treasure map. <-

                          Note: You should watch carefully to understand some details in the animation.

                          Grow ID: Raciness

                          Video Link:

                          VOTW [X]
                          Focused Eyes[Done]
                          Golden Pickaxe[47/200]
                          Visit my world QUESTHELP


                          • Title: 99% Editing, 1% Keytar Skills
                            GrowID: Lorddirt

                            Started working on this project from the start of April to the end of April, using a lot of editing to recreate the song Canon in F# in Growtopia via a variety of hand-held instruments such as the Keytar and Lyre to do so. Spent a lot of time working on this project, and it's finally done - so I'm submitting it for VOTW.


                            • Adventure items!
                              Title:Traveler the Seeker

                              IGN: iigonub


                              • BEST FRIENDS OR NOT

                                hello friends in this animation I use 3 main characters including Eren Wesdong and Reiner all three of them confused who are the best friends or not so without further length you guys just watch this animated video made by me
                                I hope you enjoy watching this animation
                                YouTube video title: BEST FRIEND OR NOT? : GROWTOPIA ANIMATION
                                Link YouTube video: